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Chair of Economic History and History of Economic Doctrines

Khudokormov A.G., Pokidchenko M.G.

This article deals with the main stages of formation and development of the chair of economic history and history of economic doctrines. The main works and studies of the famous scientists of the chair are reviewed. The concept of the scientific and academic activity of the chair in the modern condition, its problems and perspectives are presented.

Department of Applied Institutional Economics: the First Decade

Ausan A.A., Kudryashova E.N., Ivanov V.V.

In the article we remind some facts from the history of the department of applied institutional economics. It was established nearly ten years ago. Now our department is a team of persons sharing same views. We progress, but we adhere to the principals of communication with colleagues and students.

Department of Economic Information Science: National Operating System or National Software Platform - Sight from the Point of View of Economic Information Science

Lugachyov M.I., Skripkin K.G.

We consider two versions of the draft national operating system (hereinafter - the National OS). Small version envisages create an operating system based on the operating system Linux, which includes national certified encryption and data protection. Such systems have been implemented in several countries in the interests of public authorities. Much more ambitious big version, which has no precedent in the world, not only provides for the establishment of the operating system, but also the whole complex of software tools, ranging from office software packages and finishing systems management. Big option provides a number of measures of state coercion to the use of complex software (hereinafter - the national software platform). The paper analyzes both options in terms of economics of information products, including overall cost structure, switching costs, network effects. As a result of the analysis concludes that the desirability of implementing a small version and the undesirability of the implementation of the big because the latter leads to considerable costs in the social scale.

Department of Environmental Economics: History, a Condition and Development Prospects

Papyonov K.V., Solovyova S.V.

The article presents the history of the creation of the department environmental economics of the Lomonosov MSU faculty of economics, the department staff, major activities, list of training courses and their summaries, important scientific developments, achievements and scientific value, publications, participation of staff in the activity of public authorities, in international cooperation.

Department of Mathematical Methods of the Analysis of Economy

Grachyova M.V., Cheremnykh Y.N., Shagas N.L., Vuros A.D.

The article presents a fifty history of the formation and development of the department of mathematical methods of economic analysis. The most important and promising research schools are mentioned here. Also the author shows a significant contribution of the department to development of Lomonosov MSU faculty of economics.

Department of Population

Iontsev V.A., Ivakhnyuk I.V.

Department of population at the faculty of economics of the Lomonosov Moscow State University has big experience in demographic education and population research. The concept of complex population studies that has been developing here since 1970s is presently realized through in-depth analysis of interrelations between population development and economic, social, ecological, etc. development. Both educational and research activities of the Department of Population are aimed at supplying students and post-graduate students with systematic knowledge of how to reveal relationship between demographic, migration, and economic issues and incorporate this knowledge in policy-making process.

Department of Statistics: from the Past to the Future

Karaseva L.A.

The article is dedicated to the history of teaching statistics at the Moscow University and MSU faculty of economics. This history is associated with the leading Russian scientists being at the head of the chair for many years and exerted substantial influence on the development of statistical science: D. Savinskiy, A. Boyarskiy, G. Gromyko, Y. Ivanov. The teaching of statistics at the faculty of economics is performed within the framework of general tendencies of statistical science development. In this connection two basic courses are traditionally taught: «Theory of Statistics» and «Economic Statistics». The publication is focused on key problems of the named courses teaching, areas of scientific research done by the chair's staff and also on the main directions to improve the education in the field of statistics at the MSU faculty of economics.

Economics of Innovation Cathedra: on the Way to the Economy Based on Knowledge

Ivaschenko N.P.

In this article the main stages of formation and development of the economics of innovation cathedra are reviewed, the cathedra being the leading center for studying the problems of industrial economics (1955-1992), enterprise economics and basics of entrepreneurship (1992-2007), economics of innovation and innovation entrepreneurship (since 2007). The concept of integrated system of research and methodological work of the cathedra is presented, including interacted circles of personnel training on different levels: pre-university training - bachelor programs - master programs - PhD programs - postgraduate programs. Special attention is given to the formation of innovation environment and the basic elements of innovation infrastructure for training of personnel with new competences necessary in the knowledge economy.

Innovathion-Based Economic Development Financing in Morden World

Vikhoreva O.M., Karlovskaya S.B.

The article is devoted to the conference which took place at the MSU economic faculty. The questions discussed during this conference were: the possibilities of applying foreign experience of innovation-based economic development financing in Russia; the problems of R&D financing; the influence of financial crisis on innovation-based economic development.

World Economy Department - is Always Ready to the Decision of New Problems

Osmova M.N.

The article concerns the history of the department's establishment, its structure. It mentions all the department heads throughout its history. The educational-scientific problems of department, the basic achievements in pedagogical and scientific activity are presented.


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