Вестник Московского университета. Серия 6: Экономика



Designing Integrated Models of Crisis Management of Universities

Bobyleva A.Z.

The article clarifies the terminology and shapes the conceptual apparatus to design integrated models of crisis management of universities. It shows the essence of the crisis and the crisis situation in universities, the expediency of crisis management not only in the crisis phase, but also in other periods in the evolution of the university. The concept of sustainable development of the university and the definition of an effective university are introduced. It creates the basis to develop and design the principles of integrated models of crisis management in universities and study the differences in the types of models depending on the level of inefficiency, factors that influence the degradation in performance, the phase of the university development, the possibility to effect recovery procedures on their own or with the state assistance.

Interdisciplinary Interaction: Results of the Annual Scientific Conference of the New Economic Association “Interdisciplinary Research in the Economy and Society”

Tutov L.A.

The article addresses the results of the Annual scientific conference of the New economic association “Interdisciplinary research in the economy and society”. The aim of the conference was to provide a comprehensive understanding of interdisciplinary interaction on nine areas: methodology and philosophy of economy; economics and geography; economics and demography; economics and history; economics and political science; economics and law; economics and sociology; economics and physics; economics, biology and psychology. The conference gave the impetus to strengthening the interaction between economists and representatives of other hard and soft sciences - demographers, physicists, sociologists, geographers, psychologists, lawyers.

Modern Globalization of Economy: Advantages, Threats and Prospects

Vasilieva N.I.

The article addresses the results of the section “Global economy” at the 3rd International scientific congress “Global studies-2013”. Representatives of different universities and research institutions, the CCIs of Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Azerbaijan were discussing problems of economic security in Russia, influence of migration and demography on economic growth in the context of globalization, peculiarities of global crises development and trends in global educational industry.

Monetary Problems in Russia in the Years of World War I

Belousov V.D., Biryukov V.A.

The article deals with “partial monetary reforms” in Russia in the first three years of World War I. Russia entered the war with a large and sustained budget surpluses during the preceding five years, a positive trade balance for the 1898-1913 years, solid gold reserves - then the third in the world. The processes of the ruble desaurization and monetary problems in Russia over three years of war are analysed. Special attention is given to the process desaurization ruble, issue of convertibility limits of the ruble and its gradual devaluation.

Network Approach in Economics and Management: the Interdisciplinary Nature

Baggio R., Sheresheva M.Y.

This article focuses on the interdisciplinary nature of the emerging network paradigm in economic and management sciences. The intersection of different approaches is unveiled, including those rooted in the natural sciences. The authors briefly describe the contribution of different disciplines in the development of research methodology applied to network forms widespread in contemporary economy. The second part presents an example of using techniques originally applied to solve the problems of theoretical physics to the study of socio-economic systems. Conclusions are drawn concerning the prospects for an interdisciplinary approach in shaping the science of networks.

Rethinking Managerial Education: Search for Multidisciplinary Approaches

Gerasimenko V.V.

The volume of managerial education programs in the world has contracted during the crisis. The current economic situation after the crisis hinders the recovery of demand for business education. Business education programs in Russia are being reduced, especially with the adoption of a new Law on education in Russia. Besides, competition between Russian and international business schools and universities increases. It is therefore important to understand and predict the parameters of consumer choice of those who will opt for business education in the future. Management education should develop in accordance with the new requirements and interdisciplinary approaches play a special role in this process.

The Empirical Evaluation of the Role of Economic Analysis in the Russian Antitrust

Shastitko A.A.

The main objective of this investigation is the role of economic analysis in the Russian antitrust. Economic analysis serves for the qualification of the market positions of economic entities and for the determination of market conditions. Antitrust policy is at the intersection of economics and law. Its development both in Russia and in the USA and Europe is governed by increasing role of economics. It makes antitrust law enforcement more flexible, conditioned by circumstances (rule of reason) that enhances the role of economic analysis. It means that the qualification of economic entities behavior depends on the qualification of their market positions and existing market conditions in general. The study reveals that economic analysis is a powerful argument in a litigation procedure and significantly affects both its outcomes and durability. However, the obtained results show that Russia's antitrust authority is likely underestimate the role that economic analysis could play in litigation.

The Prospects for the Securities Market Integration in the CIS Countries

Baghdasaryan A.M.

The article presents the study of the integration possibilities of the securities market in the CIS countries. The article considers the possibilities and problems of integration of the regulated securities market as well as depository and settlement systems.

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