Вестник Московского университета. Серия 6: Экономика



Commodity differentiation in conditions of business ecologization

Naumоv A.A.

Competitive market structure in Russian bank sector

Petrushansky V.P.

Economic evaluation of costs for information support in the sphere of ecology

Dampilоn Zh.V.

Family policy in France

Avdeeva M.A.

Fifteen years of fruitful career

Klavdienko V.P.

Innovation development of the economy of Russia

Tutov L.A., Pominova I.S., Gavrina E.G.

Intuition as a factor of making organizational decisions: methodological aspects of the problem

Tutov L.A., Mansenко К.A.

Profit rate: is it declining?

Chibrikov G.G.

Prospects of autosourcing development

Tsarenko A.S.

Social and economic model of development of the region through ecological tourism

Nikonorov S.M.

The conjuncture of energetic markets and structural changes in Russian economy

Malikova O.I.

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