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Advantages of Hybrids at Growth Stage of Life

Nikitushkina I.V, Zakharov S.V.

Authors offer modification of existing lifecycle theories from the financial point of view. Company financing at growth stage of life is studied - it is shown that hybrids are effective mean of financing under lack of traditional funding sources. While issuing hybrids, type of target investor is as important as the financial instrument itself.

Alternative Approach to Transfer Pricing

Panferova O.O.

This article presents an overview of various theoretical and empirical investigations on the topic of transfer pricing. The examination of theoretical works allows determining six major models of transfer pricing: market price, cost-based price, double price, multiple price and mathematical approach. Empirical volumes provide the determinants of transfer pricing model chose.

Foreign Borrowings of Russian Companies

Penkin S.A.

The article analyses the Russian companies' activity of attracting foreign debt in 2000 - 2009. The author describes the size dynamics, causes and aims of foreign borrowing, provides data on funding base by Russian companies and points out potential risks associated with various debt instruments and the ways they crystallized under current global financial crisis.

Foreign Experience of the Government Stimu- lating of Cluster's Organization

Gorodnichaya E.I.

The article provides foreign experience of the government policy of stimulating active processes of companies' coordination (the processes of clustering) concerned as a key determinant of economy competitiveness. Analyzing clustering models of the developed countries like the USA, Japan, Euro zone and the model of developing India, the author determines advantages and weak points of each models, identifies essential conditions of successful cluster functioning.

Intellectual Capital: Current Measurement Issues

Mescheryakova M.A.

Necessity to estimate and manage of intellectual capital does not cause doubts neither among researchers, nor among experts. The proportion of the intellectual capital as a share of the total company assets very often excesses its tangible assets. In present time, despite a considerable quantity of existing methods of intellectual capital valuation, many of them cannot be used for companies, are costly for implementation and maintenance. In this article author analyses all existing groups of methods of intellectual capital measurement and produces six characteristics which should be included in fair model of intellectual capital estimation.

Intrafirm Enterprise Environment

Chernikov A.V., Chernyatovich Y.P.

In clause necessity is proved and obligatory stages of formation of intrafirm enterprise environment (IEE) are formulated. The description of a general view of the concept of creation IEE at the industrial enterprise with traditional linearly-functional organizational structure. The order practical works of divisions is stated at introduction of concept IEE, the primary goals which allows to solve IEE are formulated.

Kazakhstan Food Security: Agrarian and Economic Aspect

Gientaev S.M.

The article presents the problem of Kazakhstan food security. Analyzing the actual world economic state and features of Kazakhstan economy, the author concludes that the provision of food security by developing agricultural sector should become the key priority of the government policy. Besides, the article offers a great number of food security factors that should be taken into account by policy makers.

Labor Theory of Value: Problems of the Adequate Interpretation of Reactualisation

Buzgalin A.V., Kolganov A.I.

Authors shows the importance of the reactualisation of the Labor Theory of Value as methodology for understanding of the nature, contradictions and limits of evolution of market economy. They argue, that value is the historically-concrete category, which characterize only market economy. They show principle impossibility to calculate value and dialectical unity of value and utility as two integral components of Marx Labor theory of value.

Migration Trends in the Northern Region

Suknyova S.A.

The article examines migration trends in the Sakha (Yakutia) Republic. It describes the factors determining migration processes in the North region. Based on an analysis of migrant movement, the main regularities of the migration behavior are revealed. A special attention is paid to consideration of the net migration rate, educational, ethnic, age structures of arrivals and departures.

Scientific Researches at Economic Faculty in 2009

Tutov L.A., Gavrina E.G., Manasenko K.A., Pominova I.S.

The results of scientific activity of teachers and research workers of economic faculty of the Lomonosov Moscow State University in 2009 are presented in the article. The most significant achievements are systematized through the prism of five priority directions of scientific activity. A positive tendency in scientific life, related to the association of different subdivisions of economic faculty round the idea of innovative development of economy of Russia, is considered in work.

WTO: International Trade Liberalization and Potential of Economic Development

Tikhonova N.B.

This article covers problem of WTO liberalization policy influence upon potential of economic development in countries with different technical level of national production. In current conditions the more effective economic strategy in non-industry countries is to creating innovation sector. Governments can use trade liberalization to stimulate innovation activity in the country.


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