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About enterprise credit in the innovation economy

Kuzminykh Yu. V., Shmulevich T.V.

The article analyzes the existing foreign and domestic practice, approaches to the diagnosis of the creditworthiness of companies. It submitted a detailed study rated borrowers creditworthiness. Recommendations for improving credit scoring legal persons in the modern world.

An analysis of the health system modernization processes in Russia and the results of their impact on the quality of medical services

Shvets Yu.Yu.

The article investigates the approved and implemented by the country’s health system modernization program. Analyzed the results of the program, its impact on the quality and accessibility of medical care to the population. Characterizing the main achievements and challenges of modernization, designated in the process of implementation of the programs approved by the Government, both at the federal and regional levels. The study provides recommendations for the development of the health system, the main directions of improving the quality and accessibility of health care. Forecast further steps to modernize the country ’s healthcare system.

An effective system of material incentives for pedagogical workers of professional education

Velmisova E.I.

The article describes the main problems in the system of stimulation of work of pedagogical workers of University, as well as secondary and primary professional education, the necessity of creation of effective system of stimulation and motivation of teachers on the basis of an effective contract.

Applying the algorithm of bee colonies at regional management of innovation projects

Rudometkin A.N.

The article substantiates the necessity ofpolicy of innovation regional development, described the specifics of the innovative project implementation in the regions, and provided a modified algorithm of bee colonies for determining optimal set of innovative project participants (developers, investors and consumers).

Approaches to improving the effectiveness of risk-management of business entities

Palbin A.V.

The article considers issues of efficiency ofactivity of business entities in the light of the implementation and application of risk-management in the management of economic entities. Defined performance criteria and evaluating the implementation of the riskmanagement process of business entities. Identified a number of difficulties that complicate the analysis of the effectiveness of risk- management, including, in particular, a situation when the risk event in respect of which was held protivogribkovye of the event, have not materialized.

Benchmarking as a modern effective tool for developing the economic and financial potential of electric grid companies

Chicherov A.E.

The complexity of managing the power grid complex consists in the monopoly character of the electric power transmission operations. This is the reason for the lack of motivation to improve resource efficiency and quality of services provided by such organizations. The study examines the experience of the Russian power grid companies efficiency benchmarking, find out disadvantages of the researches made earlier and proposes a method of the power grid companies operational efficiency benchmarking.

Cluster approach as basis of increase in the international competitiveness of national economy

Gusov A.Z., Guli I.A.

The center of research in the article is the cluster as a tool to enhance the international competitiveness of the country’s economy. The analysis of the world experience of cluster formation has been conducted, which shows that the high competitiveness of the economies of many countries is based on the successful formation and development of separate clusters that enhance and optimize the competitiveness of cluster enterprises and the national economy as a whole.

Comparative analysis and evaluation methods of depreciation of fixed assets for the purposes of accounting and taxation

Voronchenko T.V., Rybkina N.V.

The article presents the results of a study of the methods ofdepreciation of fixed assets for the purposes ofaccounting and taxation, a comparative analysis of application of different methods and estimation of their influence on taxable profit business structures and the current tax on profit.

Development of the business environment in the Russian Federation

Akhmetov L.A., Chernopyatov A.M.

The article shows the development of the business environment in Russia. The analysis of the transformation process in the socio-economic development of the country. Examines the factors influencing the development of entrepreneurship, as well as the successes and shortcomings of the economic reform from the standpoint of business Economics.

Dispariti of prices in the agrarian economy of Russia

Amirova N.R., Sargina L.V.

In the basis of the presented analysis of branch features of pricing in agriculture, dynamics of price indices for manufactured goods and agricultural products it is justified that the price parity violation largely determines the current development of the country’s agro-industrial complex.

Economic and legal aspects of the individual enterprise essence

Shkarin A.Y.

Legal aspects of management of intellectual property in business are presented in article.

Effective contract of the employee of higher education institution as the instrument of activization of innovative activities

Sadykova Z.A.

The article is concerned with the problems of the existing teaching staff stimulation system, questions the motivational component of employees, implementation of an effective contract as a motivational component for the activation of innovative activity in the University

Evaluation of the effectiveness of accounting systems and internal controls of inventory organizations

Voronchenko T.V., Guberman A.A.

The article presents the organizational-methodical aspects of estimation of systems ofaccounting and internal control of inventories of the organization. Special attention is paid to the problems of the choice ofaccounting policies in terms of methods of assessment of stocks, their recognition and write-off, organization of internal control the availability and movement, as well as the rational and effective use.

Evolution of theory of system cycles of capital accumulation

Avramenko A.V.

The article describes the evolution of the theory of systemic cycles of capital accumulation (SCCA) and its related approaches. These theories try to analyze the presence of the phenomenon change phases globalization and the strengthening of international relations and phases of regionalization and degradation of international relations in the global socio-economic and political development. It is characteristically for the present historical moment. This article describes the background of genesis SCCA theory, basic ideas and approaches this theory, the stages of its development.

Features of the tax policy of Russia in modern conditions

Sokolov I.S.

The article examines some areas of the tax policy that are implemented in 2017 and are expected to be implemented in the period 2018-2019, which will both stimulate business activities and strengthen the Russian economy as a whole.

Increase in financial availability in Vietnam on the basis of the principles of retail payment services development

Chan Shon Tung

The author on the basis of the principles of development of retail payment services developed by him for the problem resolution offinancial availability, reveals problems ofavailability of retailpayment services in Vietnam and proposes measures for their decision.

Innovative approaches to production management of industrial enterprise on the example of JSC MMZ «VPERED»

Manshin M.V., Tikhonov G.V.

On the example of production activity of JSC MMZ «VPERED» deals with methodological and structural approaches to enhancing the effectiveness of innovation management on a specific engineering company. A combination of innovative and operational processes leads to the formation of the special organizational structure of management as close as possible to the traditional structure of scientific and production association.. In terms of harmonization and coordination of functions of the strategic and operational management, innovation processes occupy the last level of management, whereas strategic management defines the main direction of development of the organization into a generator task management together implementation of operational and innovation processes.

Institutional investors in the EU financial markets

Barinov E.A.

The article discusses the activities of pension funds, life insurance companies and mutual funds. It is noted the differences between institutional investors leading Western countries.

Interrelation of wages and turnover of medical personnel on the example of the State Medical Institution of Health of the Republican Clinical Oncological Dispensary of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Bashkortostan

Zakirova D.R.

The article considers the questions connected with the peculiarities of human resource management in the health system. The availability of a sufficient number of qualified employees is essential to the efficient operation of any system. The formation and rational use of labor resources is one of the most urgent problems of health Economics.

New mechanisms in the socio-labour relationships regulation system

Kalyakulin R.V.

In the article, the author researches the topical issues of the socio-labour regulation system at the aviation industry facilities, analyses goals and objectives of trade unions, offers new ways and mechanisms to involve the labour forces into the corporate operations. One of the main guidelines are competitiveness and social charter.

Risk indicators of operational and financial areas Hof the enterprises integrated group

Shabalina U.M.

This article considers the alternative approaches to selection of financialand economic indicators of the risk of external and internal environments of the company. The author offers a complete, consistent, and minimally redundant set of financial and economic ratios, correctly describing risks ofcompany market activities in production and financial areas. Specialattention is given to the choice of risk indicatorsfor departments ofintegrated group ofenterprises for which a risk assessment are the basis for investment decision-making, the loss ofcapital in the event of an incorrect decision has a negative impact on results of industrial-commercial and financial-investmentactivity and investment attractiveness of the holding.

Stimulation of the enterprise structures which are carrying out research and development

Akhmetov L.A., Ryzhkov A.O.

The article analyzes the development of incentive mechanism of granting tax benefits to enterprises carrying out research and development (R & D). Identified gaps mediated stimulation and propose measures aimed at improving tax policy in terms of stimulating the development of business organizations that perform research and development.

Structuring assessments of the workplace

Khafizova O.V.

Long with the traditional «Special assessment of working conditions» held in accordance with the labour law,» the majority of employers of large enterprises are evaluating jobs in terms of rating each post to develop a system of material motivation of personnel. In this case, for each position that takes into account compensating factors: responsibility, knowledge, professional experience, complexity of the tasks and other. Modern methods of evaluation of the workplace also suggest conducting a staff survey to analyze the working environment and obtain information about the interaction of supervisor and subordinate employees. To build a comprehensive system of assessment of the workplace proposed to structure the methods to assess the workplace and identified four main areas ofassessment: an assessment of the workplace from the point of view of safety and labor protection; evaluation office as the evaluation of its main functions; motivational assessment of the workplace and analysis of the working environment.

The econometric model of evaluation and selection of priority strategies of reducing risks of the total loan portfolio of commercial banks

Gorskij M.A., Zakrevskaya E.A.

The article observe the problem in using the econometric approach to the assessment of the total loan risk appearing in portfolio of assorted risk of commercial bank loans. It is proposed to use the linear regression model of dependence between the value of the bank's own funds (as the most ris-sensitive portfolio characteristic) and the current values of particular indicators of risk K1-K7 (the quantities of reserves and own funds on the previous period of time) in assessing the risk. Different versions of linear regression models are calculated according to the specific loan portfolio of the bank, which allow to asses credit risk for different scenarios of implementation of credit strategies.

The main directions of state regulation of a small and middle entrepreneurship in the modern economy

Gusov A.Z., Baitursunov A.A.

The article discusses the place and role of small and medium entrepreneurship in the modern economy as economic activity that provides the solution to fundamental economic and social problems. In this regard, the conclusion about the necessity of state support of development of small and medium enterprises and reveals the basic directions of state policy in the field of entrepreneurship.

The main risks of Islamic banks in the modern financial system

Babenkova S. Yu.

Main risks characteristic ofIslamic financial institutions are considered in the article. The characteristics of these risks are described, consequences connected with their incurrence in financial operations are analyzed. Besides, judgements on involvement of Islamic banks in the process of financial globalization are given.

The problems of innovations realization in industrial enterprises of the Kyrgyz Republic

Dzhaparov T.T.

The principal factors of blocking realization of innovating activities were analyzed in the article together with proposing the principal ways of innovation development in the Kyrgyz Republic.

The reasons interfering visit of paid sports and improving lessons by potential clients

Pasechnik P.V.

The article actualizes the problem of identifying the risks associated with the prediction of the possible reasons that prevent a visit paid health and fitness classes of economically active population. Presents the results of the survey of potential customers between the ages of 30 and 59 years who, in the opinion of the author may serve as a basis for making timely and correct measures for risk prevention.

The relevance of project finance in the current Russian economy

Gladkova V.E., Sysoeva A.A., Abdyukova E.I.

This article is about important questions of bank project financing in Russia.

The role of a national payment service provider in case of implementation budget and tax and monetary policy

Krivoruchko S.V.

The author analyzes a role of a national payment service provider in case of implementation of measures of coordination of activities of the Government and Bank of Russia within budget and tax and monetary policy, and allocates systemically the significant payment service providers of the Bank of Russia and NPO of CJSC National Settlement Depositary which are key infrastructures in this process.

The role of entrepreneurship in economic development of the region

Petrova A.D., Mineeva V.M., Aznabaeva G.H., Kalimullina E.R.

In the article the authors analyzed the entrepreneurial activities on the territory of the Republic of Bashkortostan, as well as the tendencies of development of small and medium businesses under favourable business climate. The methodology is the analysis of dynamics of development of business entities based on statistical data.

The stimulation of innovation activity as mechanism in the space enterprise

Saprykina A.V., Nikitin M.S.

The practical importance of the article consist in development the system of stimulating innovation activity by the example of the space enterprise, combining the investment budget and extra-budgetary resources to the growth of the material and technical base of the space enterprise and holding innovative development program.

The system of deposit insurance, as well as its influence on the formation of public confidence in commercial banks of the Russian Federation

Platonov I.V.

The article considers the deposit insurance system, which exists in the Russian Federation, its influence on the formation of public confidence in commercial banks of the Russian Federation.

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