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The ‘Military Thought’ is the oldest and the main military theoretical periodical of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation. Its history dates back to 1858, when the magazine ‘Military Information Collector’ was established on the basis of the initiative of Professor of the Imperial Military Academy D.A. Milyutin. Its pages reproduced the concerns of military policy, military art and other issues of military affairs. After the October Revolution, in 1918, the military-scientific journal called ‘Military Arts’ was put into life. This date is officially recognised as the foundation day of ‘Military Thought’, although this name was received by it only on 1 January 1937 (after ‘Military Arts’ the journal was called ‘MIlitary Science and Revolution’, ‘Military Thought and Revolution’, ‘War and Revolution’).At all stages of its history, the periodical mobilised members of the army and navy, and especially their commanders and military scientists, for developing the military science and art, as well as the theory of state military build-up, construction and use of the Armed Forces. In addition, the magazine reported about the urgent problems of military theory and practice.In 1975, for its contribution into information supporting development of the domestic military science, construction and use of the Armed Forces the journal ‘Military Thought’ was awarded the Order of Red Star by the Decree of the USSR Supreme Soviet’s Presidium.The journal is intended for supreme and senior officers of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, specialists of research institutions of the Russian Federation’s Ministry of Defence, higher-education teaching personnel and officer students of military academies, universities and institutes, heads of the defence industry’s enterprises.The journal’s editorial board includes senior leaders of the Ministry of Defence and the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces, the Main and Central Administrations, the Services and Arms of the Armed Forces, Special Troops, higher military educational institutions, as well as leading researchers of research organisations of the RF Defence Ministry.Currently, the journal examines the experience of warfare in wars and armed conflicts of XX and XXI centuries on major issues of strategy and operational art and determining the possible nature of future wars. In addition, the ‘Military Thought’ highlights the methodology of military science, special branches of knowledge of social, natural and technical sciences and their defence aspects. The journal also informs about the main directions of development of armaments, military equipment and military-technical cooperation.The other tasks of the journal are as follows: to generalise experience of operational training of troops, especially operational-strategic exercises, to highlight the most important pages of military history and world history of military thought, to review military-theoretical literature, to analyze the moral and psychological training of the Armed Forces personnel in solving problems of military training and education as well as regulatory-and-legal support of the state’s military organisation. The journal is also engaged in promoting military-theoretical heritage of domestic military theorists, outstanding military leaders.Materials for publishing in the Journal are distributed in the following sections: ‘Geopolitics and Security’, ‘Military Construction,’ ‘Art of War’, ‘Military-Technical Policy’, ‘Informatization of the Armed Forces,’ ‘Military Theory and Practice’, ‘Education and Training’ and others.Among authors of the journal there are the leaders of the central bodies of the Russian Federation’s Ministry of Defence, the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces, the Main and Central Administrations, research organisations, higher-education teaching personnel, adjuncts, and students of higher military educational institutions of the Russian Defence Ministry.The journal ‘Military Thought’ is included in the ‘List of scientific publications of the Higher Attestation Commission’, which publications are taken into account, when defending candidates and doctoral theses.Collections of the journal’s most interesting and informative articles for foreign readers abroad are published quarterly in English. The journal’s circulation is about 3,000 copies. The volume contains 80 pages.Colonel (res.) Sergey RODIKOV, Cand. Sc. (Tech.), Senior Researcher, is the journal’s Editor-in-Chief. The procedure for reviewing manuscriptsreceived by the editorial staff of the Journal ‘Military Thought’Reviewing manuscripts is carried out in accordance with the presenting requirements, herewith it is assumed that:1. The author of the article presents: extract from the decision of the department (scientific subdivision), where the work was done, containing the recommendation to publish the article in the journal. The extract is signed by the chief (head) of the department (head of the research unit) or his deputy and certified by an appropriate personnel structure; the opinion composed and certified by an expert in this field of knowledge, which recommends the article for its publication in the journal.2. The article presented by the author is reviewed by the journal’s expert (D. Sc., Cand. Sc.) in accordance with the expert form approved by the Editorial Board. Expertise is confidential, review is sent to the author at his written request, as well as at the respective request to the Higher Attestation Commission of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation without the signature and name, position, workplace of the reviewer.3. The final decision about the article and placing it in the journal is taken by the Editor-in-Chief with account of the opinions of the Editorial Board’s members.4. The editorial staff informs the author on the decision taken (positive or negative) at his request.5. The reviewer may recommend to the author to revise his manuscript. If the author disagrees with the reviewers observations and recommendations the manuscript may be directed to additional reviewing.Requirements to the articles proposed for publicationin the Journal ‘Military Thought’Military-theoretical journal of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation ‘Military Thought’ publishes articles of research, information, and debatable nature, short scientific reports, reviews of new scientific papers and books on military subjects.The main criteria that guide the Journal’s Editorial Board in determining whether an article is worth to be published are as follows: timeliness of the content, reviewing and analyzing the existing problems of military theory and practice, and proposed ways of solving them, validity and accuracy of the calculations, novelty in the approach to using of the Services, Arms and Special Troops, practical orientation and originality of the proposals on construction and development of the Russian Armed Forces.In preparing a material for avoiding duplications it is advisable in advance to adjust the topic of a future article with the journal’s editors. In selecting the article’s theme it should be focused on the problems that are not sufficiently covered in the military press and requires further development.The article should be written in simple, accessible language. Overloading material with complex terminology, quotations and formulas are not welcome. The material must be presented in the ‘Microsoft Office Word 1995-2003, 2007’ Editor. It may be supplemented by diagrammes, figures, tables and schemes (black and white), made on separate sheets of A4 (210x297 mm). Responsibility for the accuracy and correctness of the quoted text and references to the source is laid on the author.The author (or the authors’ group – not more than three persons) gives the article’s material to the Journal’s Editorial Board, which doesn’t exceed 25 typewritten pages (double-spaced), designed with font ‘Times New Roman’ (14th pt), in duplicate, and its magnetic version on floppy disc drive or CD (drawings, diagrammes, tables and schemes – in separate files).Articles must necessarily be signed by the authors and have an expert evidence on the absence of information in them, not to be published in the press (Article 5 of the Regulations, introduced by the order of RF Ministry of Defence № 355, 1996), as well as at least two reviews on the questions considered in the article signed by specialists and certified by seals.In addition, the article must be accompanied in a separate file by the following data:annotation, which contains information that further to the title characterises the theme under consideration, the goal of the work performed, its results and novelty;keywords or phrases from the text of the article bearing inside it significant meaning in terms of information search;information about the author(s) – military rank (including those in reserve or retirement), position currently occupied, science degree, home address including zip code, e-mail address (if available), phone numbers (home and work).The Editorial Board bring to the attention of potential authors that we have identified cases of presenting by some authors manuscripts of the same articles, including previously published simultaneously in several scientific periodicals. The Editorial Board warns that in case of detection of such facts cooperation with the authors of such manuscripts will be terminated.The position of the Editorial Board does not necessarily coincide with the views of authors. At reprinting materials the reference to the Journal Military Thought is obligatory.Royalties are not paid.Payments of authors for manuscripts publication aren’t charged.The Journal’s Editorial Board reserves its right not to enter into correspondence with authors, except when material considered requires the authors elaboration.For information about the materials sent to the editorial office contact by the phones 8 (495) 693 58 92; 8 (495) 693 58 93; 8 (495) 693 57 73 or by E-mail voenmysl@gmail.com.

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