Вестник Московского университета. Серия 6: Экономика



About Some Terms in Economic Literature

Khabalashvili N.M.

In the article features of the use and application of such important economic terms, as “value”, “cost” and “use-value” are in detail considered.

Assessment of Probability of Crisis of the Economic Mechanism of Consumer Cooperation

Buneeva R.I.

The necessity of improvement of the methodological tools assess assessment of the crisis probability of economic mechanism of consumer cooperative actualized due to the manifestations of the adverse effects of the global economic crisis.

Influence of Regional Features on Formation and Development of Competitiveness of the Cement Enterprises

Chernikov A.V.

The article is devoted to the issues of the influence of regional characteristics on the choice of ways of development of the cement enterprises, taking into account the change in the competitiveness of cement plants in the region. The analysis of factors that influence the competitiveness of cement plants of the Republic of Uzbekistan, and identified the main trends of its changes in the studied enterprises with the use of the new concept of «technological competitiveness of enterprises».

Interconnection between Management System and Innovation Environment

Sotnikova K.I.

Fundamental and determinant institutional factor of success in creating innovation environment in organization is management system presented by combination of such elements as organizational philosophy, corporate culture, management principles and used instruments and methods. Common feature, attached to management systems of famous innovation companies, is address to internal staff incentives: aspiration for autonomy, aspiration for mastery/perfection, and aspiration for following high goal, destiny of organization. In comparison with them, traditional management systems characterized by hierarchical pattern, centralization of decision making, rigorous control and functionality, and as consequence lack among staff motivation to self-perfection and development. To increase innovation potential is needed to understand internal frames given by existing management system and to start transformation of that system directed to creation of innovation environment of organization through disclosure of creative potential of its staff.

Inter-firm Linkages and their Role in Development of the Small Innovative Enterprises

Grasmik K.I., Mezenin A.V.

The role of inter-firm linkages in the development of high-tech enterprises is revealed in the article. On the example of small innovative firms established in the universities of St. Petersburg, it was shown, that about half of the 103 analyzed small businesses interacts with other companies. In many cases, these relationships have been established for a long time, therefore, a number of innovative small businesses is just a form of communication of the university and the company, the mechanism of obtaining benefits provided by the state.

Savings and Social Capital of Household: Cluster Approach

Varlamova Yu.A., Larionova N.I.

Economic behavior is analyzed in terms of household propensity to save and of their accumulated social capital. In this article the comparison of countries according to a rate of household savings in years 2005–2010 and social capital index based on cluster approach is made.

Scientific Potential of the Comparative Analysis of Theoretical Paradigms and N.A. Tsagolov's Project

Moskovskij A.I.

The article characterizes a comparative analysis of basic economic paradigms, research programs, frameworks as an important way to formulate and develop the multiple forms for building the new economic thinking.

Stratification of Consumer Preferences in the Consumer Market of Ukraine

Shtapauk G.P.

The mechanism of the stratification of public preferences in the consumer market on the grounds of price and product elasticity, allowing to form social equilibrium price policy, which is responsible of interests of the two sides of the interrelated process of selling-buying, providing a reasonable profit business and at the same time stimulation development of consumption market.

The Sixth International Scientific Conference «Innovative Development of Russian Economy: Regional Diversity»

Tutov L.A.

The article is devoted to the results of the Sixth international scientific conference «Innovative development of Russian economy: regional diversity», which was aimed at comprehensive issue economic processes and their results in terms of search of the optimal trajectory of development of regions and country as a whole. The paper presents the recommendations to overcome barriers that impede the effective and systematic development of regions, improvement of economic mechanisms aimed at the use of regional diversity of innovation development, the decision of questions of regional balance and differentiation of the level and quality of life of the population of Russia, implementation of the principles of decent work, and the creation of financial foundations of democracy in the Russian society.

The Statistical Analysis of Factors of Yield of IPO of the Russian Companies in Stock Market

Ishmametov E.A.

The article deals with the problem of IPO underperformance of Russian companies listed in 2000–2007. It is typical for this type of shares to have lower profitability within 1–5 years (in Europe and the U.S.). The article also considers the dependence of 1–3 years yields of IPO shares of Russian companies on factors of capitalization and underpricing.

The Ukrainian Pension System Formation and Development

Belonog A.P.

The article examines the Ukrainian pension system formation. Weaknesses and problems of the pension system have been identified: the demographic crisis, weak governance, problems of the legal support, etc. The article also outlines the prospects of the further Ukrainian pension system development.

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