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Acculturation problems of new Russian citizens

Ufimtseva Nataliya V.

The paper is devoted to the problem of acculturation of new citizens of Russia. The role of a language and culture are considered as well as the types of acculturation, the problems of creating all-Russian citizen identity and the role of the Russian language and Russian culture.

A collaborative web-based dictionary of contemporary vocabulary, jargon and slang "slovonovo" as a form of online communication

Boiko Boris L.

The article deals with sociopsychological reasons for creation of web based, collaborative dictionaries and their further usage by the online community. The modern vocabulary, jargon and slang dictionary “Slovonovo” is considered one of many interaction forms used among the Internet users and a fulfillment of mankind’s urge for communication and self-actualization. One dictionary entry contains the overall information on the everyday’s use of the particular word, including the header word, its meaning and usage example. The article also covers the information referring to the sociology of verbal communication, the date of entry creation, its authorship and the attitude of other users to the definition provided.

A new thinking style in linguistics: theoretical and didactic aspects

Bazylev Vladimir N.

This article concerns the principles of modeling and description of different types and kinds of discourse. Discourse linguistics with its object – text in its social reality – must take a special place among the theoretical disciplines viewing language units and the most formalized aspects of meaning.

Antonyms as associative-verbal structures and its text potential

Balyasnikova Olga V.

The paper analyses antonymous (paradigmatic) associative structures (stimulus – reaction) obtained from a free associative experiment and considered the sense framework of a potential text constructed on its basis.

Different ways of viewing and thinking about the same location situation: Non-indo-european Vietnamese vs. Indoeuropean English

Ly Toan Thang

В данной работе представлены примеры использования вьетнамского пространственного термина «trong» («внутри», «в») и показаны специфические случаи пространственной концептуализации во вьетнамском языке, которые не имеют эквивалентов в английском языке. Данные отражают лингвистическую и культурную относительность человеческой пространственной ориентации и, кроме того, я надеюсь, это заставит по-новому посмотреть на «евроцентрические» идеи пространственного языка и познавательной способности, а также на схемы положения в пространстве Талми (Talmy 2000). Благодаря примерам из двух языков, английского и вьетнамского, становится ясно, что для того, что бы понять и перевести выражения, связанные с положением в пространстве, необходимы знания разного рода, т.к. язык – часть познания, которая отражает «совместное рассмотрение с позиций социального, культурного, психологического, коммуникативного, функционального подходов» (Casad & Palmer 2003:455).

Ethnocultural dominants of nowadays and the motivation of research participants in the system of foreign linguistic education

Shaposhnikova Irina V.

The article focuses on the analysis of modern Russian ethno-cultural dominants and their influence on the motivation and professional identity of future linguists, socio-cultural status of school- and university teachers, communication of teachers with their students studying foreign languages in Russia.

For the right understanding of the term manipulation and the study of the related reality

Slama-Cazacu Tatiana

The paper is devoted to the definition of the term “manipulation” as it’s used in English and French and concerning different spheres of everyday life. The importance of this term is emphasized which is proved by various examples taken from different spheres like mass media and political elections.

How ISAPL was created

Slama-Cazacu Tatiana

В данной статье описаны наиболее значимые этапы в становлении и развитии Международной Ассоциации Прикладной Психолингвистики, а также упоминаются ученые, сыгравшие наибольшую роль в образовании этой организации в ноябре 1982 года. Эти ученые не только оценили огромную значимость психолингвистики в современном им мире, но и предугадали великое будущее данной науки в лингвистике, в целом, ив коммуникации, в частности.

Lingvoculturology analysis and associative experiment in cooperation: by example of phraseological units with the word component khleb

Kovshova Mariya L.

The object of the analysis is the word “khleb” (bread) as a component of phraseological units as the representative of the main symbol of Russian culture.

Nuclear subgraphs of associativeverbal network of the russian associative thesaurus

Cherkasova Galina A.

This article concentrates on an associative-verbal network of the Russian associative thesaurus on the basis of statistical characteristics of sets of chosen knots or arches. The subgraph containing 6624 tops-stimulus and named a stimulus nuclear, and the subgraph a lexical nuclear including almost hundred tops, being the most frequent reactions and stimulus simultaneously is allocated and investigated. Parametrization of tops of nuclear subgraphs is carried out and communications of these tops among themselves and with all AVN. The results allow to modify a technique of a choice of stimulus for the second and the subsequent stages at carrying out associative experiments, to exclude unproductive words and the words which are not adding new collocation.

On the development of psycholinguistic explanatory dictionary

Sternin Iosif A.

In the article it is offered to differentiate lexicographic and psycholinguistic meaning and a variant of the development of a new type the dictionary – psycholinguistic explanatory dictionary is introduced

Organs of cousciousness and the objectification mechanism

Zhuravlyov Ignaty V.

The article is based upon author’s report “Consciousness constitution and the problem of objectification” at the conference “Language life in culture and society” (Moscow, 14.04. 2010). It deals with fundamental problems of the theory of consciousness developing within so called activity paradigm. The main issue discussed is a way to analyze consciousness as an “alive” mobile system, according to Leontiev’s “image—process” opposition. Author defenses the idea of a multilevel system of world categorization (or modeling) and the possibility to represent any mean of categorization as a “sonde” being not objectified until it serves for objectifying (forming, recognizing) some other object.

Polyreality and speech communication

Boronin Аlexandr A., Sologubov Аlexandr M.

His paper deals with the premises and means of polyreality phenomenon that originate and are realized during speech communication. We believe that in the theory of speech communication, worked out by E.F. Tarasov, a certain aspects connected with polyreality are considered during the analysis of subject-object problem in speech interaction. [Tarasov 1992: 35-38].

Proper names in french associative dictionary

Debrenne Michelle

This article circles around proper names which can be found in French associative dictionary and that are associated with cultural actual: names of works of art and literature, surnames of their authors

Psychological scheme of conditioning and filter theory

Krasil’nikova Varvara G.

The paper deals with the psychological scheme of receiving and processing information by human consciousness during conditioning. The part of information is blocked by the device doing the selection. This device is called a filter in psychology and is usually considered as a device with admission and output, where a part of received information has no display at the outlet.

Speech principles of order of cosubordinate adjective components (experimental research on the material of Russian speech)

Seagal Kirill Ya.

In this article it is shown that order of cosubordinate adjective components in Russian speech – and moreover choice of its order – lean on the rather stable grammatical and semantic principles. Also the author reveals most typical constraints on this syntactic process. All these speech phenomenon are found in the experimental research.

The problems of the theory of speech communication


It is the scientific report based on several published works and prepared for defending the thesis for Doctor of Philology degree, speciality 10.02.19 – the theory of linguistics. Moscow, 1992.

Verbal models and rhythmic brain activity

Rogozhnikova Tatiana M.

The article reports on the investigation of verbal models in the light of the brain waves arising in perception. The states of associative fields are discussed within the bounds of the basic human being mental states. The article contains a new algorithm which allows the psychological structure of word meaning to be described.

Virtual genre study: fixed and disputable

Goroshko Elena I., Zhigalina Elena A.

The paper looks into the emergence of a new branch in the genre theory which is virtual or web genre study, that is a linguistic school studying the peculiarities of origin and functioning of virtual genres in the Internet. There is also a discussion about studying these genres and changes in modern genre study which are caused by rapid development of Internet technologies in whole. A great attention is paid to the description of technological factor influence on modern genre study, and the basics for creating virtual genres typology as one of the schools of Internet linguistics.

Where do we get the information on the ethnic character from?

Vasilevich Alexandr P.

The article dwells upon various sources of data pertaining the ethnic character – scientific research, national language, folk texts, fiction, etc. The associative experiment proves to be the simplest and the most beneficial of these. To illustrate, the experimental comparative study of Russian and Mari ethnic features is described.

Сorporate culture of the university teacher: development or crisis?

Kharchenko Elena V.

The article is devoted to the changes that are taking place in the corporate culture of the university teacher. We consider the demands that the modern Russian society is making on the teacher, his verbal behaviour and also his mission as a bearer of certain values and culture. The results of certain research work is also described.



Интервью c профессором Евгением Федоровичем ТарасовымThe interview with Professor Evgeniy Fedorovich Tarasov








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