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How to Prevent Students from Cheating during the Midterms?

Roshchina Ya. A.

Academic dishonesty, particularly cheating, is a global phenomenon that exists almost in every country. Different methods are developed to deal with student cheating. All of them can be divided into four main directions. Less investigated way is to enhance moral gravity of punishment in case of spotting a fact of cheating (moral cost enhancing). This paper examines the effect of spotting probability decrease and its relationship with moral cost enhancing. Empirical data used in the paper are based on the results of written tests taken by students of economic faculty of MSU. This fact allowed estimating the cheating probability directly instead of using traditional for such papers questionnaire survey. Different factors impacting on the cheating probability were modeled using differencein-differences econometric method. It is shown that moral gravity of punishment for cheating enhancing exerting significant negative influence on cheating probability. Furthermore, such enhancing decreases significance of academic achievement influence on cheating probability. Gender influence on cheating probability was not detected.

Increasing the Efficiency of Industrial Enterprise Investment Projects through Cash Flow Management

Shageev D.A.

Objective and subjective factors of influence on the nominal and actual size of a cash flow of the project in the form of the scheme are opened. The analysis of method of calculation of a discount rate and award for risk is made. On analysis results, in article it was offered to exclude an indicator of an award for risk from a formula of calculation of a discount rate and to research it separately as the certain managed size influencing the nominal, but not actual size of cash flows of the project. It gave the chance to technically reduce value of a discount rate and by that to increase the NPV real value of the project. Designations of negative and positive factors project risks are entered. Availability and an opportunity positive influence of factors risks on the project is proved. The formulas of calculation of the modified cash flow, effect and effective management of cash flows of the project differing on structure, content and entering of the additional positive amendment on risk are offered. It will give the chance to reduce or eliminate negative influence of objective and subjective factors risks, and in certain cases and in addition to raise project NPV. For assessment of levels of effective management of cash flows the verbal scale is offered.

Methodology for Assessing the Disclosure Quality of Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility Information

Kornilova A.V., Nikonorov S.M.

The subject of this study is corporate social and environmental responsibility. The object is the assessment of responsibility information disclosure quality based on the methodology developed by the authors and responsibility model. Analysis of the disclosure quality is based on data from public sources - annual nonfinancial reports of companies. This study shows examples of assessment methodology application for six Russian oil and gas companies - «Gazprom Neft», «Lukoil», «Rosneft», «Zarubezhneft», «Surgutneftegaz» and «Novatek» - based on their 2014 annual reports. The purpose of the research is to present a methodology for assessing the information disclosure quality in companies’ public sources of information about their social and environmental responsibility practices. The main results of the study is to present the methodology with practical examples of its use. The uniqueness of the study lies in the fact that the methodology is based on indicators of the Model of corporate social and environmental responsibility which is developed by the authors’. The practical significance of the study is determined by the possibility to apply the developed methodology for assessing the disclosure quality of social and environmental responsibility for companies from other sectors and based in other countries. Study the disclosure of social and environmental responsibility in the companies’ annual reports is part of a larger study of environmental and social responsibility of Russian oil and gas companies that have their projects in the Arctic region.

Planned Nature as a General Form and Source Category of Economic System

Cherkovets V.N.

The article prepared for the 75-th anniversary of the Faculty of Economics of the Moscow State Lomonosov University shows one of the periods of scientific activities of the oldest Faculty’s departments - Department of Political Economy, which sources are somewhere in XIII century. As autonomous unit of the Faculty of Economics it was established in 1953 on the 12-th year of the Faculty’s existence at the Moscow University in connection with opening of the University’s new building on the Lenin Hills. «The Moscow University Review, Series Economy, 6» has devoted special issue N 4, 2016 to Faculty’s jubilee, where there were published several articles representing University’s scientific heritage in economic branch, among them there are some works by the Faculty’s scientists. The article been proposed here proceeds that very series of publications. In this case the author speaks about the history of working at one of the fundamental categories of political economy of Socialism - planned nature of development of socialist economy realized by the staff of Department of Political Economy lead by Doctor of Science (Econ.), Professor, Merited Science Worker of the RSFSR N.A.Tsagolov in the 2-volume University «Course of Political Economy» (1-3 editions). The author of the article is one of direct participants of working at this category and redaction of both volumes of the «Course».

Russian Systematic Reconstruction as a Strategic Inevitability (Review of the International Conference)

Nipa S.S., Sukhina T.S.

The article presents the overview of International Scientific Conference «The Russian Systematic Reconstruction as the Strategic Inevitability: Neoeconomic, Neoindustrialization, Neodirigizm», which had taken place at 5-7 of December 2016 on Faculty of Economics of MSU. The questions of fundamental understanding of the state national economy of Russia during structural crisis, search the main directions of Russian social economic reconstruction for strengthen Russian economy, the need and the prospects of «soft mobilization» were discussed at this conference.

Smooth Seamless Transport System - the Innovative Model of the Future: Nature, Essence, Quality Determinants

Lapidus B.M., Lapidus L.V.

Combining transport and technological elements of transportation, provided by different transport modes in a single transport service, providing maximum passengers' expectations should be referred to the smooth seamless transport system's feature but transportation carried out within the framework of such a system to the smooth seamless transport service or product. Throughout the smooth seamless transportation chain should be provided the same proposal quality in all its links.

The Development of Strategy for Stock Portfolio Optimization in Oil and Gas Sector

Gurvits Yu. B.

The article provides the analysis of traditional and modern methods of portfolio optimization, such as mathematical programming, genetic algorithm, the priority index and finding the weights of the shares in proportion to market capitalization and financial ratios. The author has developed the new econometric methods of stock portfolio formation based on comprehensive analysis of distribution functions and the key financial ratios of companies. The optimization strategies were tested for efficiency on data for the period from 2010 to 2015.

Using Financial Instruments of PPP Projects for NSPF’s Investment

Zabolotskiy E.D.

The purpose of this paper is to analyze investments of Russian non-state pension funds (NSPF) into financial instruments for public-private partnership (PPP) projects. The scope of the study refers to basic models of PPP, pension resources investment models using PPP and State regulations of investment pension resources in PPP projects. The theoretical framework of research relates to the Russian normative legal acts, regulating the activities of NSPFs and PPP applications, and works of foreign and domestic organizations and scientists in PPP, NSPFs and pension resources investment areas. The results of the study can be used by NSPFs, public and private partners to attract investment, Bank of Russia for oversight functions and federal authorities responsible for infrastructure projects realization.

World Finance for Everyone (Peculiarities of Developing and Teaching the Inter-faculty Course)

Leonova T.G., Patron P.A.

This article focuses on the methodological issues and problems of development and teaching interfaculty courses at MV Lomonosov Moscow State University (IFC MSU) based on the practical experience of teaching interfaculty course «Development of the global financial system» in 2013 and 2014. The paper presents the methodological approaches that have been used in the development of the course, and analyzes the main problems encountered during the process of drawing up a teaching course for the audience with different levels of basic economic knowldege. The authors also develop methodological solutions that enable make a basic 24-hour lecture course more interactive and complete content.

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