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The scientific serial was founded in 1923 titled “The Byulleten’ Nauchno-avtomotornogo Instituta” with E.A. Chudakov as the Editor-in-Chief.With present title, the collection of scientific articles “Trudy NAMI” has been published since 1947.The collection of scientific articles “Trudy NAMI” (hereinafter — Collection) publishes the results of scientific, theoretical and experimental research in the field of technical and technological improvement of motor vehicles and automotive components which have been achieved not only by employees of the FSUE “NAMI”, but also by scientists, professors, doctoral students, post graduates and leading specialists of specialized enterprises.Since the time of its very first publication the Collection has focused on the development of the domestic automotive industry and automotive components, on the analysis of foreign experience in the development of perspective automotive transport (AT), as well as on the final improvement and perfection of test results. The activities of the FSUE “NAMI” and the publication of the results of the research reflect the main evolution stages of the domestic automotive industry, one of the most important sectors of country economy.Today, the Collection reflects a wide range of theoretical and research work on the development of perspective designs of vehicles and engines, as well as on the new models of rolling stock and radically new technology.The main directions of the Collection:development of automobile and engine;increased productivity of AT;measures to save fuel and energy resources by improving the vehicles design and use of alternative fuels;problems of environmental, active and passive safety of AT;development of specialized vehicles and trailers;measures to reduce the consumption of materials, to improve automotive designs, and to economize the rolled metal;use of innovative materials, plastics, composite materials and nanotechnology in the automotive and engine industry;improvement of the environmental and economic indices of AT;conducting bench and field tests;development of national and interstate standards and other normative and technical documentation;development of technical regulation both in the Russian Federation and in the Customs Union;development of requirements for fuels, oils and special fluids.The content of the Collection includes the following sections:Automobile Development;Engine Development;Reviews, Analyses;Articles of Young Scientists.The Collection does not accept and does not publish articles of political, religious and pseudo-scientific nature.

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