Вестник Московского университета. Серия 6: Экономика



40 Years as a Part of the Lomonosov MSU Faculty of Economics

Egorov E.V., Bykhovskaya A.Y., Pankratova V.P.

The article considers the history of the creation of the chair of economy of social sphere as the first educational and scientific division in the russian high school. The chair studies socio-economic issues in social sphere as a whole and its particular directions, prepares highly skilled economists. The personnel of the chair is presented, educational and scientific aims are determined, the results and scientific and educational activity of the chair are noted.

Department of Agroeconomics on a Boundary of Centuries

Kiselev S.V.

In article activity of department of agroeconomics of college of economics of the Lomonosov Moscow State University since its formation in 1954 till now is reviewed. In more details it is described since the ninetieth years which have appeared severe for the Russian rural community and agriculture. Major results in the basic directions are outlined including teaching, research, training of the scientific staff, extension and consulting works for farms, companies, government bodies.

Department of Marketing: New Educational Technologies and Perspective Researches of the Modern Markets

Gerasimenko V.V.

This article relates to the history and activities of marketing department of economic faculty of the Moscow State University named after M.V. Lomonosov. It shows main sphere of educational and public work of Marketing Department and tells about lecturers and created textbooks and educational supplies for bachelors and masters.

Fundamental of Theoretical Training - Faculty's Graduates Competitive Advantage

Porokhovsky A.A.

The article is devoted to the role of theoretical training of economic faculty's graduates since 1804. Three stages of development is analyzed: prerevolution, soviet and contemporary time. It is shown that political economy has still always its actual role and economic theory core. Economic crisis 2007-2009 reminded us about that.

Laboratory of Philosophy of Economy: the Noticeable Contribution to a Modern Science

Osipov Y.M., Zotova E.S.

Laboratory of philosophy of economy is the only scientific and research institution in our country and in the world, which in philosophic perspective is engaged in comprehension of all human existence, considered as production, including economy, social life, politics, culture and history. During the 23 years of existence more than 180 scientific forums of various levels and values were carried out, more than 210 research monographs and thousands of articles were published, 75 books of the magazine «Philosophy of Economy» were released since 1999. On the basis of laboratory works the Philosophical and Economic Assembly and since 2009 the Academy of Philosophy of Economy.

Labour Economy at Faculty of Economics

Kolosova R.P., Linge D.I.

In article the history of department of ecomony of work and the personnel of the Lomonosov MSU faculty of economics is given. The personnel structure, educational-scientific problems of department, the basic achievements in pedagogical and scientific activity are presented.

One of the First Department of Economic Faculty

Sheremet A.D.

The article considers history of department of accounting, analysis and auditing from establishment (1943) to the present time, the main achievements in the field of educational and scientific work, connection with practice and international communications. The mission of the department in modern conditions of reforming of education system at the economic faculty of the Lomonosov Moscow State University is also examined.

Organizational Management Department: History and Perspectives

Vikhansky O.S., Semenov A.L.

The mission of organizational management department is to attain by students the comprehensive understanding of management as a determinant factor of organizational effectiveness. The department was established in 1964 as laboratory on faculty of economics for theoretical and practical studies of management. Up to 1989 it was leaded by G. Popov - the outstanding Russian economist. During 90s years of XX and first decade of XXI centuries the program of research issues and learning courses included: Management, Strategic management, Marketing management, Staff management, Organizational behavior, Management decisions.

The 70

Kolesov V.P.

The article provides a brief outline of the Lomonosov MSU faculty of economics history in the year of the faculty's 70

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