Вестник Московского университета. Серия 6: Экономика



Economic Aspects of Development of tourist-recreational regional Complex

Dzhandzhugazova E.A.

Economics of industries and firms

Tretiyak V.P., Shcherbina M.V.

Economics of Knowledge: World Trends and Russia

Vikoreva O.M., Karlovskaya S.B.

Factors of Russian Economy Growth during Stabilization Period

Kholodkov V.G.

Fundamental Research of Russian Capitalism

Biryukov V.A.

Lending of environmental Activity in Russia

Dubov V.I.

New Look at social-economic Statistics

Eliseeva I.I.

On some Trends in Russian Practice of Mergers and Acquisitions

Ilyin M.S., Tikhonov A.G.

Regional Policy in Tertiary Industries

Zaynasheva Z.G.

The Concept of A.N. Chelintseva: History and Modern

Kramar A.A.

The Potential of entrepreneurial Unions and the Experience of their Cooperation with governmental institutions (by example of Germany of XIXth the beginning of XXth Century)

Rybkovskaya O.N.


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