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Influence of the Coal-Mining Branch on Environment

Safronov A.E.

In article the pressing questions directed on the decision of problems of preservation of the environment and maintenance of ecological safety, improvement of an ecological situation of miner's territories are opened. In work the characteristic of ecological consequences of re-structuring of the coal industry is in detail given. Situations of the most significant «secondary» technogenic processes and the phenomena accompanying closing of mines, and also forecasting and preliminary prevention of the further pollution of a surrounding environment of the Rostov region are considered.

Interrelation of the Bank Interest Rate and Corporate Bond Yield

Yandiev Магомет Исаевич, ЯНДИЕВ М.И.

The author created a model that describes the relationship between the current bank interest rate (rate on loans extended to business entities) and future corporate bond yield:

Peopleware of Innovation Economy. Experience of Advanced Economies

Rassadina A.K.

New approaches concerning peopleware in innovation sphere used in advanced economies are being examined in the article. The role of human capital, especially scientific and technical, in innovation economy permanently increases. In the new economy, where knowledge is the source of creation of material welfare, the role of human capital now is not less than that of financial capital. That's why investments in human capital are the key to the development of innovations and economic growth. The experience of economically advanced countries in this sphere is being examined by the author from the standpoint of the necessity of provision of Russian economy by highly qualified manpower, optimally balanced in quantity and quality, and creation of Russian intellectual elite, capable of solving crucial problems the society faces nowadays.

Problem of Cyclic Crises in the Modern Macroeconomic Theory

Belousov V.D., Biryukov V.A.

The review of the theories of cycles of overproduction of the industrial capital. It must supplement notions of students studying standard course of macroeconomics. Additional information about cyclical development of the contemporary economy are given. The factors of the forming of the russian economic cycle are considered.

Problems of Macroeconomic Measurement

Malakhinova R.P.

The article presents the methodological workshop proceedings of the task force Reproductive performance and national economic growth (supervisor - RSFSR honoured science worker, professor, doctor of science, economics V.N. Cherkovets) of the Political Economic Department of the M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University Faculty of Economics. The workshop The issues of macroeconomic measurements in view of the Stiglitz Commission on economic development and social progress reflection within the framework of the research project National wealth and national output // Property and reproductive performance was held in September 2010.

Scientific Researches at Economic Faculty of Lomonosov Moscow State University in 2010

Tutov L.A.

The results of scientific activity of teachers and research workers of economic faculty of the Lomonosov Moscow State University in 2010 are presented in the article. The most significant achievements are systematized through the prism of five priority directions of scientific activity and priority directions of Development Program of MSU to 2020. A positive tendency in scientific life, related to the association of different subdivisions of economic faculty round the idea of innovative development of economy of Russia, is considered in work.

The Holding Company as the Tool of Tax Optimization in Multinational Group

Telyuk N.M.

The author examines business driven tax and nontax motives for establishing a holding company. This article analyzes the selection of the holding company location. For a multinational enterprise (MNE), a holding company can provide a means to own and manage a group of affiliates or subsidiaries in a particular region and can result in operational and financial efficiencies. In addition to being essential to efficient structuring in general, a holding company structure, together with various tax planning techniques, can be an important aspect of more comprehensive international tax planning employed by MNEs.

World Economic Crisis and its Influence on Development of a Russian Financial System

Astapov K.L.

Due to financial crises, most developed countries have to enlarge regulation of financial markets. Russia can not remain in the side of the crises and foreign investors began to withdraw investment from Russian economy. Fall of oil price in world markets lead to collapse of Russian stock exchange which was more substantial than in the developed countries. In Russia government take consistent steps to support economy in order to soften consequences of financial crises including increase of refinancing rate, supporting liquidity of banking system, increasing compensation of banking deposits to support confidence to banks. Comparison anticrises instruments in developed countries and Russia was performed. The main anticrises arrangements of monetary and financial authorities in Russia are efficient. Thought further development of financial market regulation as well as Strategic plan of development of Russian economy till 2020 are necessary. The main problem for Russian financial system still remain weak economy. Creating international financial center in Moscow require substantial efforts and would be effective only if international investors are interested in investing money in Russian economy.

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