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Algorithm for the Assessment of the Packaging Errors Probability in Wireless Communication Systems with Active Objects

Sheluhin O.I., Arsenyev A.V., Fominski V.Y.

The authors offer mathematical models for the assessment of the packaging errors probability in interference caused by fading in communication systems with moving objects and examine the influence of interlacing on the information transfer integrity.

Assessment of Company Accounts

Ananyev N.S.

The innovative method to assess the investment attractiveness of a company based on financial statements considers the parameters of their economic status; that is, Altman model Zand development indicators. The economic status analysis defines the strategic appeal and requires the use of comprehensive characteristics for the description of the company properties. The author offers a case study of six automobile companies and describes a method for obtaining generalized parameters.

Document Communication System

Kazakevich T.A.

The author examines the implementation of IT in document business communication, analyzes the development of e-document management systems and offers innovative understanding of the concept of workflow. In addition, the article defines the relationship between the design of organizational management and the quality management systems; the author formulates the dependence of decision-making process on the document communication system.

Efficiency Improvement for the Security of Multiservice Cable Systems and the Protection from the External Electromagnetic Impact

Enyutin K.A.

The author examines the ways to protect multiservice cable systems from external electro-magnetic influences in terms of their electromagnetic compatibility.

Equipment Parameters for Depository Library

Taneeva E.Sh.

The author examines equipment parameters for science and information depository libraries in the education sector and shows that despite the limited funds for expensive software and equipment on research and comprehensive campuses, the universities should gradually introduce electronic technologies. The user should be able to annotate, classify, search for information online and save search results as a temporal database, which then provides information for expert selection.

Fractal Properties of GPRS traffic in the Network Protocols

Sheluhin O.I., Matveev S.B.

The authors examine the network protocols and the fractal parameters of live GPRS-traffic in the network of Shupashkar GSM Company in Cheboksary.

Information and Software for the Adaptive Analysis in the Service Industry

Medvedeva T.V.

The research formalizes the adaptive analysis of the clothing design styles to develop parameters for information and software-aimed at related IT in the automation support system for the decision-making process.

Research Depository Development for Education

Kovaleva L.N.

The scientific and methodological support for education sector requires a corresponding open database. The successful implementation of programs serves as a basis for the research depository development and for the

Research Depository Model for Career Development and Retraining in Education

Haritonova T.V.

The author describes the reasons for establishing a research depository for career development and retraining in educational services; examines the management structure, financing, regulatory and technical support.

Satellite Access to Internet in Self-Similar Traffic: DVB, IP, and MPEG-2

Kirillov A.V., Okulov K.Y.

The authors investigate the influence of self-similar traffic (in the mixed satellite network for DVB flow) on the network capacity bandwidth for TCP and UDP in different service procedures.

Services Market for Data Recovery: Development Overview

Dobrinin V.V., Pavlienko A.V.

The authors describe the development and market prospects for data security and recovery, analyze price formation in the sector of high technological services and tentatively evaluate its turn-over. The article also examines the major technical factors that lead to the rapid growth in demand for these services.

Statistical Characteristics and Traffic Patterns for Mobile Applications

Butkevich M.N.

The author examines mobile applications and presents the corresponding traffic models adapted for design of cellular traffic in wireless packet transmissions; such as e-mail, WWW, WAP, FTP.

Wireless Communication Channels: Performance Evaluation with the Statistical Monitoring of Signal Quality

Arsenyev A.V.

The author describes the experimental study of wireless technology and its results. The analysis of experimental data on the statistics of errors in wireless channels leads to the development of an innovative model for functional description of errors based on Markov chains.

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