Вестник Московского университета. Серия 6: Экономика



Economic Approach to the Social Capital

Larionova N.I.

The article discusses the role of the social capital in economic development, investment machinery in the social capital is analyzed. The basic directions of investments are revealed, costs and return from investments are compared. It is shown that the social capital can collect at the various levels of economic system corresponding to certain type of a social rent, the capital of the Russian economy is counted.

Essence of Service as Economic Benefit

Kotlyarov I.D.

Article contains the analysis of properties of service as economic benefit. It is shown that properties traditionally attributed to service can't be used for its correct definition owing to their secondariness in relation to the service nature. Service definition as temporary right of use of resources of the performer for receiving by the consumer of value is formulated.

Eurozone Debt Crisis: Causes and Solutions

Patron P.A.

The article examines the causes of the debt crisis and provides the efficiency analysis of the macroeconomic policy implementation in the Eurozone member countries. The features of macroeconomic policy in the pre-crisis period are revealed to substantiate the imperfections of the theoretical assumptions underlying all the regulatory decisions for that period. The author then suggest the possible ways of improvement of the instruments and mechanisms of macroeconomic regulation.

Formation of Regional Wholesale Food Market

Gayduk V.I., Bagmut S.V.

The article explains the rationale behind creation a wholesale food market in the region as well as criteria and principles for the operation of such market.

Marxism and Institutionalism: Comparative Analysis

Buzgalin A.V., Kolganov A.I., Moskovskiy A.I.

Authors concentrate their attention on the comparative analysis of the modern Marxist political economy and institutional economic theory. Article articulate methodological and theoretical common features and differences between these schools. Among the most important features common for Marxism and ‘classic’ institutionalism, stressed by the authors, are not only typically mentioned (methodological holism and so on), but also: critical approach towards “market-centric” model of economic theory; distinction of different economic systems and existence of the complex, qualitatively different forms of economic life in modern reality (not only market, but also another types of coordination, including planning, solidarity, net-work cooperation and so on; different property relations; different types of economic values and motivations and so on). Authors show potential of both schools in the research of the different social and economic problems, where and why different approaches of this two schools can be used as the most efficient instruments for the research of economic life. Authors also take into the account specific features of neo-institutional and classic institutional theory.

Nature Protection Activity of the Enterprises of Processing of Wood

Bobrov A.L., Yuzbekov M.A.

The assessment of nature protection activity of the enterprises of processing of wood and production of products from a tree of the Novgorod region is carried out on the basis of natural and cost indexes. Dependence between economic activity of production and the economic damage put to environment is shown. The analysis of ecological expenses and an assessment of efficiency of nature protection expenses allowed to establish that payments for pollution of the atmosphere are strongly underestimated in relation to the economic damage put to environment, and don't stimulate the enterprise to realization of nature protection investments. It is offered for a formula of calculation of a payment for pollution of the atmosphere to develop branch factors of an ecological situation.

Practical Application of Multistandard Accounting Model

Kostyunin D.S.

The paper describes approach for multistandard accounting model based on 1C Enterprise platform which is commonly used by Russian companies. Requirements to main accounting objects are described: chart of accounts and accounting register. Typical operations and its reflection in 1C using multistandard model are covered based on the example of a trade company.

The Analysis of the Missed Economic Benefits from Reproductive Loss

Kalachikova O.N., Shabunova A.A.

This article provides an assessment of loss of economic benefits from reproductive losses. Revealed that 90% of it is determined by abortive behavior of the population. In the example shown the effectiveness of the Vologda region of informational influence on the reproductive behavior and reproductive development (in particular, abortive) plants.

The Economic Analysis of the Maritime Integrated Policy of the European Coastal States

Tarhanova L.B.

Increasing global competition, rapid technological change and the rise intensity of maritime activities challenge the particular need for an all-embracing maritime policy aimed a developing a thriving maritime economy in an environmentally sustainable manner. Such a maritime policy should be supported by excellence in marine scientific research, technology and innovation. In the article development of an integrated Maritime Policy for the European Union are considered and proved that Russia maritime affairs need for an integrated approach, which aimed to optimize the sustainable use of the oceans and seas, providing economic and social development of coastal regions.

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