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Features of Demography Processes in Rural Population of Russian Region

Iontsev V.A., Braga E.A.

Author analyses demography processes in rural population of Russian region for the period 1990-2010. Article evaluates dynamic and rate of growth in population for all districts of Rostov region. Author emphasis the important role of migration for formatting rural population. As well as the versatility in migration processes in region. Author allocates the districts with constantly positive and negative growth rates.

Innovations in Management of Banks' Equity

Fomenko I.I.

The article deals with new approaches to assessing the need for banks in equity. Investigation of capital adequacy due to modern trends in the Russian banking sector to overcome the financial crisis: improving the Central Bank's requirements for stability and capitalization of banks in the transition to a «counter-cyclical» regulatory model, activation of consolidation with the formation of larger banking institutions, the use of banks balanced model of intensive development, involving greater use of innovation in the management of their own capital. The author has studied international and Russian practice of assessing capital adequacy oversight bodies, analyzed the present state of the capital adequacy of banking sector in Russia. As part of the introduction in 2014, the Bank of Russia's «counter-cyclical» regulatory model, the author developed intra-calculation procedure in equity requirements; proved the effectiveness of their implementation on the example of a commercial bank.

Innovative Small and Medium Enterprises in Russian Economy

Vikhoreva O.M., Instrumentov K.S.

The article discusses the role of the SMEs in the innovation-based economic development. Both regional (Moscow) and federal level measures stimulating the innovative activity of SMEs are reviewed and the factors influencing the development of the innovation friendly environment are highlighted.

Modern Innovative Tools of Increase of the Company Competitiveness

Chernikov A.V., Radkov V.A.

The article is sanctified to the questions of practical approbation of the worked out Methodology of introduction of outsourcing on an enterprise, exposure of the system of criteria for the estimation of deductible in Russian Federation and Republic of Belarus, to the questions of organization and methodology of realization of benchmarking. The questions of determination of business processes subject to the transmission on outsourcing are examined, comparisons of expenses on the basis of complex analysis of logistic chainlet of deliveries and determination of effect from the transmission of business process on outsourcing. In the article on the basis of complex research systematization of possible criteria of estimation of deductible, and also verification of their adaptation, is conducted in the conditions of Russian Federation and Republic of Belarus. Description over of algorithm of organization and methodology of incremental realization is brought internal and external benchmarking on an enterprise.

Parity and Interrelations of the Economic Mechanism of the Organization of Consumers' Cooperative Society with the Management Mechanism

Buneeva R.I.

Features of functioning of the economic mechanism of the organizations of consumers' cooperative society are defined by objective conditions of its formation and subjective factors of management of the given organization. This circumstance demands an establishment of a parity and interrelations of the economic mechanism of the organization of consumers' cooperative society with the management mechanism.

Potential of Economic Equilibrium

Verenikin A.O.

The paper deals with analogy between utility and production functions which characterize economic potential on one hand and potential functions in physics on the other. Construction of potential theory in economics similar to that in mathematical physics proves to be useful and fruitful. Possible developments of general equilibrium theory under various returns to scale as indicators of economic potential are suggested and discussed.

Problems of Reproduction of Fixed Capital

Belyanova A.M., Gudkova T.V.

In article materials of a scientific seminar «Problems of reproduction of fixed capital in an industrial cycle context» are presented. The seminar has been organized by problem group «Reproduction and national economic growth» under the direction of The Scientist of RSFSR, professor, doctor of science, economics, V.N. Cherkovtsa's (chair of political economy of economic faculty of the Moscow State University of M.V. Lomonosov). At a seminar theoretical and practical problems of amortization and fixed capital updating have been lifted; features of the mechanism of reproduction of fixed capital in the conditions of market and a planned economy; a condition of domestic fixed capital and a problem of their updating; a role of a machine-building complex in innovative modernization of economy; a place of branch classification in economy state regulation.

To the 90-th Anniversary of Mikhail Vasilevich Solodkov

Egorov E.V., Pankratova V.P.

The Article is dedicated to the 90-th anniversary of the founder and the fist Head of the Chair of Economy of Social Sphere, professor M.V. Solodkov

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