Вестник Московского университета. Серия 6: Экономика



Directions of Perfection of Leniency Program as Instrument of Antitrust Regulation

Pavlova N.S.

Leniency programs are an important instrument of antitrust regulation aimed at destabilizing existing cartels and preventing new ones. But not all forms of leniency programs allow to achieve the desired results. The article examines structural alternatives in the design of leniency programs with regard to the incentives created for firms subject to antitrust regulation. Conclusions are used to form recommendations for improving the leniency program in Russia, taking into account the changes proposed in the third antimonopoly package of amendments.

Ethics of Human Activity and Welfare Economy

Gasratyan K.M.

The article dedicates the ethics of human activity. It examines influence of it on allocation of resources and public welfare. The author comes to the conclusion, that dominating moral principles deeply affect market growth and civil society development.

Internalization of Road Transport Externalities in Moscow

Khovavko I.Y.

The article is devoted to the regulation of road transport. The author showed available approaches to quantification and internalization of road transport externalities. Road transport will continue to impose increasing costs on the natural environment, human health and the economy without fundamental change in road transport policy Instruments of road transport regulation (road tolls, congestion pricing, cordon tolls, vehicle use fees, fuel fees) are summarized.

Interorganisational Collaboration - Alliance Strategy

Khakhanov Y.M.

Business environment's uncertainty has significantly increased recently. Links between organisations become more complex. New paradigm of collaboration arises changing the very essence of traditional competition. Companies' competitiveness now depends on their capabilities to initiate long-term relationships and work together with strategic partners. Nowadays collaboration in alliances is the only way to reduce environment's uncertainty and maintain competitiveness. Alliances allow partners to utilize shared resources in joint projects and/or to achieve common goals. At the same time the organisations can remain independent in pursuing other projects or activities on their own.

Kondratyev's Cycles and Periodic Crises of World Economic Thought

Malakhinova R.P.

In article materials of a scientific seminar based on Prof. A.G. Khudokormov report Kondratyev's Cycles and Periodic Crises of World Economic Thought (Chair of economic history and history of economic doctrines, Economic faculty of the MSU) are presented. The seminar was organized by Reproduction and National Economic Growth research group (Chair of political economy, Economic faculty of the MSU). The following issues were discussed: development of the world economic theory in the XX century, methodological and theoretical principles of the analysis, correlation of science, ideology and politics, criteria of economic theory crisis.

Modern Problems and Trends in Formation of ASEAN Energy Market

Kuznetsov E.A.

The article is dedicated to the key trends in formation and development of ASEAN energy market. The scientific information contained may be found useful for those, specializing in oriental and economic studies, predominantly in the international economic relations in the energy sector.

Problems of Adaptation in Russia World Experience of Introduction of Results-Oriented Budgeting

Trachenko M.B.

This article analyzes the experience of adoption of results-oriented budgeting in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development

Prospects of Innovative-Technological Development of Republic of Tajikistan

Faizulloev M.K.

The subject of article is problem of funding of research activity in Republic of Tajikistan. There are facts about the conditions of research personal, the patent activity and the amount of research that have been performed in republic. In article there were proposed a creation of organization structures, which stimulate promotion of innovation activity in Tajikistan, and implementation of imitation strategy.

Scientific Researchers at Economic Faculty of Lomonosov Moscow State University in 2011

Tutov L.A.

The results of scientific activity of teachers and research workers of economic faculty of the Lomonosov Moscow State University in 2011 are presented in the article. The most significant achievements are systematized through the prism of five priority directions of scientific activity and priority directions of Development Program of MSU to 2020. A positive tendency in scientific life, related to the association of different subdivisions of economic faculty round the idea of innovative development of economy of Russia, is considered in work.

Securitization as Financial Innovation in Modern World Economy

Malaya E.S.

The article reveals the origins of securitization, bases the innovative nature of this method of financing and assignment of risk, analyses its standard classification and comparison characteristics. The author justifies the need to practise securitization in fundraising for economic actors including Russian companies and banks.

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