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Accounting problems of foreign nationals - migrant workers

Lyannoi V.A.

The paper presents the analysis of the system of registration of foreign citizens - migrant workers arriving to the territory of the Russian Federation. The main sources of data on migrants, and the problems of ensuring reliability and timeliness ofdata collection arrived.

A model of innovation process of creating innovative high-tech products

Selyavsky J.V., Oficerov A.V.

In this article the level of innovative process development in Russia is analyzed, the key features of innovative activity organization are revealed, a model of innovative process of creating high-tech products is proposed.

Analysis and research of professional competencies model of sales managers

Sanaev A.O.

The author emphasizes in the article an importance of implementation of the professional competencies model in commercial firm, its influence onto the work efficiency and success. There are example and technique for creation of professional competencies model for key jobs in commercial firm.

Analysis of ways of improvement of the diamond lapidary enterprise financial system

Shutov D.A.

The analysis of methods of improving the financial system of diamond lapidary enterprise has been done, as well as the matrix definition ofthe type ofsystem ofbudgeting has been proposed.

Cluster development priority development areas based logistics approach

Gladkovaa V.E., Zharikov V.V.

The article discusses the possibility of using the cluster and logistic approaches for the development of socio-economic sectors in the regions of Russia. Proposed: a new approach in the evaluation of portfolio investments in various cluster projects in the region with the aim of obtaining a synergistic socio-economic benefit and universal mathematical model of evaluating the effectiveness of the projects from the stage of conception to completion. The authors have developed economic 3D cluster structure matrix type, providing a variety of projects within the cluster with all required resources.

Comparative analysis of the market of banking services: analysis of competitive advantages

Zolotova E.A.

The analysis of the market of banking services, in particular the analysis osnovny indicators of the Russian banks and the analysis ofdeposits on the chosen three banks is presented in article: Savings Bank Russian Federation, Rosselkhozbank and Alphabank. Characteristics and recommendations are made.

Controlling system in-house staff training

Ananchenkova P.

The paper presents the analysis of the system of controlling the effectiveness of the implementation of in-house training programs. Determined the content of the notion of controlling, its aims, tasks, tools and processes.

Corporate social policy and the ways of its realization

Shapiro S.A.

The article discusses corporate social policy as an important area of social responsibility on the example of the giant domestic steel industry - the company «Russian Aluminium». Considered a corporate «Policy», which defines the basic principles and main directions of development of the quality management system. Described aspects of corporate social policy and forms of socio-economic effect.

Creative Economy of the region

Zakirov R. Sh.

The article discusses the importance and features of the creative economy. Showing characteristics of the region with the creative economy, associated with the presence of tangible and intangible creative factors. It reflected the special role of the cultural environment, characterized by the possibility of different cultures in the region’s creative economy. Describes the operational orientation Creative culture and problems of its formation.

Development of the state program and target strategy of investments and support of savings

Dmitriev A.N.

Article is devoted to research and the analysis of the state program and target strategy of investments and supports of gross internal savings.

Development Strategy of Industrial Insurance in Russia: the rationale and the formation

Sakhirova N.P.

When covering economic conditions strengthen the insurance mechanism on the stability of the industry and proved the key areas of the Strategy of development of industrial insurance in Russia.

Diagnostics of the innovative project implementation using fuzzy network hierarchical models

Bulygina O.V., Selyavsky J.V., Oficerov A.V.

In this article the features of innovation management are described, the necessity ofdata mining techniques applying for diagnosing the efficiency of complex innovative project is well founded, an iterative procedure for analyzing the effectiveness of project stage implementation using fuzzy hierarchical network models is developed.

ECB refinancing rate influence on bank crediting and economic growth in Eurozone

Skuratova A.V.

In the article the dependence of credit rates in Eurozone against ECB refinancing rate is analyzed, the factors that influence on ЕСВ policy effectiveness are revealed and the monetary policy role as a component part of state economic policy is determined.

Economic security of life support of citizens on the basis of an innovative corporate management system of housing and communal services

Yakovlev V.M., Vashchenko S.F.

In the article questions of formation of an innovative life support system of citizens of the Russian Federation on the basis of construction of corporate model of management of housing and communal services of municipalities are considered. The detailed analysis is carried out, shortcomings of the existing system of mainly administrative management of comparison to opportunities of new system of economic management of housing and communal services come to light. Importance of observance of parameters of economic security of a life support system of citizens of Russia is emphasized.

Ensuring the effectiveness of the enterprise on the basis of the development of human resources

Timchenko T., Tonkonog V., Ananchenkova P.

The article examines the implementation of effective personnel policies aimed at improving the efficiency of the enterprise through the development of the competence level and experience of personnel. Defines the basic forms and methods of training. The role of human resources as a factor in the efficiency of the enterprise.

Factors reputation of modern Russian high school and their influence on the formation of values of students

Sokolova M.S., Yefimova M.A.

The article examines the factors shaping the reputation of a modern Russian university and their relationship with the formation of valuable orientations of students.

Features of the organization of customs control after release of goods

Dmitrieva O.A., Ilyukhina S.S.

This article provides the question of organization continuous customs control before and after the release ofgoods, analysis of risk-categorization system of foreign trade activities participants and conditions for transfer the focus ofcustoms control on the stage after the release of goods.

Financial stimulation of investment processes in the Russian regions

Kulikova E.I., Dzusova S.S.

The authors analyze the problem of activization of investment processes in the regions, proving the necessity of financial and tax incentives. And also demonstrate the possibility of using such incentives as a mechanism of deferred tax payments Tax Increment Financing), benefits to investors under a public-private partnership.

Financial tools of investment activity stimulation in modern conditions

Dmitrieva E.V.

Stimulation of investment activity of the enterprises demands the corresponding set of financial instruments (budgetary funds, the credits, depreciation charges, profit, the raised funds, etc.) and their effective combination and use according to requirements of development of economy of the state.

Form factors of consumer crediting - cash or a credit card?

Agrba D.V.

In the conditions of unstable economic situation raises the question of choice of financial products that will be relevant and useful in these circumstances. Lending is one of the core activities of commercial banks, however, the choice of type of lending, composition of the loan portfolio and the method of its management in rapidly changing market conditions require that banks are highly professional and error-free approach of choice, «to bet».

IFRS financial statements of companies in the extractive industries as a basic tool of financial management

Gladkova V.E.

In connection with the official adoption in Russia of international financial reporting standards (IFRS), Russia’s accession to the WTO arises a different meaning of IFRS for Russian companies. The need to position themselves in the global world market where statements are prepared in accordance with IFRS, is only possible using data for all kinds of accounting: financial, managerial, based on IFRS. It’s not a simple question, since Russia is primarily used transformation method.

Key directions of the state and municipal financial control in public finance

Ponkratova M.N.

In recent years the development of procedures and areas of financial control is of particular relevance due to the development of financial globalization, information technologies and schemes designed to evade the mandatory control procedures. Legalization of public funds, the use of fictitious companies and groups, corruption in government bodies, non targeted use of budgetary funds constituted only the visible portion of the violations and crimes, identify financial supervisory authorities. The purpose of this publication is a study of main areas offinancial control in accordance with international best practice.

Megasports events as an instrument for development adaptive (in focus of the XVIII Deaflympic winter games - 2015)

Gureeva E.A., Zaikina T.A.

Nowadays the problems of disabled people and disability are one of the most important government problems, because this problem concerns a large number of people with disability. Disability is a social phenomenon that no country can avoid. One of the most essential directions of disabled people integration in our society and their successful physical recovery are physical culture and sport. It is just as important as rehabilitation with the help of education and work. Physical culture and sport for disabled are generally considered to be not only a method of physical rehabilitation, but also a method of social rehabilitation (social activity and personal achievements) - a permanentform of vital energy. The basic instruments ofdevelopment ofadaptive sports are examined in this article. Special attention is paid to sport events, particularly to the XVIII Deaflympic Winter Games, which were held in Hanty-Mansiysk, Russia in 2015.

Methodological problems of marketin and social researches

Balabanova A.V.

In the article problems of methodology of carrying out marketing and social researches rise. Various methods of carrying out these researches are considered.

Professional training as an instrument of adaptation of labor migrants in the host country

Lyannoi V.A., Ponomareva A.I.

The paper presents the analysis of the system of adaptation of labor migrants in the host country on the basis of the organization of vocational training. Identifies the key organizational, legal, personnel, financial and other conditions of the organization of vocational training of migrant workers.

Proposals to improve the regulatory measures in relation to systemically important financial institutions

Zhurba M.A.

In article are presented the variants to rework the existing principles of systemically important financial institutions regulation in Russia and abroad.

Realization of the Principles and Purposes of Banking Activity in the System of Financial Monitoring in Russia

Andrianova A.I.

The article describes special characteristics of purposes and principles of banking activity as a form of economic activity in the connection between banking activity and financial monitoring in Russia (author means financial monitoring as a part of financial activity of the state). The study examined the object of our interest in the analysis of such features of the legal order of the financial monitoring in Russia as monitoring authority of banks, Central Bank of Russian Federation; connection between banking control and financial monitoring; exchange of information between Russian Service of Financial Monitoring, Central Bank of Russian Federation and other sections of bank system.

Resource for the sustainable development of enterprises of timber industry complex of Russia in the conditions of innovative economy

Gusov A.Z., Smirnov A.V.

The article provides an analysis of the main factors increasing the competitiveness of Russian timber complex in the conditions of formation of the innovative economy and the role offorestry as the primary resource to ensure sustainable development of forest enterprises.

Role of the internet banking in the modern banking system

Babenko K.A.

The article examines the experience of the banks which provide internet banking services in Russia. The analysis of the development of such services in recent years is represented. On the basis of the obtained data the conclusion on the feasibility of such services in the modern world is made.

Selecting the layout structure of the transport and storage system of flexible automated manufacturing

Khalikov M.A.

In this article, based on the tools of research methods of queuing systems, a comparative analysis of centralized and decentralized variants of transport and storage systems of flexible manufacturing was done. For alternatives layout schemes formulas of download elements of transport-warehouse system and the basic analytical parameters are calculated, including the rate of inactivity. On the basis of these formulas the optimal parameters of TCC are determined, including volumes drives, the number one transport unit serviced machines and others. It is shown that a centralized version of the layout oftransport and storage system meets the basic conditions of small-scale production. With the growth of seriality is expedient to use a decentralized version of the layout, providing the possibility of surgical correction ofshift-day tasks for automated sites and individual machines.

Separate aspects in realization of powers of the government (municipal) bodies in the sphere of implementation of financial control

Krylova E.B., Belyaeva M.V.

Article is devoted to the analysis of the problems arising during the controlling actions at realization of external and internal types of the financial control exercised by the government (municipal) financial bodies. Namely, the legal collision which resulted from imperfection of regulatory base making negative impact on efficiency of the controlling actions of the state (municipal) controlling subjects is considered.

Socio-hygienic factors management of human resources of the industrial enterprise

Gusova A.A.

In the article the problems of improvement of sanitary-hygienic and psycho-physiological conditions of employees of industrial enterprises as an integral part of the management system of human resources.

Specific features of management of innovation activity in regional research industry complexes

Dli M.I., Zaenchkovskiy A.E.

Authors show specific ways ofmanagement of regional high-technology industrial complexes and review promising methods of control to estimate innovation processes.

Specificity of the refinancing of mortgage loans in Russia and conceptual approaches to them

Vlasov A.V.

The article considers the peculiarities of risk management in modern conditions. In the turbulence of the Russian economy and capital flight from the country, as well as the «flight» of foreign investors to the state authorities is a key task in creating a favorable environment for the development of innovative projects.

Specifics procedures for the management of investment risk in the financing of innovative projects

Bereznikova L.A., Dli S.M., Nesterova V.Y.

The features of risks accounting and analysis procedures ofinvesting in innovative project were analyzed. The ways of improving the methods of risk management of innovative projects were suggested.

Strategic planning of business organizations as a tool for forming a stable high-performance production

Vernikov V.A.

The theme of this article is relevant because the development of market relations requires new strategic and conceptual approaches to improving the system of economic relations and creation on this basis of a stable efficient production. The formation of on-farm market economy involves the development of initiative, independence and entrepreneurial spirit, creating a need in the education market psychology workers of the main production.

Structure of modern company innovation systems

Selyavsky J.V., Goncharov A.M.

In this article the current state of innovation activity development in Russia is analyzed, a classification of innovations is given, structural model of innovation management system, taking into account the implemented innovation strategy, is proposed.

Support of subjects of small and average business in the CIS countries (Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Belarus)

Zolotova E.A.

The analysis of support of subjects of small and average business in the CIS countries is presented in article, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Belarus are regarded; their results, new maintaining and regulations.

System of professional responsibility of auditors

Itygilova E. Yu.

Justification of professional responsibility ofauditors as systems of professional responsibility for quality of auditor services is presented in article.

Tendencies of development of the theory of controlling in system managements

Bychkova S.M., Zhidkova E.A.

In article development of the theory of controlling according to steps of industrial revolution is considered. From a position ofsystem approach process of existence of a control system is presented.

The billing system as a tool of organization and information support of innovation for energy conservation in the power sector

Sychkov A.V., Balyabina A.A.

The billing system as a tool of organization and information support of innovation for energy conservation in the power sector The article discusses the implementation of the principles and tools of the concepts of «Lean manufacturing» and «agile enterprise» in power. It is proposed to use modified billing system accounting and payments for electricity as a tool of integration of energy companies in a single chain of supply of electrical energy.

The development of entrepreneurship in hotel business of Russia

Shataeva O.V., Nikityuk V.A.

In the article the basic directions of development of entrepreneurship in hotel business of Russia. Analyzed this modern phenomenon of economy - hotels, hostels, motels and other budget accommodation.

The method of estimating the employment potential of migrant workers

Kugushev R.R.

The article proposes an innovative method of estimating the employment potential of migrant workers arriving in the Russian Federation, by identifying their professional competences, business and personal qualities, peculiarities of socialization. The introduction of this technique will facilitate professional and social adaptation of migrants and their employment opportunities on the territory of our country.

The model of formation of intracorporate system of project risk management in electronics

Kazanskiy G.M.

In this article the current state of Russian electronics is described, the main problems of its development are identified, the necessity of activation of innovative activity to create high technology electronic equipment is substantiated, a model of the formating intracorporate system of project risk management is developed.

The problems of entering the industry of Kyrgyzstan in economic space of the Customs Union

Kaibyldaeva CH. Z.

The article analyzes the prospects and the main factors of competitiveness of the industrial sector and selected industries of the Kyrgyz Republic in terms of joining in the economic space of the Customs Union and the Eurasian economic Union.

The role of the state in the system of currency -financial export promotion

Barinov E.A.

In the article on the example of some foreign countries focuses on the practice of state support of national exporters and purchasing them from foreign importers of goods and services. Attention is paid to the issue of withdrawal of Russian companies on foreign markets. Analyzing the system of support to Russian exports and the problem of perfection.

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