Вестник Московского университета. Серия 6: Экономика



Analyzing the Resource Potential for Reproduction of Total Output of Agricultural Products

Safin U.Z.

In this article macroeconomic analysis of gross output structure of agricultural products in Republic Bashkortostan market according to state accounts system is given. There are a lot of sources is used for the analysis. They are the information base of Bashkortostanstate in 1997-2006 and the methods of research of agricultural output reproduction in individual farms of population, farms, agricultural enterprise and all the farm categories.

Banking and Banking Services Market under Conditions of Globalization

Vinogradova E.P.

The article investigates the influence of globalization on banks and banking services market which is one of the most rapidly developing markets under conditions of globalization. Three trends of this influence are considered: foreign banks entry to local financial markets, changes in banking business and banks' integration to international markets of banking services. The influence of financial globalisation on banks activities, banking services development, empirical studies of this influence - all these questions are very important in current economic conditions. Particular attention is given to Russian banking market.

Carbonic Markets in Russia: Problems, Possible Decision and Perspectives

Mikhalenko P.V.

The paper describes the set of existing problems in creating effective carbon markets of CO

Econometric Simulation of the Correlation between Rouble Exchange Rate and Russian GDP Dynamics

Kartaev E.S.

The article contains a review of contemporary empirical investigations of the correlation between the rouble exchange rate and Russian GDP. Description of current approaches to the exchange rates modelling is given, as well as the comparison of different investigators' empirical estimates of Russian industry's sensitivity to the fluctuation of the exchange rate. The advantages and disadvantages of different methodologies of getting these estimates are also described. The author of the article presents his own econometric research that let to estimate the direction and influence measure of the real effective rouble exchange rate on GDP dynamics and industrial output.

Methodic Notes on Workshop Discussion of Economic Theory on Master's Program

Rudakova I.E.

The article is dedicated to the characteristic features of organization, thematic scope and teaching techniques of holding a workshop in the field of economics in the Master's program in The Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU). The author discusses various issues of methodology using her own teaching expertise in the Master's program of Economic department of MSU. The article includes the results of deliberations on the issues of holding workshop with the students of the Master's program. Author's arguments of polemical nature are included which could serve as a basis for further discussions on the topic of the article among students and faculty.

Reproductive Approach to the Study of Eco- logical and Economic System

Zemlyanuhina S.G.

This article is justified by the need to study the ecological and economic system as the unity and cooperation of three reproductive processes: in the sphere of material reproduction, in the field of human reproduction and the reproduction of the natural environment. Particular attention is given to the establishment of environmental laws and economic systems and their use in economic policy.

Some Diversification Specifics of Portfolios Including Second-tier RTS Shares

Panov E.V.

Using illiquid exchange-traded Russian stocks (constiuents of RTS-2 index) it is shown that in case of irregular trade price data Markowitz efficient portfolio construction should be used with care. We demonstrate that it is extremely important which estimator is used for covariance matrix of stock returns. In this context we compare the results of using sample covariance matrix and the estimator designed for time series of irregular frequencies.

Statistical Tendencies of Pricing on Regional Real Estate Markets

Yermolaev M.B., Zavodova T.S.

In this article on the basis of the statistical analysis dynamics of price indexes on the primary and secondary real estate markets of some regions of the Central federal district is investigated. By authors it is put forward and on the basis of correlation and regression analysis the hypothesis about influence process of pricing on the Moscow real estate market on pricing in regions is proved. Results of research specify the certain "wavy" character of processes of pricing on habitation with the initializing center in the Moscow market.

The Role of Irrational Motives in the Selection of Investment Strategy by the Participants of the International Stock Market

Instrumentov K.S.

In this article behavioural effects and the manner in which they influence the process of investment strategy selection by the international stock market participants are discussed. Based on the performed classification and in order to avoid the combinatorial complexity of accounting for all of the patterns at all the possible points of influence two meta-patterns of irrational behaviour on the stock markets are devised.

The Strategy of Company's Diversification (Theoretic Aspect)

Roy L.V.

Two approaches to analysis of the diversification of the company are considered in the article. The first one was suggested by the economists of strategic management, and the second one - by the economists of industrial organization. The author gives different definitions of the strategy according to these two approaches. There are a study of features, classification and levels of company's diversification in the article. Baumol's model of firms' growth through diversification is also considered here. Significant problem of the theme is how to measure the level of diversification and so there are some important indicators of it in the article.


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