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About prospects of self-regulation at the financial market

Rubanovskaya A.V.

The article outlines the relevance of developments in the area of self-regulation at the financial market, presents an overview of the bill about SRO at the financial market.

Analysis of effictiveness of Moscow Exchange infrastructure reforms in negative trends of financial market

Khrushch M.Y.

Results of analysis of Moscow Exchange infrastructure reforms indicate their high effectiveness in fostering investments to the Russian stock market and resistance to negative trends in financial market.

Analysis of international practice of wholesale distribution centers formation and development

Kotova O.V.

The article presents the results of the analysis of the international practices of the formation and development of the wholesale distribution centers, the actual formation problems of the Russian wholesale distribution centers.

Branch demand in an orientation of entrepreneurship activity

Balabanov V.S., Chernopyatov A.M.

This article is devoted to research of demand in an orientation of entrepreneurship activity and influence on innovative activity, personnel potential.

Compliance control as a part of Product Approval and Implementation Policy (case study of Insurance Company «ORANTA» Ltd.)

Savvina N.E.

Article describes the way of compliance control during the procedure of new insurance products creation and implementation in Insurance Company «ORANTA» Ltd., subsidiary of Holland group Achmea.

Concept of organizational and financial provision of sustainable development of territorial entities in the innovation economy

Nikitskaya E.F., Valishvili M.A.

The article analyzes the conceptual bases, organizational forms and sources of financing of innovative development of regions and municipalities. An innovative model is considered as a system that provides the sustainable development of the national economy.

Conceptual fundamentals of formation and development of consumer societies

Breslavets A.P., Zolotaryov S.N.

The article discusses the purpose, objectives, features, value the need to create consumer societies, and the Union of Consumer Societies. The principles of operation and characteristics of the consumer society.

Creating innovation infrastructure of the Russian Federation on the basis of SPP

Rodionov A.N.

Creation of innovation infrastructure in Russia is becoming a mandatory requirement for the country’s development. Structural, financial and legislative approaches form the basis of successful implementation of the State innovation policy. Foreign experience without understanding modern Russian reality will not give a positive effect. Using the PPP mechanism opens up opportunities for attracting investment in innovative infrastructure.

Creating of professional development system in medical devices sales field

Sanaev A.O.

The article shows the example of algorhytm and methods to create professional improvements system for sales managers of medical devices selling company. Main approaches introduced by author for rapid creation of effective education and evaluation system are also observed.

Essence and concept of a neoinudstrialization

Firsov S.V.

Author examines the definition of «neoindustrialism». It is meant to be a new concept of economical development and a mean to overcome the process of deindustrialization. Neoindustrialism is an approach alternative to postindustrial theory.

Factors of economic growth in the medium-term indicative plans

Nevskaya N.A.

This article describes the objectives and conditions of the planned indicators models for the medium term. The base of article are the main conditions to make to predictive models in the medium term, the factors the medium model to determine the targets of growth in real GDP - the investments and foreign economic conditions.

Features of formation of a gender management model in the regional aspect

Leto L.A.

The article presents an analysis of the scientific initiative, publication activity and structural and functional analysis by gender.

Features of the debt policy of the Russian Federation

Marchenko S.V., Pogosyan V.V., Golubina Zh. I.

The article describes the features of the debt policy of the Russian Federation, its objectives, assessed the current state of the public debt, determined by reason of its growth, it suggests ways to optimize the management of the external debt of the state.

Financing sources of infrastructure projects

Sharipov F.F., Maximov D.K.

Definition of infrastructure, its classification, classification of financing sources and the biggest world infrastructure investors are considered in the article.

Improvement of production capacity of enterprise structures

Chernopyatov A.M.

This article is devoted to research of the institutional environment of enterprise type of reproduction, implementation of process of individual reproduction.

Improving financial incentives of investment activity and innovative development of the municipalities

Gorbacheva I.A.

The article considers the main approaches to improving the financial incentives of investment activity in municipalities. Are summarized changes to the legislation on the formation ofthe revenue base the municipal budgets. Suggest ways to improve theformation of the expenditure part of local budgets, aimed at activation of investment and innovation at the municipal level.

Improving the interaction efficiency of investment project participants through joint activities

Kovrizhnykh O.E.

The article consider questions about the effective organization between participants of the investment project, uncover organizational and economic advantages of the integration participants in the project by contract of joint activity.

Innovations in crisis management at the regional level

Shirokov S.S., Kakatunova T.V., Halin V.G.

The role of innovation in the crisis management organizations is proved. Measures to support innovation in the organizations that are in a crisis situation are given. Regional innovation infrastructure, focused on the implementation of innovation in organizations, which are in crisis, is considered.

Innovative environment as a factor of the region’s competitiveness

Okutin A.A.

The article describes the approach to the essence of the innovative environment as an important factor in ensuring the competitiveness of the region and improve its socioeconomic development through the establishment of appropriate infrastructure; a comparison of the concepts of innovation environment, innovation system and institutional environment of innovative development; The factors influencing the formation of innovative environment of the region and classification of the factors influencing the formation of the innovation environment in the region.

Insurance brokers and self-regulation

Bugaev Yu. S.

Considered general requirements for self-regulated organizations on financial market, aims of their establishment, Association of Professional Insurance Brokers' plans of obtaining SRO status. Described the experience of functioning as a professional association in the context of legislative changes during thirteen-year period. Analyzed today's issues on insurance brokers as insurance market players. Studied the efficiency of insurance brokers' SRO in the framework of updated legislation: problems and opportunities. Determined a place insurance brokers will have in a model of insurance market with national reinsurance company established.

Inter-subjective influence in contemporary society: socio-psychological aspects

Yuzhanin M., Yuzhanina N.S.

In the presented article socio -psychological mechanisms and basic principles of intersubjective mutual influence in a context of contemporary social reality are considered, and also possible ways of overcoming the arising manipulations are designated.

Mergers and acquisitions of insurers in the context of globalization: the identification of trends

Musorenkov V.S.

The article is devoted to the issues of mergers and acquisitions of insurers in the conditions of globalization. Having reviewed the motivations and direction of transactions the author reveals their role in the development of the market, highlights contemporary issues of mergers and acquisitions of insurers, as well as possible the results of their implementation.

Methodological questions of creation the budgeting system at the enterprise

Reshetnyak L.A., Zdorovets Yu. I.

The formation of optimal and effective budgeting system depends, among other things, the timely and correct decision of organizational questions at the initial stage of the formation process.

Organizational - economic mechanism of increase of competitiveness of domestic food products: a regional perspective

Gladkova V.E., Zharikov V.R., Zhangalieva E.S.

The article considers the conditions of increasing of competitiveness of food products in the region, which include: an innovative approach, the availability offactors of production and legal conditions for competition and strategic development, first of all, investment attractiveness, development of the domestic demand for goods with translating it into effective demand and the demand for them (of goods) on the global market.

Problems expanding the powers of the prosecutor in the criminal procedure and operatively-search activity

Kolomoyets I.I.

Paper looks controversial aspects of prosecutorial supervision of criminal procedure and operatively-search activity, analyzes the major issues concerning the powers of the prosecutor in these activities, explores the negative effects on introduced in 2007, amendments to the legislation to reform the forms and methods of prosecutor’s supervision over pre-trial proceedings. Finally, it makes recommendations to address the issues raised in the article.

Targets of performance audit in the structure of the state financial control

Ponkratova M.N.

In domestic practice state financial control today, there is a need to implement a qualitatively different methodological foundations for conducting auditing activities, primarily from the point of view of preventive approaches at an early stage to identify and recognize the likelihood of violations. A definite damper domestic practice of state control was the introduction of the fundamentals of performance audit focused on the evaluation of results to ensure planned or targets.

Tendencies of development of insurance in Russia in 2013-2014

Tsyganov A.A.

The Russian insurance market develops, experiencing difficulties of growth, characteristic as for all domestic economy, so created only in relation to insurance. The analysis of statistical and tactical information in recent years allows to reveal the main tendencies of development of the modern Russian insurance market.

The concept of Decent work in the Russian economy: the social aspect

Samrailova E.K., Shapiro S.A., Vashalomidze E.V.

The article considers various aspects of the concept of Decent work proclaimed by the International Labour Organization from the point of view of socio-labor relations for the Russian workers. The authors pay special attention to the social and decent work issues related to increasing the educational level of workers. Much attention is paid to moral aspects, including education of work ethics. In the conclusion, the conclusion about the necessity of professional education of employees, including their awareness of social and labour rights, allowing to adequately protect labor interests.

The concepts evolution of capital and finance freedom movement in the Russian constitutional law

Seytumerov A.S.

In this article, the author investigated the concept of constitutional regulation of the free movement of capital and finance and reviewed the problem of its institutionalization in the Russian law.

The content and internal control functions in order to create internal control systems of insurance companies

Zhuravleva N., Kuzovleva N.

The article focuses on the formation of the internal control system, which contributes to the development of the institute of internal control and is an effective tool to identify and assess risks. Obosnovyvaetsya relationship forming a system of internal controls and to strengthen financial stability of insurance companies. The necessity to ensure an adequate level of reliability of internal control.

The media coverage of the role of social and economic factors in the management of migration processes

Panshin A.I.

The article addresses the contemporary questions of Russian national safety caused by migration processes. There are given historical examples which can be lessons for Russia, statistical data on an external migration and the role of the state authorities in the registration and migration flows control is defined

The portfolio of trading systems as a means of diversification in the securities market

Ladygin K.

This article shows that combining different trading systems with each other and looking at their results collectively, we can try to achieve the desired results of risk and return, even with systems that are already available for trader, but have been abandoned by for any reason.

The problems of inefficient use of budget funds

Frumina S.V.

The article presents the results of the analysis of inefficient spending of budget funds in the Russian Federation. Noting the lack of criteria for determining the use of budgetary funds as ineffective.

The rights and duties of juvenile patients with their participation in certain types of medical activity

Khamitova G.M.

The article reveals the features of young patients when conducting clinical trials of medicinal products, protection of their rights in the transplantation

The use of extra-budgetary education programmes for the purpose of increase of motivation of teachers of higher educational institutions

Solovtsova M.S., Shapiro S.A.

The article discusses the necessity of using extra-budgetary education programmes for the purpose of improving the incentives and remuneration of employees of higher educational institutions. Analyzed industry statistics. The authors propose a number of measures for the organization of extra-budgetary funding of the educational process and improvement of system of motivation of scientific and pedagogical workers.

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