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Associative experiment in the study of a language situation: the case of the Republic of Tyva

Tsybenova Chechek S.

The peculiarities of linguistic consciousness of tuvan bilinguals, particularly, its structure and maintenance, as well as the types of associative strategies are considered. on the data of the associative experiment the author concerns the interaction of internal and external language functioning factors.

Discussion results: “Globalization and language fates”

Kirilina Alla V.

Ethnocultural factors of English speech of Russian language speakers

Schennikova Natalya V.

The paper is devoted to the influence of the sociocultural norms of the native language on the foreign language speech structure. grammatical manifestations of the transfer and imitation of the native language speech patterns are discussed. It is stated that Russian people tend to copy the system of morphological and semantico-syntactic patterns of the native linguaculture in their english speech causing deviations from the authentic english norms. the conclusion is drawn on the foreign speech production regularities and grammatical idioethnism of the english speech of Russian people as the result of automatic selection of semantico-syntactic means of thought verbalization.

Ferdinand de Saussure’s ideas from psycholinguistic perspective

Ufimtseva Nataliya V.

The article is an attempt of psycholinguistic reading of the basic ideas of F. de Saussure, their applicability to the analysis of the language picture of the world and the role in such an analysis the concepts of «meaning» and « value/ importance».

Frame knowledge structuring: combination of corpus linguistics and psycholinguistics methodology in terminology studies

Koreneva Olga B., Pepelyaeva Ekaterina A.

This study of Russian-Spanish environmental terminology combined corpus analysis with psycholinguistic methods (word association data) and shows that both are compatible and useful for the knowledge-based terminology since one can be used to validate the other. the environmental concept wave was analyzed as a seed term in a bilingual corpus to detect basic concepts and conceptual relations typical of this knowledge area. this was done with a view to elaborating a rich knowledge prototypical, dynamic and supralinguistic frame, based on conceptualizations in different languages and to obtain the mostly exact description of the specialized concept. the results obtained were compared with data obtained from free word association tests given to native speakers of Russian and Spanish. the main objective of this research was to show the effectiveness of combining corpus analysis methods and psycholinguistic methods in the representation and transmission of specialized knowledge.

Global and local in linguistic studies

Kartushina Elena A.

The article discusses the features of the finnish youth slang and explains the choice of linguistic resources in certain communicative situation be resorting to the factors that can be classified as global and local. the results show that juxtaposition of global and local can me a methodological parameter in linguistics as it allows to asses ideological and cultural factors in social dialect.

Globalization and language fates

Kirilina Alla V.

С февраля 2012 г. по апрель 2013 г. в «Литературной газете» в рубрике «Гуманитарий» проходила дискуссия «Останется ли русской язык великим и могучим?», посвященная судьбе русского языка в современную эпоху. В дискуссии приняли участие многие отечественные лингвисты. Подборка их выступлений публикуется в журнале. Не остались безучастными и читатели; с их мнениями можно ознакомиться на сайте газеты (www.lgz.ru). Идеи по защите и охране русского языка и предложения, высказанные учеными, обобщены и будут направлены в органы власти.

Global language of world community

Spiryaeva S.V.

In this article we consider the conditions of formations of english as a language of international communication and the changes caused by alterations of the status of English.

Greatness and feebleness

Zhdanova Vladislava

It is not the english language that makes the trouble

Makarov Mikhail L.

Language awareness dynamics in modern Сhina from the perspective of new conventional expression "красивейший + имя существительное"

Zzhao Qiuye

The research presented in the article investigates the phrase “zuimei+mingei” as a new language means of aesthetic and ethic assessment. the analysis of nomination by the means of the phrase in question involving psycholinguistic experiment demonstrates not only sociolinguistic phenomenon but changes which are taking place in the language awareness of modern chinese.

Language contacts in the linguistic landscape of Moscow (based on texts, imprinted on children’s toys)

Kuptsova Galina I.

This paper concerns the development of language in the every-day life caused by globalization, linguistic landscape as a new method of studying language in dynamics. It also explains the value of analysing semiotics of children’s goods and presents the empirical research of such goods in Moscow.

Mechanisms of the logical-grammatical constructions comprehension: evidences from computer-based tests

Statnikov Alexander I.

The article describes the results of the study of the linkage between the process of the logical-grammatical constructions comprehension and the process of serial speech organization. the linkage between the understanding of semantically reversible sentences and the performance in word-repeating task was found. the effects of the construction type, word order and semantic reversibility were revealed. Interpretations are made using the a.R. luria model of three levels of serial organization of speech and t.V.akhutina model of three levels of syntax.

Neuropsychological aspects of bilingualism

Bashkova Irina S., Ovchinnikova Irina G.

Bilingualism is an important peculiarity of the communication in the Global World. Bilingualism becomes widespread in every day communication, in the business communications and in the Internet. Neuropsychology of bilingualism are discussed according to the connectionist theory and generativism as well. The difference in the language storage and processing between early bilinguals and second language learners deals with the brain plasticity and involving the limbic system in the lexical choice and lexical decision task.

Prerequisites and early stages of language development: new data

Akhutina Tatiana V., Zasypina Kseniya V., Romanova A.A.

The views on speech development and social and cognitive preconditions for speech have dramatically changed over the last two decades. It is connected with the progress made in understanding the phylogenesis, ontogenesis and actualgenesis of speech. the paper presents new data on the phylogenesis and ontogenesis of cognitive functions, the role of the left and right hemispheres in speech development based on the author’s experiments with children aged 5-7 years.

Psycholinguistics in search of meaning

Nikitina Elena S.

The problem we are trying to make out in this article is to begin the discussion of methods of analysis of the text as an object of psycholinguistic research. Psycholinguistics in its analysis addresses the semantic unit of text, highlight any zero or intention of the text.

Realization on the metaphor state - location in language awareness

Tszin Tao

The paper has studied the american and Russian researchers' comparison works of dealing with the question of metaphors of emotions in the language consciousness, and then distinguished three analogies based on objectification of emotions: StatuS ?Place, eMotIoNS?eNeRgy, eMotIoNS?SuBJect. further studies of the analogy of State? Place by using their representative words, the verb выйти and its counterpart in the chinese language ? have revealed the cause of the difference of this metaphorical transfer in Russian and chinese language consciousness. the result of the analysis shows that the analogy between the StatuS and Place relates to consciousness because in a spatial model applied for the implementation of metaphors, the Place is fixed with certain feelings and experiences which may vary for the representatives of different cultures.

Some peculiarities of "net of coordinares" in communicative consciousness of North caucasus youth (on material of Kabardino-Balkarian republic)

Budaeva Ludmila A.

The author of the article gives the description of the factors which influence the formation of the communicative consciousness of North caucasus youth and also some results of directed association experiment of its analysis.

Stepanova A.A. Russian Phraseology: Psycholinguistic Perspective. – Moscow, 2012. – 124 p

Balyasnikova Olga V.

Sutshenko E.A. dictionary and Hand-book of linguistic ecological terms / edited by dr. Prof. l.g. tatarnikov. – “Petropolis” 2011. – 424 p

Shahovskiy Viktor V., Steba Alexei A.

The lexeme understand in the request speech genre (based on the study of A.P.Chekhov' plays)

Bout Anna S.

The article deals with the content of the request speech genre which includes the consideration of the lexeme understand in chekhov's plays. It analyses broad and narrow meanings of the request expression, explicit and implicit forms of the request speech genre with the lexeme understand. furthermore, the article describes the dual nature of the request speech genre with the lexeme understand, general ways of expressing explicit request genre of understanding in chekhov's works.

Virtual personality of teenagers: gender aspect

Karkishchenko Elizaveta A.

This article is devoted to the analysis of the mechanisms of representing gender identity by teenagers in the virtual reality. we regard the social networks as the way of constructing the ideal image of masculinity or femininity with the reflection of the main gender stereotypes of modern society.

Word meaning and "a personal polycode hypertext"

Zalevskaya Alexandra A.

Wоrd mеаning in а mеntаl lехiсоn is idеntifiеd bу асtivаting (аt diffеrеnt lеvеls оf соnsсiоusnеss) а раrt оf «а реrsоnаl роlусоdе hуреrtехt» – а sеlf-оrgаnizing fиnсtiоnаl dуnаmiс sуstеm оf соdеs аnd соdе-switсhing асtivitу, а соmрlех nеt оf vаriоиs (vеrbаl аnd nоnvеrbаl, реrсерtivе, соgnitivе аnd еvаluаtiоn-еmоtiоnаl) рrоduсts оf infоrmаtiоn рrосеssing.

Word of mother tongue – rescue means sign

Shaposhnikova Irina V.

You are still my support

Gudkov Dmitryi B.

Сultural and language polyphony of Russia: gift or burden?

Krasnih Viktoriya V.




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