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Analysis of the marketing environment of the organization on the basis of the cognitive approach

Shpakova T.Y.

This article describes one of the most significant factor in the development of the organization - marketing environment. Concretized the concept of process mechanism. Particular attention is paid to the construction process of analyzing the marketing environment in the implementation of innovations in terms of the cognitive approach to the buyers in making purchasing decisions.

Approaches to the study of an industrial enterprise restructuring

Akhmetov L.A., Babich O.V.

The article presents analysis of views on the concept of«restructuring», the author proposed classification and definition of the concept.

Banking systems of EU Member States

Barinov E.A.

The article discussed the current state of the banking system of the countries- EC members and problems they faced. Marked difficulties in the activities of certain leading banks of the eurozone and the reasons for the creation of the Banking Union.

Classification of progressive banking products in optimal ranges in order to create of banking product-transformer for increasing efficiency of banking activity

Boganova E.V.

The article deals with conditions and methodological fundamentals for creating optimal range of progressive banking products related to these issues as well as trends in the development of progressive banking products in the banking sector of Russia

Controlling system as instrument of management of economic stability of the enterprise

Larionov I.V.

In article attempt to remove discrepancy of existing definitions of controlling becomes, having divided a view of controlling from the world outlook and functional points of view. As a main objective of controlling ability of system to find and constantly to support a favorable state which is called balanced is considered, is defined by real possibility of the managing director of a subsystem to receive and analyze the necessary information about internal and environment.

Dependence of strategic stability of the enterprise on competitiveness

Busygin K.D.

The article is devoted to influence of competitiveness of the enterprise on its strategic stability.

Development of innovation management system as a way to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage organizations

Bereznikova L.A., Dli S.M., Nesterova V.Y.

This article discussed in detail the course of the innovation process in the organization. In conclusion, given the problems most often encountered in the design of the innovation process.

Efficiency control of economic policy of the organization

Yalyalieva T.V., Kolesnikova T.G.

To improve performance under competition, organizations focus on actual production requirements and effective consumer demand. Economic reforms have greatly improved competitive relations on the Russian market. The article attempts to analyze efficiency of an organization through its rates of competitiveness. Proposed methods can also be applied to the management control of an organization's economic policy.

Elimination administrative barriers as a form of optimization of investment and business climate in the country (on the example of Italy)

Shakirtkhanov B.R.

The main contribution to formation of favorable investment climate is made by such factors, as lack of administrative barriers and the corruption mechanisms which have been built in infrastructure of development of business. The suspense of these problems creates a high field of uncertainty and risks for business especially within long-term projects. Essential element of favorable investment climate - is degree of satisfaction with quality of the state services.

Experimental confirmation of the cyclical concept of labor motivation in the financial sector activity

Shapiro S.A., Veshkurova A.B., Vishnevskaya N.G.

This article analyzes the results of the author’s research aimed at the confirmation of the hypothesis set out in the circular of the concept of motivation. The study was carried out among the employees of the financial sector of activity.

Food security: innovative aspect

Balabanov V.S., Dudin M.N., Ljasnikov N.V.

In article single questions of ensuring food security are considered, including questions of providing the population are investigated by good-quality, available and harmless foodstuff and resources. The special attention is paid to the prospects of innovative development of the agro-industrial sphere, as one of the key sectors occupied information of due level of nationalfood security.

Foreign experience of entrepreneurship infrastructural support

Tribunskaya U.G.

The article describes the experience of support and development of small and medium enterprises in foreign countries. Business in Russia is at the initial stages of development, in this regard needs to be supported. The analysis of the experience of foreign countries, which proved its efficiency in practice, will consider the possibility of applying some of their instruments of support in Russia.

Formation of fixed assets commercial organizations operating according to Sharia

Shovkhalov Sh. A.

Increasing religious identity of Russia’s population determines the relevance of research questions related with this circumstance. We investigate the issues of formation of own and leased fixed assets of a commercial organization, functioning on Sharia rules in the territory of the Russian Federation.

Improvement of standard-legal and methodical ensuring performance of the federal budget

Shogenova F.A.

Article is devoted to the necessity of further improvement of standard and legal regulation at all stages of the budgetary process and creation of the effective mechanism of management efficiency of the budgetary expenses.

Information in management of business structures

Repkina O.B.

The article examines the place of information in the system of management of entrepreneurial organizations; importance of information technology as a major source of economic growth of the domestic economy; proved that the information-analytical systems affect all levels of management and apply to all levels of management decision-making; conducted consistent relationship between the level of development of information technologies and the level of entrepreneurial structures.

Innovations as the factor of growth and development of the industrial enterprises

Baranenko S.P., Busygin K.D.

Article is devoted to management of innovations and their influence on level of economic development.

Innovative activity of industrial enterprises: exogenous and endogenous factors

Lyasnikov N.V., Uspenskaja N.T.

In this article the main approaches to classification of factors of innovative activity of the modern industrial enterprises are stated. In article the author 's concept of typification and specific variety of the specified factors is stated, and also specifics of their influence on a competitive strategically sustainable development of the industrial enterprises in the conditions of new cognitive economy are defined.

Interaction with the insurer’s Internal audit department as a way to increase the effectiveness of the insurance supervision

Peshkova T.Y.

The article highlights problems of insurance market and their possible solutions by using the results of work of insurance company’s Internal audit department.

Methodical bases of investment strategies and portfolio management of modern industrial enterprises

Dmitrieva E.V.

Every industrial enterprise that is subject to medium and large businesses, creates its own investment strategy, which in turn presupposes the formation and elaboration of the same name portfolio. Efficiency of investment portfolio of industrial enterprise affects the performance of the enterprise as a whole and identifies key aspects of its development. The process of forming an investment portfolio requires careful planning and management. The paper presents the methodological foundation develop investment strategies of industrial enterprises and the basic methodological approaches to the formation and management of investment portfolio created in the framework of this strategy.

Methodology of an assessment of influence of the insurance mechanism on economic security of the industry of Russia

Sakhirova N.P.

Methodological bases of a quantitative assessment of a contribution of insurance sector in development of the industry and new macroeconomic indicators of insurance as a part of reasonable indicators of economic security of the industry of Russia are developed.

Migration forecasting for European part of Russia according to neutral scenario of future using system dynamics

Stepanov A.V.

Article presents the forecast of international migration flows for European part of Russia made by using system-dynamic approach of mathematical modeling. Forecast based on condition that dynamics of Russian economy will contain to grow as well as during retrospective period.

Mutual insurance in Russia: the current state and further development perspectives

Majukhovskii E.A.

The article examines the current state of the mutual insurance market in Russia. It gives a brief review of the legislation in the field of mutual insurance and its significant changes in recent years. There are also basic showing of Russian mutual insurance companies (MIC) at the present time and their dynamics as well. The article shows the problems that hinder the development of MIC. Basing on the analysis of the situation, there is given the forecast of further development of the national mutual insurance market.

Opportunities and instruments of strategic planning for the development of Russian football

Orlov A.V., Babakov A.V.

The article discusses the opportunities and mechanisms for strategic planning and proposals for the establishment of the Federal Fund to Support Russian football (FFSF) for acceleration of the development of football infrastructure: construction of stadiums, providing youth sports schools, support the preparation of new and upgrading of existing coaching staff considering approaching World Football Cup-2018. The legislative initiative on limiting Russian footballers’ wages level is also analyzed in the article.

Organizational and methodical features of financial control in Russia and abroad

Voronchenko T.P.

In the article the questions of functioning of financial control in Russia and foreign countries as defined by its basic forms, kinds and principles and functions of regulatory authorities, is characterized organizational-methodical peculiarities of modern Russian and foreign financial control.

Problems of development of non-credit banking products in Russia

Rusavskaya A.V., Dormidontov A.V.

The situation at the moment in the banking market in Russia is remarkable that representatives of the second-tier banking system, commercial banks, for quite a long time to implement are not really new proposals. Banks are limited to minimal improvements until the saturation of the market, and only after the almost complete filling the market with the previous proposal, the implementation of the next launch, which differs from the previous minor changes.

Problems of methodology of management of innovative development of the Мicroelectronic industry in no equilibrium conditions of economy

Ilyuk V.V.

In article problems and an order of formation of methodology of management are considered by groups of the knowledge-intensive enterprises, innovative clusters, at their modernization, rearmament. Methods of management and distributions of innovative products and release of a batch production are specified. Risks, elements and mechanisms, and order of use of the fixed and revolving funds for the purpose of maintenance and development of competitiveness of the organization are considered.

Regional career development centres for graduates in modern conditions

Vishnevskaya N.G.

This article proves a new organizational concept, goals and objectives of regional employment assistance centers for higher school graduates at educational institutions. Such centers shall shift the main accents from employment to recruitment, that is providing the best suiting personnel for the employer through both proper organization and correct recruitment procedures. The article proposes a new methodology for the operation of regional career development centers for the working youth and their cooperation with the regional career development centers for higher school graduates functioning on the basis of educational institutions. The concept determines the main principles in the work of educational institutions in and around graduates career development.

Sources of the ancient Russian mortgage right

Piryakova A.K.

The short analysis of sources of the mortgage right is presented in article from origin till the XVI century.

Strategy of innovative entrepreneurship: reasons of fixing as priority and concrete manifestations in modern conditions

Genkin A.S.

There is no universal way how to grow up the entrepreneur-innovator, however the article fixes the main features of this social type. Elements of innovative strategy of entrepreneurship are considered. The branch of payment and settlement services is investigated: it is remarkable for extraordinary high number and intensity of innovations. It is proved that introduction of payment innovations levels negative impact of a system economic crisis, and three business niches for innovative entrepreneurship in branch are designated.

System of an assessment of the personal activity efficiency of social establishments: features of development and deployment

Nikonova O.V.

Now for full satisfaction of needs of clients in the social services meeting the modern requirements, there is a modernization and development of system of social service of the population, adaptation to changing legal, social and economic and demographic conditions, including, a solution of personnel problems of branch. Work on development and deployment of system of an assessment of efficiency of activity of the personnel, systematic transition of the personnel of social establishments on «effective contracts» is conducted.

Tasks of sports marketing

Sukhanovsky Yu. A., Matsulenko A.A.

The article examines definition of sports marketing, determinates thirteen main tasks of this one and four approaches based on foreign scientific works.

The open innovative environment: the directions and forms of its creation in the entrepreneurship

Yakhjyaev M.A., Shakirtkhanov B.R.

Development of innovations in the world is very closely connected with business to which flexibility, fast adaptation to new conditions of business, processes and behavior is peculiar. Business - represents the innovative open environment where there is a concentration of new knowledge and technologies, the new markets and branches are formed.

The problem of increase of competitiveness of economic entities with mutual insurance from sales of pure risks in Russia

Dadkov V.N.

The article presents the analysis of the problems of opposing the use of mutual insurance as a way to protect the economic entities from the sale of pure risks in Russia.

The reasons and conditions of commission of the crimes breaking copyright and related rights

Borisov A.V.

The analysis of the reasons and conditions of commission of the crimes breaking copyright and related rights is presented in article.

The theory and practice of carrying out the marketing competition at the industrial enterprise of a chemical complex

Zhdanov A.A.

By author competition represents process is defined as profit increase targeted activity. In the case of distribution competition profit increased by distribution management. Suggested recommendations touch different subjects of distribution competition management: defining of competitive groups in company product range; supply channels development priorities; defining of supply alternatives; conducting ofanalysis related to competitiveness of company products compared to competitive products and substitutes; organizing of work dedicated to creature and development of production chains; business result estimation. Based on practical experience, author finds out features of distribution competition in chemical industry and develops practical recommendations. It is considered a case of project dedicated to creature and development of production chains in order to increase sales of fluoropolymers by chemical company HaloPolymer.

Transboundary franchising agreement as an institute of international private law in Russia and Germany: concept and content

Demicheva E.A.

The article provides a comparative analysis of a transboundary franchising agreement essential terms in a contects of its implementation in Russia and Germany. The theoretical reflection of the phenomenon of franchising’ essence. The basic features of a notion of transboundary franchising agreement as economic-and-legal category which determine the complex modern trends shaping the concept of transboundary franchising agreement as an institution of international private law. The study made a number of fundamental conclusions and proposals including on recommendations to potential participants of franchising agreements.

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