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Acquired Company: Leadership Issues

Mescheryakova M.A.

Despite considerable difficulties and the risks connected with acquisition, Russia has a great interest for investors from the most different countries around the world. According to «PricewaterhouseCoopers» research «CEE M&A Survey» Russia is on the first place by quantity and the sum of transactions. Also in the Russian practice in merger or acquisition has become a highly sophisticated exercise in recent years: buyers make more perfect valuation and calculate potential benefits. However, merger or acquisitions that appear to be successful in short term become failure later on. Author in this article for the first time found out six rules, following which it is possible to raise essentially chance of successful deal ending.

Direct Foreign Investments into the India Economy

Revina E.Y.

In a modern economic science one of the most vital topics is studying the experience of the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China) countries, as most relatives on a stage and type of development, economic potential, capacity of the consumer market and other factors. Numerous researches of both Russian and foreign authors are dedicated to experience of China and Russia. The author of this article has carried out deep analysis of problems concerning attraction of foreign investments into economy of India and also concrete results of investment policy of the country are resulted. The first part of article represents the concept and principles of association of Brazil, Russia, India and China in the group of BRIC. Further the author proves a choice of a direction of the research. It is stressed in the article the factors promoting and interfering inflow of foreign direct investments to India, mechanisms of inflow of the foreign capital in the country, also highlighted the basic achievements of the Indian government on realization of investment policy; data of official statistic sources are revealed. In the conclusion the estimation of the Indian experience in attraction of FDI is given, but at the same time, a number of serious problems of the Indian economy which demand from the government further actions on improvement of the investment climate are underlined.

Formation of Economic Thinking

Delenyan A.A.

The article is dedicated to forming economic way of thinking for the modern youth. The book «Philosophers from this world» by Robert Hailbroner has been translated into Russian and enhances the opportunities to popularize economic knowledge and researchers. The article is composed as a commentary to the book. It shows stages of development of the market economy and their researchers who have been scholars with various moral, organizational, personal peculiarities and never indifferent to the subject and result of their researches. The nature of the economic and social gradation experienced nowadays also requires special researcher's capabilities. The ability and the will to participate in the collective creative process are of great importance, but the primary characteristic is the interest in the subject of economics and the puzzles of the analytic process.

International Tax Planning in Russian Business: Trends and Risks

Pesennikova E.M.

Considering today's situation when a number of world's greatest economies suffer from the financial crunch, the role of global finances could not be understated. Financial flows are the connecting tool for all participants of the global market demonstrating an unbelievable ability of the global economy to transfer the processes arising in one country to other markets. In this regard, currently the companies operating on these markets strongly feel the necessity to struggle with the crisis and first of all - to optimize the business structure and decrease their costs. This article presents not only the theoretical basis of such a process but also provides a practical experience of Russian companies dealing with international business. The author described a process of international tax planning and pointed out those main tax risks that are an inherent part of this process. The article should be interesting for those who are dealing with international tax planning.

IT Processes «Maturity» and Strategy of IT Depart- ment' Development

Shutko G.D.

Nowadays it is a common situation that most executives cannot clearly perceive the value of IT and understand the way they are heading. Still the biggest question - when and how invest in IT? Building company's IT on the basis of widely known and recognized IT Infrastructure Library reduces the risk of "inventing the wheel" but cannot guarantee successful operation of IT function in the company. This can be solved by using IT evolution approach with consideration of process maturity model derived from SW CMMI. The latter gives one the ability to set different objectives for each IT function maturity level, thus providing ground for natural development with gradual achievement of business objectives.

Mechanisms of International Migration of Labour Force

Gavrilova T.M.

In article is opened the essence and the structure of the mechanism of international migration of labour force as the way of the organization and functioning of migration exchange by economically active population between states. Objective factors and subjective reasons of action of mechanism, object and subjects are determined, to the last government, state structures, national and above-national public organizations, citizens as the carriers of labour force are attributed. Purpose and the sub purposes of realization of the mechanism of international migration of labour force are formulated. Methods and facilities of achievement of the put purpose are allocated. The criteria of the evaluation of result are offered. The role of a migratory politics and the social environment, and also the functions which are carried out by the mechanism of the international migration of labour force are opened.

Modern Social Priorities and Problems of Economic Development in Russian Public Health Service

Enikeeva S.D., Titova N.I.

The paper «Modern social directions and economic problems of development of Public health in Russia» considers the problems of Russian's National project «Health» which discussed in scientific seminar «Reproduction and National economic growth» (the department of political economy/economic faculty, Lomo-nosov Moscow State University). The main attention is paid to the estimation of the following problems: public health and economic growth; public health and system reproduction of labor force; social effectiveness of public health; the role of government regulation of health services of Russian population.

Tsagolov's Methodology in Research of Capital Accumulation in Modern Russia

Dzarasov R.S.

The paper considers the advantages of the qualitative analysis of economy from the standpoint of political economy, when the subject is seen as a well-ordered system of the subordinated process. This perspective is in contrast with the positivistic methodology, viewing the economy as a mechanical totality of the separate independent phenomena. The crucial role of insider rent for our economy is underscored. This phenomenon is treated as a concrete form of the surplus value peculiar to the modern Russian capitalism. The mechanism is identified by means of which accumulation of insider rent determines investments of the Russian companies, the social relations at our enterprises, the price structure of the economy and the nature of economic growth in our country. Tsagolov's methodology permits doing this due to its distinguishing between the original, the main and the derived relations in the capitalist system.

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