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Computer-Aided Parameter Design for Chain Stitch Structures in Foundation Ribs Fabric

Morozova L.V., Pivkina K.S., Nikolaeva O.N.

The authors develop the method of computer-aided parameter design for chain stitch structures in foundation ribs fabric and offer a formula for calculating the thread length in the structural elements of rib stitch. The mathematical description serves as a basis for the algorithm, which calculates parameter design for chain stitch structures in foundation ribs fabric. The structuring scheme of the computer-aided design algorithm and the Turbo-Pascal software allow calculating the basic parameters for the rib stitching. The new program significantly reduces the design time and increases the value accuracy in the calculation.

Mathematical Modeling for Ion Implantation Based on the Plasma Pulse Flow (during the Processing of Products in the Pulsed Electric Field)

Denisov S.V., Kostychev I.V., Samorukov I.I., Fominsky V.Y.

The new computer model describes the dynamics of pulsed plasma and the process of structuring the flow of high- energy ions on the processed surface with the negative high-voltage pulse, connected to the processed product according to a set program. The model calculates the flow and energy spectrum of the implanted ions based on the primary characteristics of plasma, technical parameters of high-voltage system, and the conditions of switching the electrical impulses.

Microscopic Studies of Structural Changes in Fiber Fabric in the Garment Utilizing

Lisienkova L.N., Stelmashenko V.I., Baranova E.V.

The structural organization of materials at the micro and macro levels influence the main reliability indicators of modern materials and clothing such as stability of shape, recoverability, durability. The structural changes in fiber and thread alter the material properties and lead to damages to the original or set-up product parameters. The analysis of morphological changes in the structure of the fabric fibers uses the raster microscopy to detect the pattern of change in the original structure of the fabric fibers in the process of wear. The assessment of deformation properties in spatial stretch shows that used material samples have decreasing proportion of plastic deformation and increasing percentage of elastic component. The hereditary viscoelasticity theory and the material ability to remember all the prior exposure explains the deformation properties.

Recuperative Heat Exchanger for the Recycling of the Hot Industrial Liquid-Waste Drain

Iliev A.G., Pelevin F.V., Timchenko V.I.

The thermal and steam condensing properties of public utilities with heat capacity define the constructive, thermotechnical and hydraulic parameters of the additional heat exchanger in the local system of heating the cold coolant with hot industrial liquid-waste drain. The technological equipment in laundries can serve as heat exchangers. The optimal diameter for heat exchanger channels with the optimal flow rate is the diameter where the total of local resistance equals the amount of friction drag.

Technologies and Standards for Model Clothing Design

Medvedeva T.A.

The study investigates the theoretical foundation of information technology for the process of model clothing design. The author describes fashion styles for garments, the model design, and the process of designing a model in the form of typology. The research aims at the maximum formalization of the design aspect by developing the concept and principles for information technology-methods, models, algorithms, and data collection necessary for achieving the objectives.

The Calculation of Strength Properties for the Nonwoven Technical Fabric Based on the Similarity Theory

Tyumenev Y.Y., Shustov Y.S., Kurdenkova A.V., Nazarova Y.V., Galimulin A.H.

The authors describe the nonwoven materials, specifically the thermal bound nonwoven fabric, which have new properties and can be used in new areas thanks to the combining of ma-terials and technology. The following factors affect the choice of nonwoven fabrics for relevant domestic or technical products: individual characteristics as well as the comprehensive evaluation that defines the performance of the material usage. The analytical method for the optimization calculation of physical and mechanical characteristics in nonwoven fabrics should present the material as viscoelastic and highly porous continuum with capillary-porous texture and fibrous structure. The similarity theory serves as a foundation for the strength properties calculation of the nonwoven technical fabric.

The Classification of Visual-Standard Male Figures Based on the Method of Clustering

Taran A.N.

The research is part of a project aimed at the development of information technology for performing creative work in clothing design. The classification of visual-standard male figures should serve as graphical models for all the male population. The author offers a new objective method for this purpose. The classification of visual-standard men figures can be used in the service field for the integrated approach to register parameters of the external image of consumers in the area of clothing design. The formality and accuracy in value assignment of male figures makes the classification adaptable to any information technologies.

The Design of the Thread Feeding Path and Consumption of the Upper Looper in the Overlock Sewing Machine

Ermakov A.S.

The method of device design for thread feeding of the upper looper and for the consumption management uses the negotiation diagrams for the functions of thread feeding and consumption of the head looper with the 504 type triple overcasting stitch. The algorithm calculates the diagram of thread consumption for the head looper (with changes in the process of interaction of the working parts, material and interaction of the upper looper thread and lower looper thread, including hardware-mathematical ratio). The algorithm automates a complicated stage in the design of the overlock sewing machine. The method is useful for developers and users of the overlock sewing machine.

The Development of High-Tech Clothing

Suchilin V.A., Arkhipova T.N., Chubarov B.B.

The authors describe the garment design for tourists and people who spend a lot of time in nature such as fishermen and hunters. For example, this group of products can have the solar cells for powering electronic media like cell phones, radios, and navigators. This form of design requires additional procedural decisions.

The Mathematical Model for Interaction Components in the Bearing Unit Renewed with the Use of Composite Materials. The Optimization of Repair Materials and the Performance Characteristics

Pashkovsky I.E., Pashkovskaya T.I., Sergeyev S.Y.

The mathematical model for the strained state of polymeric coating in the renewed bearing unit defines normal voltage and shearing stress and assesses the value of elastic and plastic deformation in the polymer layer. The results of the tribological research determine the optimal solution of polymer composite material based on unsaturated polyester resin PN-1. The mixture enhances the performance improvement, including the tribological characteristics.

The Modeling of Technological Process for the Magnetic-Impulse Destruction of Ferropowder Conglomeration in the Viscous Medium

Ovcharenko L.V., Tulinov A.B., Korneev A.A.

The method for the magnetic-impulse destruction of ferropowder is based on feeding the portions of ferropowder or its suspension in the inducer's working area connected to the magnetic-impulse plant. The pulse magnetic field arises on the inductor (during the momentum discharge of the capacitors battery of the magnetic-impulse plant towards the inductor). This pulse magnetic field has a forceful impact on the ferropowder. The magnetic-impulse destruction of ferropowder conglomeration can be direct impact with the pulsed magnetic field on the ferropower (dry version) or destruction in the viscous medium. The authors give mathematical dependencies for the productivity calculation of magnetic-impulse installations. The model magnetic-impulse plants shift the process of magnetic-impulse destruction of ferropowder conglomeration to the processing chain in the production of polymer

The Pilot Study of Gas-Liquid Injector with Complanar Channels

Pelevin F.V., Martirosyan A.A., Cherkina V.M.

The pilot study examines the hydraulic characteristics of two-component gas-liquid internal blending injector with complanar channels. The resulting dependencies define the hydraulic resistance coefficient and discharge coefficient for gas-liquid injector. The authors formulate the impact of the mutual intersection angle of channels and their numbers in the jet on the amount of discharge complex and combustion efficiency. The research offers a new method for calculating jets with complanar channels.

The Tribological Behavior of Composite Coating Applied by the Friction-Chemical Method

Korneev A.A.

The efficiency and quality of utilities and consumer services depends on the technical condition of the technological equipment. The wear and damage of the working surfaces is the most common cause for failure of the machinery working parts. Composite coating applied by the friction-chemical method is a simple and effective way to improve the durability of friction units. The coating test results (of durability, antifrictionality, and tear resistance) show that the tribological characteristics of friction units in the technological equipment for utilities and consumer services improve with the application of the composite coatings.

Water Solution and its Surface Tension Dependence on the Structure of Molecules in the Surface-Active Substances and on the Composition of Adsorption Layers

Ageev A.A., Volkov V.A.

Surface activity depends on the structure of hydrophobic and hydrophilic parts of the surfactant molecules. The study describes the properties of aqueous solutions, specifically complex surfactants. Surfactant mixtures have synergetic feature of reducing surface tension. Surfactant solutions with the similar structure of molecules, especially their polar parts, have additive properties or, sometimes, antagonism. Surfactant solutions with the greatest difference in the structure of molecules show synergetic effect.




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