Вестник Московского университета. Серия 6: Экономика



Commercial Banks in Conditions of the Competition: between Regulations and Commitment to Clients

Ezrokh Yu.S.

The article considers the relationship of obligations owed to clients and mandatory standards commercial bank in the modern world. Analysis is based on the materials of the public execution statistics mandatory standards and the Bank of Russia on a retrospective study of a number of indicators of banks whose license was revoked in 2012, in conjunction with the credit institutions which do not suffer financial hardship.

Development and Implementation of Management Decisions as Controlling Element in the Aircraft Manufacturing Enterprises

Chuvashlova М.V.

On the basis of theoretical and practical scientific advances proposals to improve controlling elements, particularly, development and implementation of management decisions were developed.

Improvement of Public Procurements System of Scientific Researches and Development

Tavakova К.О.

The article deals with the problem of public procurement of research and development (R&D). The author examines the main theoretical characteristics of R&D that should be taken into account. The possible directions of development of R&D public procurement in Russia are offered.

Indian Human Capital as Factors for the Successful Innovative Development of Country

Cholokyan Е.А.

The article analyzes one of the key factors for the successful innovative development of India — human capital. India with the population that reaches 1,2 billion people is rich with human resources, and thus potentially human capital. And what is more the country’s population is young and English-speaking. For a long time, India has successfully benefited from cheap, though not always skilled, labor. Now, if we are talking about the “decade of innovation”, proclaimed by the Government of India, is not enough to speak about the quantity of labor force, it is necessary to talk about the quality and this is the main issue the government is facing. The article analyzes the structure of human resources, issues and problems of illiteracy, education system, including primary education and higher education (especially technical), training programs provided by private companies, the problem of brain drain, and the prestige of scientific work for the young scientists and entrepreneurs. All these questions are relevant when looking at them through the prism of innovative development, as human resources may be either the primary driver, when transferred into capital, or greatly hinder the economic development of India in the coming years.

Integration Collaboration of the Countries — Exporters Power Resources of the CIS Taking into Account the Multivector of their External Economic Strategy

Teyubov R.T.

In this article the analysis integration collaboration countries exporters power resources of the CIS is presented taking into account the multivector of their external economic strategy. This topic is considered on the concrete example of integration collaboration two countries Russia — Azerbaijan.

Ranking of Film Production Development and Financing of National Markets

Kalabikhina Е.А.

This article is devoted to dynamic of the global market of film production and special features of development and financing of national markets of film production. The author creates the ranking of countries in term of perspective of film production development and financing. The leaders are USA, France, Great Britain, and South Korea. At the last years the film production is growing not only in USA but also in other leading countries.

Registration Methodology of Eco-Economic Factors under Waste Handling

Shchevelyova T.I.

The problem of choosing one of several design decisions, including choosing the best option for waste management, often raises to developers and decision-makers at the stage of development of project documentation. The article deals with the use of a methodologies of Life Cycle Assessment and Total Cost Assessment in order to compare the impact to the environment of different waste management options and choose the best one.

The Relationship between Stock Market Parameters and Interbank Lending Market: an Empirical Evidence

Yandiev M.I., Pakhalov А.М.

The article presents calculations that prove practical importance of the earlier derived theoretical relationship between the interest rate on the interbank credit market, volume of investment and the quantity of securities tradable on the stock exchange.

Transformation of Households Consumption in Information Economy. Part II: Empirical Analysis

Manakhova I.V.

The article is prepared on the results of the Scientific Council of the Moscow State University on the development of economic theory, held at the faculty of Economics in September 2013. The second part presents the empirical analysis: the main approaches to the monitoring of information society development in Russia, highlighted the important subject area of research — the level of it penetration in households; presents the results of a sample survey of access to information and communication technologies households and individuals and the scale of their use in consumer activity. Key words: monitoring information society development, informatization level of households, information property, transformation of consumption.

Transformation of Households Consumption in Information Economy. Part I: Theoretical Analysis

Manakhova I.V.

The article is prepared on the results of the Scientific Council of the Moscow State University on the development of economic theory, held at the faculty of Economics in September 2013. The first part studies the nature of the information economy, the interrelation between the real and virtual parts on the basis of development of information and communication technologies and the Internet. Reflected trends in transformation of the consumption of households under the influence of informatization of the economy.

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