Вестник Московского университета. Серия 6: Экономика



About Models and Features of Additional Vocational Training of Civil Servants

Kuznetsov O.V.

In article models of an additional education and feature of additional vocational training of civil servants are considered. Concrete directions and actions for increase of efficiency of vocational training of civil servants on the basis of their continuous vocational training are offered.

Child Care in Preclassical European Economic Thought

Sinitsa A.L.

The article analyses the views of Preclassical researchers of economic thought on child care issues. The author outlines the main divisions within the economic thought and treats their similarities and differences in detail. To explore the historic background to the modern thought is of great scientific value, thus the work shows not just the genesis of the economic ideas on the choice of child care regime but brings up the positive views on child care expressed by those who support family care regime. The author indicates that in the modern society women have to work out of home, so it is necessary to find the right balance between public and private child care that could allow for mothers to work out of home and to preserve the family autonomy from the State at the same time. The article underlines the modern value and importance of Preclassical economic thought especially today. The basic conclusions of the article, drawn from the Preclassical thinkers experience, are that, first, such balance could be reached, though it may require serious effort, and, second, it is the child care regime itself that plays the most significant role in this process.

Economical Potential and its Formation and Implementation Peculiarities in the Non-Profit Organizations (Consumer Cooperation Organizations as an Example)

Bunejeva R.I.

The paper dwells on the scientific research towards formation of the economical potential in the non-profit organizations. The author analyzes implementation peculiarities of the economical potential, talking as an example consumer cooperation organizations and its role in the formation of the economical potential of the whole country, draws conclusions of the consumer market stabilization and regional social development.

Functioning Characteristics of Russian Technoparks

Gromova E.V.

The article emphasizes the importance of small innovative companies for the Russian economy and analyzes the major problems of such companies. The article also grounds the significance of technoparks for the development of small innovative business. The author shows the difference between technoparks and business incubators, gives a review of the main stages of technoparks development in Russia. The article also analyzes the state programme of «Development of high-tech technoparks in the Russian Federation», considers its tasks and results, tells us about new technoparks for small innovative companies.

Improvement of Affordability of Pharmaceuticals in the Environment of the Modern Russian Pharmaceuticals Market

Beletskiy D.I.

With the assessment of the Russian pharmaceutical market specifics and based on the market segmentation an approach to increase affordability of pharmaceuticals to the public is suggested. Methodological foundation of the research is comprised of a pharmaceutical market segmentation introduced by the author. It is based on such parameters as demand elasticity, impact on public health, relative expensiveness in its therapeutical class.

Optimization of Economic-ecological Parameters of Metallurgy Waste Processing

Chernyy S.A.

The opportunities of morphological method for the analysis and designing of economic-ecological characteristics of metallurgy waste processing are considered in this article. It is shown, that morphological synthesis can be applied to projecting economic-ecological parameters of metallurgical waste recycling. The principles of morphological cards' formation for developing technologies and algorithm of optimization of its economic-ecological parameters are adduced here. The results of created technique's use for development of rare-metal waste utilization are described.

Optimization of Innovative Business-Models on Industrial Enterprises

Deynega V.G.

The article deals with assessment of the principles to restore in home Aircraft Engine Manufacturing attached at the state corporation (for basis Industrial Virtual Enterprise). Some recommendations and basic instruments on principles utilization of industrial virtual enterprise and means raise effectiveness backing are considered in the article.

The Policy of Health Care Development in Modern Russia

Egorov E.V.

The author of article presents of complex approach to the health care development in Russia, main principles of its organization and development, the most important causes of population mortality in our country. He gives the special to working out of complex programs aimed to reduce the most important diseases mortality rate and also to elaboration of the health care system development conception in Russia to 2020.

The Role of Human Capital in Innovational Development of Russian Economy: Time's Challenge

Gadieva M.B.

The article explains the role of human resources as the factor of Russian innovational formation in the process of its transition to the «economics of knowledge». They point to the institutional environment affecting the quality of this process as the definite term in human resources' development. The meaning of processional quality in the formation of new knowledge is well-grounded now. New knowledge, in its turn, is the source of innovation. The article speaks about the social innovations, innovations in the sphere of education, health protection, environmental protection etc. Introduction of innovations from different levels leads to the increase of labour productivity. Such circumstance can positively affect on the country's competitiveness on the global arena. The sequence of above-mentioned processes can be given as the components of Russian revival: the quality of knowledge process, innovations, productivity, competitiveness and the quality of living. It is obvious that efficacious influence of realization can stand the recovery of the quality of living in the country. The components of the sequence are interconnected and interrelated. The article gives a detailed analysis of each component in modern Russia.

Toolkit of Stimulation of Process Ecologization Industrial Sphere

Savon D.J.

In article actual problems ecologization economic activities are opened. Ecologization manufactures are represented by a complex of the nature protection actions spent in various directions of given process. In work the characteristic of the basic directions ecologization manufactures is in detail given: ecological training and education; ecological insurance; ecological examination of investment projects; ecological certification of manufacture; ecological monitoring; use in manufacture of the clearing equipment; structural reorganisation of manufacture.

World Economic Crisis and Vector of Russian Economic Development

Korchagina Z.A., Tenyakov I.M.

In this article, the results of work of sections and the round tables, organised the by chair of political economy within the limits of the Second International scientific conference of economic faculty of the Moscow State University «Innovative development of Russia's economy: resource maintenance», taken place on April, 23-24rd, 2009, are systematised. Problems, considered in this article are: the world economic crisis, treatment of its reasons and factors, national aspects of the world economic crisis, the contradiction of the Russian reproduction of 2000-2009, influence of the world economic crisis on formation of «learnbased economy» etc.



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