Вестник Московского университета. Серия 6: Экономика



Economic cooperation of Republic of Korea and Russia in the investment sphere

Lee En Gil

Economic globalization: the content and antagonisms

Radaev V.V.

Initial public offering of shares: competition of stock exchanges of Europe, America and "Great China"

Musikhina E.A.

Institutional problems of entrepreneurship in the system of contractual relations

Kashirin V.V., Samoylov V.K.

Interdisciplinary scientific seminar "Development of education in the course of the making of the economics of knowledge": discussion materials

Tutov L.A., Gavrina E.G., Surin A.V., Kolosova R.P., Artamonova M.V., Egorov E.P., Karev S.A., Diachenko O.G., Movsesyan O.V., Kenenova I.P., Bobylev S.N.

The correlation of notions: "informational economy" or "economics of knowledge"?

Sheresheva M.Yu.

The forming of securities portfolio in the conditions of uncertainty

Nurtazina K.B.

The structure of economy and economic growth

Belyanova A.M.

Women employment and social and birth rate in modern Russia

Mosakova E.A.

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