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About Course Teaching Risk-Management of Projects within the Master Program Projects Management

Gracheva M.V.

This article is analyzed experience of teaching of a course Risk-management of projects on the master program Project Management. It is for this purpose provided guidance on to the program as a whole, is shown the place of this course in the general logic of training. In article the maintenance of a row by that, discussed with students is briefly opened, and also the methodology of training corresponding to a competency building approach is presented.

Approaches of the Capital and Economics at Research of the Public and Production and Economic and Institutional Relations in Morden Economy (to the 145 Anniversary of Issue of the I Volume of Capital)

Tenyakov I.M.

In this article, the results of issues' discussion of synthesis of the approaches, presented in K. Marx's Capital and in economics at research of modern economic development and also features of Russia's economic system are systematized. The discussion has been organized by problem group Reproduction and national economic growth of Chair of political economy of economic faculty of the Moscow State University in March, 2012.

Balance Method as a Tool to Regulate Supply and Demand in the Youth Segment of the Labor Market

Mezentsev Y.M.

The main problems of youth employment in a modern municipality education (town) are defined. Considered the experience of the current system's forecast of the needs of the labor resources before restructuring of the 90s. Model reflection of the process of flow of young professionals in the economic system of the municipality education was defined. System of management for the development of the forecast balance of young labor resources in the municipalities is presented.

Business and Self-Employment Development as a Direction of the Activity of the Public Employment Service

Bazylenko T.Y.

The task of development of entrepreneurial activity and self-employment is considered as a direction of the activity of the public employment service. It is carried out an analysis of approaches to the realization of self-employment programs in both development countries abroad and the Russian Federation. Mechanisms of the realization of entrepreneurial activity of unemployed in RF are considered at different levels: state, regional, municipal, and personal.

Crisis Management of International Monetary Fund

Mazurova E.K.

This article discussed the transformation of the IMF's lending activities in today's financial crisis, an assessment has already established and newly emerging regulatory frameworks, are disclosed methods for solving problems of sovereign insolvency in relation to macroeconomic and structural reforms in economies, new tools support for crisis prevention and crisis management.

Internal Control and Audit in the Conditions of World Crisis - Need for the Company

Berezyuk V.I.

The article says that the economic crisis has increased the need for the services of auditors. In this time of sharply tightened requirements to the quality of the audit and its mandatory, growing market need for the services of audit. Proposals on the establishment of the internal audit service of the enterprises, as it audit is needed to prevent the loss of resources and the implementation of the necessary changes within the enterprise.

Problems of the Organization and Technology of Management Accounting

Suyts V.P.

The article critically examines the present condition of management accounting and suggests setting increased importance to technical issues of management accounting as a primary data preparation process for the purpose of collecting the financial and non-financial information for management.

Specifics of Formation of Availability of Consumer Paid Services

Voskolovitch N.A.

The article discusses the various existing approaches to evaluating the availability of services in health, education, culture, community security, sport. The criteria and factors that contribute to the public availability of paid consumer services, proposed the principle of graded accommodation facilities of paid services on human settlements.

Sustainable Forest Management and Kyoto Forest Belts of Russia

Stetsenko A.V., Belokopytova N.A.

Article contains the report about possibilities of sustainable forest management development and forest planting from the sale of carbon credits and joint implementation projects under Kyoto Protocol.

Theoretical Approaches to the Analysis of Development Recreation Zones in Region

Papyonov K.V., Nikonorov S.M.

This article is justified to implement theoretical analysis of development recreation zones in region. The set of necessary measures carries both technological and organizational-legal character. Among the offered decisions practical realization of the main ecologic-economical model through repository and development an organizational and technological infrastructure for recreation zones in region.

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