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Analysis of professional business discourse (based on presentations)

Kozlova Elena A.

Analysis of Professional Business discourse (Based on Presentations) the article deals with different approaches to business discourse, to the role of presentation discourse discourse, to technologies, strategies and tactics of influence. the position of the author is presented as well as the scheme of text analysis.

Application of denotative differentiation approach to lexicographic meaning generalization

Vinogradova Olga Ye.

The paper presents the algorithm of the lexicographic meaning generalization method with the application of the denotative differentiation approach. this method allows formulating meanings varied according to the seme structure and concrete denotative attribution. the application of this method increases the number of separate meanings in lexicographic description, which reflects semantic reality.

Approaches to Theory of Mind

Kyuchukov Hristo

The paper presents overview of different approaches to the study of theory of Mind with children. Publications in support of three major theories of child development: the theory of Piaget, the theory of Vigotsky and the core knowledge theory are analyzed and discussed. at the same time very detailed information about the establishment and development of the research on theory of Mind is presented.

A psycolinguistic investigation of the concept “surprise” in English and Avar conceptospheres in light of the lacuna theory

Magomedova Saidat M.

The article presents a comparative analysis of the concept “surprise” in english and avar languages aimed at finding gaps or lacunas in lexico-semantic structures of the languages. there are certain differential semes in the structure of english nominants of surprise which can also be revealed in the structure of emotives in avar. the comparison displays a nominative lacuna in avar against the english lexeme and generalizing lacunas in english against the avar emotives. gaps in languages evince the idioethnicity of language semantics and construing the world.

Aspects of worldview of university teachers: associative experiment

Yakovlev Andrey A., Telesheva Sofia V.

The paper discusses the language worldview of the university teacher and his/ her attitude to the professional work environment though the method of free association. 35 teachers of Siberian federal university participated in the experiment; their gender and age were not considered. we analyzed, classified and divided the received data into different groups. as a result, we made conclusions of language world view of university teachers.

Associative relations in the structure of the English meteorological field from an experimental perspective

Krasnik Anna V.

The article describes direct and indirect relations in the english meteorological field based on data obtained from the associative experiment. the associative relations under analysis prove the existence of the field structure with a core and peripheral zones. Peripheral zones are regarded as significant for the understanding of systemic lexical links and revealing national peculiarities of the english consciousness. the systemic character of meteorological lexicon indicates various connections within the language system. the article reveals indirect relations between the meteorological field and the fields of time, space, celestial bodies, and life. geography and life experience are believed to be important for perceiving weather phenomena. the selected method of the research is approved by results from other scholars.

Comparative study of the concept “enemy” in Chinese and Russian students’ language consciousness

Tiande Huang

The article is devoted to the research of ethnic culture for the concept “enemy” in chinese and Russian students’ language consciousness, taking advantage of free association experiment in the framework of the language consciousness theory, uncovering the similar and different of the concept “enemy” in chinese and Russian students’ language consciousness in the association field.

Elimination of textual space and worlds in situation of communicative disparities

Maslennikova Evgeniya M.

In the case of bilingual text communication an emerging conflict between the text-target and its translation puts the task how to eliminate lacunae considered as cultural gaps. equal value (equivalence) of the communicative significance of two texts and their liability involves the identity of primary and secondary readers’ reactions, but for a number of reasons (e.g. spatial and temporal distance, language barriers, cultural barriers, ideological filters, the audience age range, etc.), the equality of communication effects is only approximate. the present article discusses the possible translation strategies and methods when eliminating textual space. the author considers aspects of interpretation as (re)construction of mental models when translating fiction.

From stimulus to response. Review of the first Kazakh associative dictionary: Kazakh associative dictionary

Bahtikireeva Uldanay M., Sinyachkin Vladimir P.

From the history of standardization of the English language: the projects of the 16th and the 17th centuries

Lobanova Lidia P.

One of the most significant events among the attempts to standardize the english language in the age of enlightenment was the well-known project by Jonathan Swift, which remained unrealized. It had been preceded in the 16th and 17th centuries by a number of other projects, which, so far, have not become the object of linguistic analysis, though they are of apparent interest not only to historiography of linguistics, but also to socio- and ethno-psycholinguistic studies. the present article describes the results of the research into the history and the contents of these projects.

How to become a franco-russian bilingual, or language biography of Michelle Debrenne

Baranova Yulia A.

This essay discusses the linguistic journey of M. Debrenne and her pursuit of becoming a french-Russian bilingual. In addition, this essay provides biographical facts related to her study of other languages; specific examples that illustrate some of main difficulties french speakers face in mastering the Russian language, and some other insights into the phenomenon of bilingualism.

Manipulation impact through metaphors as an element of information warfare

Zaripov Ruslan I.

This article deals with metaphorical manipulation influence in political discourse as one of information warfare elements. the lexical-semantic fields which serve as sources of metaphorical images of Russian political reality are revealed. Political speech implementing a motivation function uses symbols in order to tie concepts that are often considerably far from each other. Metaphor plays one of the most principal roles in this process of associative rapprochement. the need to create stable metaphors is tied with communication necessities. It is very important to use this linguistic means in political discourse as it is able to form a positive stock phrase and a negative figure.the summation of metaphors in a definitive conceptual domaine of political discourse form part of a metaphorical model that is an universal epistemological category expressing general discourse semantics and organizing special mentality stereotypes for a message recipient. the article is designed for students and post-graduate students specialized in philology, lecturers and professors of linguistics and foreign languages, scientists and amateurs.

Manipulation in child speech: problem setting

Osipova Anastasia A.

The present research focuses on the peculiarities of manipulative speech utterances in pre-school child discourse. the author discusses various theories on the phenomenon of speech manipulation and analyzes preschoolers' manipulative utterances in terms of pragmalinguistic model of speech impact. the author emphasizes the key tools for creating manipulative speech impact within dialogical interaction.

Metaphorical representation of the process "potential - result " in Russian and Chinese language consciousness

Jin Tao

The analysis of the meanings of the words “выйти” and “?”, representatives of spacial conceptualization from the point of view of closeness / openness, has demonstrated that Russian and chinese language consciousness applies the strategy of metaphorical representation of the concept “resource”, “potential” as something that is located in a closed space. However, the implementation of this strategy is different, and the figurative meanings of the words “выйти” and “?” do not coincide. the reason lies in the fact that in Russian language consciousness the emphasis is laid on the perception of moving while in chinese language consciousness it is placed on the visual accessibility of an object before and after moving.

Moral values of Kazakhs in free associative experiment

Dmitryuk Natalya V., Baigutova Dinara N., Mezentseva Elena S.

The article based on the associative experiment with Kazakhs (100 boys and 100 girls) reviews the functioning of proverbs and sayings in the modern Kazakh culture. the paper concludes that proverbs and saying in ethnic language consciousness represent archetypal views on ethnic values.

On compiling the electronic associative dictionary of media names

Korovchenko Irina I.

The articles considers the associative experiment as a method for compiling associative dictionaries, analyzes the experience of compiling such dictionaries, and describes stages of conducting associative experiments on media names and steps of compiling the associative dictionary of media names.

Online identity of teenagers: thematic, lexical and semantic features

Bondarkova Anastasiya V.

The article deals with the phenomenon of identity and its representation in internet discourse. the process of self-identification is studied on the basis of language corpus containing texts written by internet users aged 13-16. the findings revealed the thematic content of self-identification presented in the examined texts and its lexical and semantic peculiarities with the account of gender factor.

Peculiarities of the chinese WorldvieW

Ruishuang Zhu

In perspective of chinese mode of thinking, traditional philosophy and traditional culture, this essay tries to investigate the world view in chinese eyes, and analyze its production-formation reason and features.

Poetry as Way of suBconscious coMMunication

Zhuchkova Anna V.

The article reveals a new and unique interpretation of mandelstam’s poetic language peculiarities through a comparison with milton erickson’s techniques of hypnosis. it is proved that the basic provisions of the article on semantic poetics (levin, segal, timenchik and others) which is important for the study of mandelstam correlates with the system of hypnotic speech patterns worked out by m. erickson and developed in works of the nlp founders grinder and bandler.

Politician’s iMage of the World: doMinant cognitiVe strategies and concePts

Zelyanskaya Natalya L.

Research objective is reconstruction of the image of the world of the political identity of V. Putin on material of texts of his public speeches on the air in 2010-2012 (2854 contexts). Reconstruction was carried out by means of information system Semograph (semograph.com).the image of the world of the political identity of V. Putin is rational. Nevertheless, estimation becomes its important element, it is creation of the general positive emotional background. the central principle of the image of the world of V. Putin is the «denial», which testifies the «apophatic» cognitive strategy preferred by the politician that speaks about implicit context of fight.

Senior schoolchildren problems in interpretative activity

Bogdanova Elena S.

The article analyses problems that senior schoolchildren face interpreting a literary text. It also represents the results of the experiment that concerned interpreting tactics of schoolchildren and experienced readers. the author singles out typical mistakes and gives teaching recommendations on the basis of the experimantal data.

The associative field of Russian and Chinese proverbs in the language consciousness of the representatives of Chinese culture

Katsyuba Larisa B., Limin Van

The article examines chinese and Russian proverbs in the psycholinguistic aspect and presents the results of experiments on a study of the language consciousness of the carriers of chinese culture, reflected in the proverbs. the results of associative experiments represent of the associative fields of Russian and chinese proverbs.

The image of Russia in foreign consciousness

Nistratov Alexander A.

The article investigates the image of Russia in foreign popular consciousness. the research is based on data obtained from the psychosemantic experiment, a modified version of ch. osgood’s semantic differential. the objective of the research is to analyze the way the countries perceive each other.

The “Image of the author” in professional texts

Myskin Sergey V.

The article reveals the peculiarities of professional texts perception. the main attention focuses on the analysis of the «image of the author» in professional voice works as the basis for the professionalization of linguistic identity. the author describes stylistic techniques of creating «the image of the author» providing sub-code switching in professional communication specialists.

Verbal self-presentation in a defamatory communication: verbal formulas to protect identity

Medvedeva Irina A.

The article investigates the verbal experience of identification in a defamatory communication in television show discourse. the author finds a set of verbal models of protective self-presentation and describes intentional settings and linguistic markers of the formulas.



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