Вестник Московского университета. Серия 6: Экономика



Acute Problems of Modernization of the Higher School

Kolesov V.P.

The mostly education acute problems of modernization of the higher in Russia are: the renew of the content and the structure of education, educational technology and facilities of higher school. The institutional aspects are also considered.

Democratization of Municipal Government and Electronic Government

Mankov V.S.

For the last ten years in a world theory and practice of electronic governments folded two clearly marked directions. One of them is related to democratization of state administration, other — with providing of state services to public and business. At the same time, in domestic mass medias and in scientific literature, these two trends mix up often, or present as something a common, that does not reflect the real process. In this publication have attempted to separate one from another and to consider the process of establishing electronic government on the background of municipal government in the face of fierce bureaucratic resistance.

Financial Science in St. Petersburg: Historical Sketches

Sludkovskaya M.A.

Article contains the review of monography “Financial science in St. Petersburg: historical sketches” (2012) (Bazulin Yu.V., Belozerov S.A., Dmitriev A.L. authors) in which the contribution of the Petersburg and Leningrad scientists to development of domestic science about finance is presented.

Intersectoral Balance on the Basis of W.W. Leontief’s Model and a Reproduction Problems in Economy of Russia

Zyablyuk R.T., Titova N.I.

Reproduction and national economic growth department of political economy of Moscow State University with participation of scientists of some the Moscow high schools and scientific institutes at the next methodological seminar in a problem group was discussed a theoretical problem of interbranch communications during reproduction of economy in a view of problems of modernization of branch structure of economy of Russia. In the center of attention there were problems of reflection of interbranch proportions and laws in the classical theory of reproduction of the public capital, model “input–output” W.W. Leontief, as well as in development of scheduled interbranch balances of a soviet-era.

Methods of an Ecologization of Land Use in Russia

Lyamina T.B.

Attempt of the complex analysis of ecologo-economic efficiency of ground resources of Russia is given.

Methods of State Regulation of the Market of the Venture Capital in Developed and Developing Countries on the Example of the USA, Brazil and Russia

Chugaeva L.S.

Venture capital plays a significant role in modern financial world. Many countries are trying to develop this financial mechanism because they believe that venture capital influences positively on innovative types of entrepreneurship. Russian government has already passed several laws concerning venture capital and develops programs that aim to venture capital. In my paper I would like to compare purposes and tools of government regulation in USA, Brazil and Russia. Base on this analysis I’m going to highlight prospective directions for further government regulation of venture capital in Russia.

Norms of Cooperation and Functioning of Government

Ivanov V.V.

According to empirical results, norms of human cooperation are positively connected with efficiency of the government functioning. The article presents the review of literature and some hypothesis concerning the casual links between the observed trust and fairness on the one hand, and quality of legal institutions and economic policy efficiency — on the other hand.

Recession Factors in Regional Economy

Lapin A.E., Sannikova Y.S.

In the article authors show the influence of world financial crisis on the economy development, for example one of the big group lagging behind regions in the Russian Federation is Ulyanovsk region. There is recession condition of decrease in some socio-economic indexes, such as a demographic situation in the region, reduction of growth of the monetary income of the population, overstocking of the market and insufficient competitiveness of regional production in the region.

The Activity Approach to Innovation Management

Kovalenko A.A.

This article deals with activity approach to innovation management issues and activity approach to this topic. The structure of innovation process and activity are viewed in this article.

The Methodology of Using Input–Output to Assess the Efficiency of Government Regulation of the Economy

Musaev R.A., Suvorov P.A.

The article studies the use of input–output method in assessing the efficiency of government regulation of the economy. The emphasis is made on the technique to evaluate the macroeconomic effect of carrying out an investment project, which is based on multiplier principle and GDP growth computation.

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