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About some aspects of tax accounting

Zakirova Zh.T.

This article discusses some aspects of there cognition of revenues and expenses for traditional and tax accounting, methods of recognition. Tax regulations of the accounting prescribe organizations to use tax accounting in the calculation of amounts related to the tax obligations. Meanwhile, the introduction of tax records are not eliminated, and greatly complicate the calculation and payment of taxes, hassled to excessive labor and cost for maintenance.

Conditions and perspectives of development of cooperation on the horse-breeding farms in the Naryn region of the Kyrgyz Republic and accounting and information procuring

Tabirisova R.T.

This article focuses on the current conditions of development in horse-breeding farm cooperation of the Naryn region of the Kyrgyz Republic, the existing barriers to the development of cooperatives in villages, and the main directions of development in the future. A special attention paid to issues of accounting and information support of subjects of the agricultural sector.

Requesting Documents at carrying outtax checks

Razumova I.V.

The article deals with the interaction of taxpayers with tax authorities at carrying out field and cameral tax checks based on law enforcement.

The cost of the compulsory medical examinations of employees for income tax purposes

Ejova O. Yu.

In the article the features of the account the costs of the compulsory medical examinations of employees of enterprises and organizations for calculating income tax.

The development of accounting in Kyrgyz Republic according to IFRS

Sapalov A.A.

The article considers the totality of the measures undertaken by the government of the Kyrgyz Republic on the implementation of international standards. The role and importance of standards in the development of accounting systems is considered.


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