Вестник Московского университета. Серия 6: Экономика



Benchmarking in Modern Theory of Strategic Planning

Gradoboev V.V.

Concept of Financial Accounting and Financial Statements

Solovyeva O.V.

Economic Informatics and Theory of Business Enterprise

Skripkin K.G.

Evaluation of Financial Provision in Local Self-government

Gorbatkov S.A., Kushubakova B.K.

Innovative Methods of Training in Managerial Decision-making

Brunman V.E., Kuznetsova A.V., Kunin V.A., Poskryakov A.V.

Methodology in Teaching of Economic Theory: Methodological, Theoretic and Humanitarian Aspects

Grandberg Z.A

Natural Monopoly as Object of State Property

Kononkova N.P., Kononkov P.F.

Price-quality Relationship in IT-services

Petrechenko V.A

Reconstruction of Management or Conflict of Elites

Kolesov V.P.

Reproductive Behavior of Parents and their Children in Russia

Grishina O.V.

Risk Management in Innovative Activities

Grineva N.V.

Russian and Foreign Experience of Composing Regional Tables «Input-Output»

Sayapova A.R., Slobodyanik S.N.

The Crisis of the 1990s as a Form of Evolution of the New Economic System in Russia

Kholodkov V.G.

The Economic Problems of Railroads in the CIS and Baltic States

Lapidus M.B.

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