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Conditional Extremum of Production Function with Variable Budgetary Restriction

Malugin V.A.

In the presence of reserves and expansion of manufacture the part of the income of industrial activity can be invested in resources. The decision of an economic-mathematical problem with Cobb - Douglas production function on a conditional extremum with variable expenses for the resources, depending on output size is considered.

Consumers' Influence on Public Services

Stavinskaya A.A.

The article is devoted to the comparative analysis of three alternatives of consumers' influence on public services: participation in political institutions; individual effects on government official by illegal means (corrupt transactions); participation in the civil society institutions. Analysis has shown that countries with transformation economy are faced with limited choice of institutional alternatives because of the specific institutional environment, thus gaining importance of the third alternative, the use of which allows to increase the negotiating power of non-state actors, to reduce the transaction costs of opportunistic behavior, the costs of monitoring and the enforcement of rules.

Dollarization of National Economy and Money Functions

Guseynov D.A.

The paper assembles theoretical aspects of dollarization of national economy. Nowadays the dollarization issues are crucial still they are miserably studied in Russia. Accordingly the paper represents the adequate definition of dollarization and exposes key problems of dollarization with applying analysis method through money functions.

Economic Development: a Problem of Unity of the Theory

Manasenko K.A.

In the article author analyses a problem of theoretic dissociation of economic development theory. Analysis of the main approaches to economic development is carried out and the main requirements to the development theory are formulated. Also in the article are offered main assumptions of the renewed approach to the development that is institutional/cognitive approach.

History and Prospects of Development of the Account and Audit

Polyakova S.I.

The 37

Influence of an Economic Crisis on Equality of Possibilities on the Russian Labor Market

Maksyutina E.V.

Article is devoted studying of an economic crisis influence on equality of men and women possibilities on the Russian labor market. In it recession influence on dynamics of indicators of employment, unemployment, payment level in a gender cut is considered. Results of research show that in Russia unlike other countries of the world the economic crisis in a greater degree mentions men. In article the analysis of the reasons of higher decrease in an occupation level of men, increases in a share of men in an aggregate number of the unemployed is given also, reduction of a gender inequality in payment is predicted. On the basis of the analysis of men and women position on the Russian labor market in the pre-crisis period and in the conditions of economic recession perspective directions of achievement of gender equality in work sphere are defined.

Leadership Development of Employees of State Administration Bodies

Kiseleva A.A.

The variety of leadership theories is revealed. It is shown that the power and leadership problem is actual in the modern world, especially for the organizations with bureaucratic organizational culture. Certain researches into the leadership problems and the reasons of job stresses which are closely connected with each other carried out in the Altay Customs. The questionnaire results are presented. The following features are defined. They are the problems which employees observed or experienced while dealing with the authorities, balance of different power forms and the prevailing leadership style in the organization; the basic stressors are revealed. A number of activities is offered: group trainings directed on strengthening of cooperation and creation of a command, the development of emotional competence of employees and authorities. Recommendations on a highly effective command management are given.

Rapprochement of the Regional Markets of Educational Services and Labour

Kuzmina A.A.

The labour market is in the state of persistent change: the needs of branches of economics in the professional-personnel structure, in the level of training specialists change, participating in economical processes of the regional economy takes place. The lack of relevant information on the given problem is the factor restraining the processes of Russian education modernization at the regional level, from being analyzed, evaluated, forecast in the right way, from being studied and taken into account.

The Economic Theory as a Basis of Competence of the Modern Economist

Antonov A.D., Korneeva V.L.

In this article the role of economic theory in the education process of modern highly qualified economist is under consideration. Authors analyze results of the survey conducted among graduates (1974-2010) of the Lomonosov Moscow State University Faculty of Economics, which has been aimed to find out graduates' estimations on significance of economic theoretical disciplines from the educational process point of view and also from the graduates' potential career opportunities standpoint.

Theoretical Aspects of the Innovative Development

Nikolaev A.B., Osmova M.N.

In the article the authors analyze such problems as: the necessity to differentiate in the analyses of the contemporary innovative development; the duality of the basic form and plural derivative forms of the innovative development; a functional role and place of the innovative development in the social reproduction; the problem of a measurement of the product of the innovative development and some others. The authors of the article show that the transference of the economy on the innovative path of development (about the necessity of which have been much said) is much more complex and richer than a creation of the necessary regime of a birth and dissemination of innovations.

The Social Responsibility of the Small Business

Savicheva E.Y.

In the article we consider the level of social responsibility of small businesses in Russia at the modern stage of development. We analyze the reasons of low social commitments and suggest a complex of measures aimed at raising the level of small business social responsibility.

The Transformational Potential of Development of Transport Complex of Russia

Loginova N.A.

The article presents a general description of the current state of the transport complex of Russia to identify problems hindering its development of a coherent. The results of the study volume indicators for the transport complex of Russia, the state of the core industries of transport, the structure of investment, labor, cost of production of goods (works, services) transport organizations, the dynamics of changes in tariffs, product profitability and assets in transport.

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