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About Some Features of Modern Firm

Ulupova V.L.

The article concerns influence of information economy and post-industrial socio-economic environment on firm internal structure and peculiarities of the firm operation. Modern company should be more flexible, that is expressed as the features of the factors of production, the organization of intra- and inter-firm interactions. To meet these challenges, the firm must review a number of established paradigms, such as the existing business processes, practices, and sometimes the organizational form of the enterprise.

About the Outstanding Scientist, the Teacher and the Real Reson Alexander Lvovich Bobrov

Nikonorov S.M.

Consumer Behavior and Market Pricing in Information Economy under the Influence of Debts

Antipina O.N.

The contribution of households to the debt problem of modern economy yields only to the financial sector. Specific features of their behavior are the “demonstration effect” of consumption and the new “fundamental psychological law” suggesting that the resulting consumption of a household is driven by the comparison of his lifetime income and the lifetime income of his social group. The “demonstration effect” of consumption promotes households to use debt and credit for buying valuable goods that is aggravating the debt problem.

Credit Pricing: LIBOR Reform

Patron P.A.

As we are living in the credit economy, credit pricing process becomes one of the main problems of the modern financial world. For more than 20 years LIBOR was used as a reference credit rate for both corporate and private credits. After the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers it became obvious that LIBOR was made to function properly during the prosperous time, not during the financial crisis. Serious change became necessary. This article analyzes 10 highlights of the future LIBOR reform, proposed by the UK financial regulatory authority in September 2012 and reviews their impact on the financial markets.

Economic Space: Theoretical Understanding and Modern Processes

Kulkov V.M.

The article is devoted to the theoretical understanding of the economic space and the practice of its formation and functioning. The parameters of a single economic space are revealed. Features of national integration and economic spaces, the characteristics of innovative space of the Russian economy are analyzed.

Homo Faber in its History

Filatov I.V.

The paper covers evolution of a role of human labour from early and antique economy before industrial capitalism and knowledge economy. The author then compares various ideas in economic and social thought. The concept “Homo Faber” is entered for the description of humans as controlling the environment through expedient labour.

Modern Economic Publications: American Experience and Russian Specifics

Tenyakov I.M.

In this article, the main tendencies, characterizing changes in the economic publications in USA' leading journals over the last 50 years are revealed. Techno-economic, social-economic and institutional factors, which caused changes in demographic characteristics of publications' authors, as well as the subject and a method of economic researches and conditions of publications are identified. Comparative structure of co-authorship in leading Russian economic journals was analyzed.

Teaching Islamic Finance as an Academic Discipline

Juravliov A.Yu.

Teaching financial disciplines in Russian universities still do not include Islamic finance. Meanwhile, Islamic finance is not only a part of the religious and ethical doctrine of one of the world’s religions. Over the past few decades, they have formed a working business, which has a number of features of the theoretical and applied. To the applied aspects of Islamic finance is shown keen interest far beyond the traditional countries of the spread of Islam. Appropriate technology is used by many industry leaders, and the study and teaching of Islamic finance as an academic discipline occupied a number of universities in Western countries. Russia should overcome the existing backlog.

The Innovative Capabilities of Russian Small Business

Bryalina G.I.

In foreign countries the most receptive to innovations is a small business, while in Russia the share of innovative enterprises, among both large and small companies is very small. Implementation of innovative potential of small businesses is one of conditions of competitiveness of the Russian economy in the global economy. The article discusses the features and dynamics of development of small innovation business.

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