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Goals and values in the audit company

Fateeva N.L.

The questions of effective personnel management and the technique of detection and awareness of personal values, as well as the compliance of personal goals and corporate values. The findings and conclusions set forth in the article of the study resulted in a methodical material, ready to use HR-services organizations.

How to properly reflect costs the accountant?

Razumova I.V.

The author of the article highlights the issues of training of employees and reflect the costs in accounting from the current changes, including taking into account the costs for on-taxation of profits under the simplified taxation system, on-Annex payment of taxes on personal income and insurance premiums based on clarification of the authorities and arbitration practice.

The formation and development of tax accounting in Kyrgyz Republic

Zakirova Zh. T.

Tax accounting is an important link in the information system of economic activities of organizations formed on the principles of accounting to determine the taxation base and supply included removal of the tax debt in favor of the state budget. From an analysis of current legislation it can be identified seven basic methods and four main features of tax accounting.

The methodical basis of organization of accounting system of economic entities of Kyrgyz Republic according to IFRS conditions

Sapalov A.A.

Formation of reporting in accordance to IFRS is one of the conditions that opens to construction companies an opportunity of joining international markets of capitals. The accounting system of construction company has large differences with accounting systems of other types of activities. It causes imperfection of methodology of accounting, taxation and internal control system. It is a serious barrier for increasing of investment volume in a capital construction.

The problems of accounting and information support of the subjects of the agrarian sector of horse breeding

Tabirisova R.T.

The article describes the brief description of modern condition and problem soft information support of the accounting system in the agricultural sector of the Kyrgyz Republic and shows the main aspects in the implementation of solutions to these problems in the horse breeding farms.



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