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Amartya Sen and His Social Choice Theory

M o r e v D.A.

This article is the first work in Russian in regard to the contribution of Amartya Sen - Indian economist, the Nobel Prize winner in economics in 1998 - to the normative theory of collective decisions and social choice. The author shows that Sen's main achievement in analyzing possibility of social choice is the explanation of the necessity of interpersonal comparisons in collective decision-making.

Analysis of ESPO Pipelines as Part of the Game-Theoretical Access

S i d o r e n k o V.N., S a v i n V.V.

In this article the authors examine the possible energy transportation strategies for Russia, China and Japan regarding the construction of the «East Siberia - Pacific Ocean» (ESPO) oil transporting pipeline. Two games in extensive form describing the interactions between these three states, or «players», with a set of strategies and corresponding payoffs are developed. The rather very simple first one game shows that the «cooperative» scenario of building the pipeline not only to China, but also to Pacific Ocean is preferred, the more complex second one game adds the patterns of lobbyism to the game and shows that the «non-cooperative» scenario of building the pipeline only to Pacific Ocean becomes optimal after the lobbying activities are completed. However the results are to be studied carefully because the important implications regarding the US-influence in the developed games are neglected, so the study needs further analysis.

Direction of Perfection of Financing System in Russian Wood Industry

Pe t k a u I.V.

Given article contains the basic problems of development of the wood industry of Russia, the main tendencies, laws. And also considers economic and legal aspects of development of a forestry of Russia that is actual in connection with acceptance of the new Wood Code of the Russian Federation, in the light of accepted in January, 2003 the Government of the Russian Federation of the Program of development of a forestry of Russia till 2010.

Economical Informatics and Applied System Analysis

L u g a c h yov M.I., N o v i k o v a T.V.

This article deals with attempt of synthesis of economical informatics and applied system analysis approaches for real business problems solution.

Ground Relations in Agrarian Sector of Tajikistan: the Past, the Present and the Future

S h e r a l i e v E.N.

Development and transformation of land relations in agrarian sector of Tajikistan is considered in the article. The past, present and future of the system of land relations are revealed in order to determine possibilities of optimization of system of land use and agricultural production conditions in republic. Suggestions were developed on how to improve ecologic and economic regulation mechanism of land relations, conditions and functions of land relations in increasing efficiency of agrarian sector and stability of system of agriculture.

Influance of Raw Resourse Model of Economics on the Employment Structure in Russia

Po s t o e v a M.I.

The author investigates the influence of a raw orientation of Russian economy on the structure of employment of workers. Comparing the data about the structure of the world and domestic export it is shown, that in a counterbalance to the world tendencies, Russian economy is dominated by the raw resource orientation which is continuing to prevail further. This promotes the formation of an adverse employment structure of workers in extracting and processing industries. In the author's opinion, a well thought government strategy can improve this structure.

Methodology and Theory in Economic Research

Te n y a k o v I.M., K o r c h a g i n a Z.A.

In this article the results of work of a round table «Tsagolovsky readings», organised by chair of political economy of economic faculty of the Moscow State University within the limits of IV Festival of a science in the city of Moscow, taken place on October, 9-11th, 2009, are systematised. The problems, considered in it are: interrelation of innovations and traditions in methodology of the economic theory, possibility of synthesis of the basic theoretical approaches, methodology of research of a world economic crisis, contradictions of the Russian economy, etc.

Operational Management in Economics of Industrial Enterprise in the Growth of Demand of Output Goods

B u g a k ov V.M.

Successful small manufacturing enterprises are usually distinguished by multipraduct, short-run output with quick fulfillment of the orders of consumers and rather quick financial turnover. In these conditions, enterprises need using of new effective mechanism of operability on monthly base and management, based on monthly monitoring of gross expenditures and gross receipt. During significant grow of demand on the products for the next month the enterprise can find the lack of turnover assets. In this article the control mechanisms of grow of variable value, fixed charges, grow of the sums of receipt during the month are shown, which let us define the sufficiency of turnover for all the expenditures of increased production volume. The lack of turnover can appear when the part of receipt for the production comes in the next month. In these cases the management mechanism provides ground advance in prices for some products, possible reduce of constant and variable expenses and possible receiving of a short-term credit.

Socio-Economic Aspects of Environmental Conflicts

B o b y l yov S.N., S o l o v yov a S.V., S i t k i n a K.S., K i r y u - s h i n P.A.

The characteristic of environmental conflicts and their influence on socio- environmental and economic system is given in the article. There is a conclusion about complex nature of environmental conflicts. There are growing contradictions between countries about access to ecosystem services and to climate regulation, in particularly. To prevent the environmental conflicts in the future and decrease the damage development of new effective economic mechanisms on the global scale is needed.

The Peculiarities of Transnational Corporations Strategic Alliances in the Modern Economy

Tr u f k i n A.S.

The article deals with the peculiarities of transnational corporations' strategic alliances in the modern economy. Firstly, the author analyzes strategic alliances that play an important role in the modern international economy - the Renault - Nissan alliance, the Boeing Company's alliances aimed at developing «Boeing 787», and one of the airline alliances - «Star Alliance». Secondly, the main motives for entering strategic alliances are classified: access to partner's resources, knowledge and competences internalization, market power increase, risk reduction, competitors suppression and new standards establishment. Finally, the recommendations for increasing the efficiency of strategic alliances are presented. The article will be of interest to students of international economics and researchers of strategic alliances.

The Russian Crisis: Origins and Lessons Learnt

B e l ya n ov a A.M.

The article summarizes the discussion based on Prof. Dzarasov report «The Russian Crisis: Origins and Lessons Learnt» (Institute of Economy, Russian Academy of Sciences). The discussion was organized in November 2009 by 'Reproduction and Economic Growth' research group, chair of political economy, Moscow State University. The issues raised: peculiarities of the Russian economic crisis, its consequences and actions taken to battle it; deficiencies of the Russian model of economic development and search for alternative models; failure of the neoclassical orthodox approach and need to apply alternative branches of economic theory when teaching and setting up strategies of economic development of the country


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