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Analysis of the Reasons of Allocation of Assets from the Private Law Objects

Okudzhava V.V.

The article contains analysis of advantages of the legal concept of accounting assets, which had led to its recognition in the accounting theory of XVIII—XIX, and the reasons resulted in separation of accounting assets from the private law objects.

Econometric Analysis of Interrelation of Indicators of the National Economy and Gender Inequality

Bazueva E.V.

In this article methods of correlation and regression of analysis of the linear regression model have been used to determine the degree of causal influence of the parameters of socio-economic development on the level of gender inequality. We found, that in the modern economics the level of gender inequality: 1) significantly reduces the rate of economic development, including the efficiency of reproduction and accumulation of intellectual resources and ability of the economics to reproduct innovations, 2) impairs the quality of the institutional system of the national economics, 3) reduces the social effectiveness of its operations. The importance of the influence of these factors on the probability of achieving of gender equality has been determined.

Islamic Financial Institutions in the World Economy

Musaev R.A., Magomedova Y.D.

The article considers the mechanisms of functioning of the institutions of Islamic economics and prospects of development of Islamic financial institutions in the global economy. The authors justify prerequisites for the development of these institutions in Russia.

On Regional Maternity (Family) Capital

Kalabikhina I.E.

This article discusses the history of the question of lump-sum benefits, given the results of sociological surveys on the impact of maternal capital, the attempt is made to answer the question, what should be the demographic policy in the field of fertility in Russia. Development of demographic policy should be based on the strengthening of the information and statistical basis; on a complex approach; on the principles of long-term and constantly developing proposals of measures; the establishment of a permanent feedback on the relevance and usefulness of the various measures for the population.

Protected Areas in the Context of Sustainable Regional Development: Ecotourism

Kudryavtseva O.V., Nikonorov S.M., Sitkina K.S.

The article describes the mechanisms of regional development in the light of protected areas and the formation of ecotourism in the context of sustainable social, ecological and economic development.

Shumpeter's Heritage and Strategic Problems of Russia

Belyanova A.M., Gudkova T.V.

The paper presents the materials of the scientific seminar on the dynamics, of the factors, stages of economic development, dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the publication of the book Schumpeter “Тheory of economic development” and 70th of his book “Capitalism, socialism and democracy”. Scientific seminar was organized problem groups “Reproduction and national economic growth,” the Department of Political Economy of Economic Faculty MSU.

Social and Environmental Consequences of Bringing the Contingent Labor in Modern Society from the Standpoint of Institutional Economics

Kosyh P.G., Kapusto T.S., Smurov A.V.

The article describes the main problems associated with the use of contingent employment in enterprises, the issues of a theoretical analysis of the contractual relationship between the subjects of economic space in today's economic realities.

The Point of View on Efficient Market Hypothesis Forming the Value-Based Management Concept

Nikitushkina I.V., Kozlova N.I.

The article reveals the theoretical and practical importance of the efficient market hypothesis forming the value-based management concept. Authors propose and justify their theoretic vision of possible approaches to value-based management methods improvement on the ground of the expectations-based management model under the dynamic market conditions.

The Rev. Dr. John Walker’s Works on the Population of the Hebrides and the Highlands of Scotland

Koroleva M.V.

The article is a tribute to the Rev. Dr. John Walker’s works on the population of the Hebrides and the Highlands of Scotland dating 1760—1786. The author methodically treats reports by Walker to eventually show him as the most advanced demographer of his time.

Variety and Unity of Schools of the Economic Theory

Kaimanakov S.V.

The article is a review of the report and addresses the problem of mapping areas of economic theory at a meeting of the Scientific Council of the Moscow State University.

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