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Economic Environmental Analysis of Land Usage in the Region of Russia

Bessonova E.A.

The article considers the problem of reducing the effectiveness of land usage in the region due to the change of soil fertility. The estimation of a condition of soils in dynamics is presented. The measures to improve soil condition and improve the efficiency of land tenure are offered.

Foreign Experience of Realization Claster Development Strategy in Granular Branch

Gelmle A.M.

The granular branch appear is the most important compose, of agrarian industrial complex many development country, however much as just it allow provide of food safety. The granular appear basis production and it shortage on of peace market bring quick rise of remaining production. At the article was analyzed fundamental method of rise productivity inside of grainy clusters, to use at the development country. Examine mechanism national support and subsiding agrarian sector. The special attention is given insurance, as to the important lever of increase of competitiveness of grain farms.

Global Competitiveness of Russian Economy and National Businesses: Foreign Economic Aspect

Pakhomov A.A.

Comparative level of global competitiveness of Russian economy and national businesses is analyzed in the article on the basis of available international ratings and indices. Special attention is paid to a relatively new phenomenon - FDI outflows by Russian companies abroad.

Life Expectancy and Health at Older Ages in Russia

Kiseleva E.S.

The article presents the analysis of self-rated health and changes in health status based on data of the Russia Longitudinal Monitoring Survey for the year 1998-2008. The author estimates the healthy life expectancy for males and females aged 60 years and makes conclusions about changes in the health status of the elderly.

On the Necessity of Considering Industry Specifics during Transition to Technology Quotas and Regulation in Environmental Protection

Kozeltsev M.L., Martusevich A.P., Martusevich R.A.

At the beginning of this article the authors remind to their readers about unavoidable current environmental regulation system shortcoming. Then they present their vision on the tasks and general principles for introducing regulation based on best available techniques (BAT) approach (also, taking into consideration the experience of the OECD countries to proceed from pollution charges to environmental taxes). At the end of the article the authors raise a very important issue of the specific regulation mechanism in the environmental service sector (water supply and sanitation).

Problems of Consolidation in Russian Banking Market

Rogozhina N.R.

This article is about consolidation in Russian banking industry and its interconnections with globalization of financial markets. The author analyzed cyclicality in development of Russian market of corporate control in comparison with global market including influence of global financial crisis. The author considered ways of Russian integration in global market of corporate control and concluded that there is necessity in consolidation of Russian banking market in the face of foreign financial capital flowing into Russia.

Tendencies, Types and Kinds of Modernization of Modern Russian Economy

Cherkovets V.N.

In article materials of the modified report which has been prepared for session of a round table on a theme Modernization of the Russian economy are presented: dialectics of productive forces and economic relations, taken place within the limits of the Third International scientific conference Innovative development of Russia: a role of universities (Economic faculty of the Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow, 2010). The basic problems considered in the report: role of universities in innovative development of the Russian economy; concept, the reasons and features of carrying out of modernization in Russia; areas of economic modernization, incompleteness of a transition period to the market system, the socially-focused and socialist models as different types of modernization; communication with realization of national projects; ways of modernization.

The Migratory Policy: the Contribution to Modernization of Russia

Ivakhnyuk I.V.

The paper deals with the novelties of the Russian migration regulations relating to employment of highly skilled migrants in Russia. The Federal Law 86 of 19.05.2010 shapes preferences for highly skilled migrant workers in terms of admission, residence permits and terms of employment in the Russian Federation. With this step, Russia intends to become an active player in the high-skilled segment of the global labor market and attract foreign specialists in hihg-tech production, professional training, commercialization of fundamental science outcomes, and management for purposes of modernization of the Russian economy.

The Model of an Economic Efficiency Estimation of the Analytical Information Systems

Seredenko E.S., Seredenko N.N.

In this article the concepts of analytical information system and economic efficiency are considered in application to the information systems. The model of an economic efficiency estimation of the analytical information systems, based on economic fundamental theoretical models, is proposed. A feature of the given approach is the thesis of the strong dependence which exists between the effectiveness of the information system and the economic result of business that is not typical for the transactional systems, but typical for the analytical information systems. The model allows estimating the economic efficiency of any analytical information system involved in any enterprise business process.

Theoretical and Practical Problems of Reproduction of the Public Capital, Economic Growth and Structural Modernization of the Russian Industry

Tenyakov I.M., Biryukov V.A.

In this article are systematized the results of discussion on problems of reproduction of the public capital, economic growth and structural modernization of the industry of Russia. The discussion was organized by problem group Reproduction and national economic growth, by group of chairs of political economy of the economic faculty of the Moscow State University in December, 2010.

To the Problem of the Public Sector of Economy

Kononkova N.P.

The article examines the evolution of approaches to the problem of public sector of economy, various approaches to forming of the concept of public sector are analyzed, as well its nature and functions in the conditions of various social and economic systems are researched, the interrelation of the concepts of public sector and state ownership also in the focus.

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