Вестник Московского университета. Серия 6: Экономика



Assessment of Ecological Issues of Human Development in the Chelyabinsk Region

Vlasov U.S.

The problem of designing and application of integrated indicator describing ecological factors of human development is researched in the article. Human development index (HDI) designed by UNDP focuses on socio-economic issues of human development but neglects ecological issues that are included in the index only indirectly by life expectancy index. We propose a method to include assessment of ecological well-being into HDI. New environmentally corrected human development index (HDIe) if used in long-term socio-economic development strategies allows: firstly, to match declared development goals and performance indicators; secondly, to bring into assessment environmental factors of human development. The indicator also supports comparison of different regions development success.

Creation of Integrated Marketing Communications System in Russian Companies

Slepenkova E.M., Gorchakova K.A.

The article analyses the changes of companies communication strategies in Russian market during the crisis. Authors propose to solve the problem of Russian companies promotional programs efficiency improvement with creation of integrated marketing communications system. The main goal is to make communication channels optimal composition on the basis of such indicators as reach and correspondence with target audience.

Dynamics and Region Difference Evaluation of Russian Demographic Indicators for the Last 150 Years

Sidorenko V.N., Denisenko M.B., Matukhina I.N.

The results of the unique long run (about 150 years) time series reconstruction of some demographic indicators for the Russian regions are presented and discussed in the article. The problem of the reconstruction was solved on the basis of the huge amount of officially published statistical data, collected by authors on microlevel (uezd, rayon) and converted into the contemporary boundaries of Russian Federation subjects by means of the modern geoinformation technologies and other economic and mathematical methods.

Functions of Shadow Economy in the Stage of the Change Institutional System

Drobyshevskaya T.A., Pogrebinskaya V.A.

The purpose of the proposed study consists of the development of common and special in the functions of shadow economy under the conditions for the evolutionary and revolutionary change of institutional system. As the evolutionary period is examined the stage of proto-industrialization (end XVIII - middle XIX of century), as the revolutionary - the stage of War Communism (1918- 1921) and the post-socialist period.

Globalization Challenges to the Russian Innovation Evolution

Savchenko G.I.

This article is devoted to key transformational problems of Russian economy concerning innovational development; also author sheds light on the essence of definitions of innovations and innovational economy and problems of interaction between innovational process and globalization.

Is the Chilean Experience of Pension Reforming Suitable in Russia?

Podkorytov R.A.

Chile is a classical example of pension reforming. In the article, the author analyses the reform's principles as well as complex of political, social and economic conditions that let the reform happen - for the first time in the history Although it is widely said that several decades need to pass to be able to objectively examine a pension reform's results, experts coincide that Chile's unique 25+ years' experience in creating and constant modifying its new pension system is obligatory for close scrutiny by all the countries. No country has wholly transplanted the Chilean model. The article identifies the crucial factors for the Chilean success. Having studied their current state in Russia, the author concludes stating that the progress in Russia's reform may only happen after the government starts to act consistently and predictably.

Management of Underwriting's Thoroughness in Russian Federation Mortgage

Roschina I.A.

The method of mortgage borrower underwriting's optimization by thoroughness management is proposed in the article. Model of underwriting department's working is constructed, bank's underwriting department is considered as queueing system. The concept of underwriting's thoroughness is introduced, thoroughness' optimization criterion is proposed, the way of finding and establishing of the optimal thoroughness is indicated.

New Methods for Project Efficiency Estimation

Nikitin S.A.

The importance of taking into account of risk and uncertainty during investment project realization is illustrated in this article. Also main disadvantages of traditional methods for project efficiency analysis are discovered. Besides, methods based on fuzzy set theory eliminate disadvantages of traditional methods. The main achievement of the author is the model that helps to calculate the efficiency degree of investment project, based on assumption that main parameters of project (initial investment, cost and benefits) are fuzzy.

Russia as a Main Supplier of Energy for Turkish Consumers

Shashkin U.A.

The article is devoted to the problem of interaction between Russia and Turkey in the field of energy supply. The main aspects of multilateral cooperation between the oil and gas companies of Russia and Turkey analyze in this article.

Specifics of On-Boarding Pro- gram Development for Executives

Razumova T.O., Fedorova E.F.

The article targeted to examine specifics of on-boarding program for executives. It contains proposals on possible ways in increasing effectiveness and managing this process in a more structured manner. There are recommendations on practical implementation of factor matrix during restructuring.

The Concept and Prerequisites for Development of Environmental Management

Bobrov A.L.

The questions of environmental management standards formation in Russia is discussed in the article. The environmental management is as a part of the general management system, including structure of organization, forecasting, planning, processes and resources, witch are necessary for the development, adopting, analysis and supporting of environmental policy on the enterprise of any form of property. The article expands the knowledge of students on «Environmental economics» (bachelors of economics) and «Environmental management» (bachelors of management).

The Second Inter- national Conference «Innovative Development of Russian Economy: Resources Provision»

Titov L.A., Gavrina E.G., Pominova I.S.

This article represents an overlook of the Second International Conference «Innovative development of Russian economy: resources provision» held at the Faculty of Economics of MSU in April 2009, which includes short description of the discussions and principle conclusions. A special attention is paid to the reports made by leading Russian scientists at Plenary session.

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