Experts employed at nuclear facilities, researchers, higher-education teaching staff, postgraduates and senior students with interest in radiation safety, environmental protection, radiological medicine, radioecology and radiobiology, will find useful information regarding these issues in the journal. The subject area of the journal is focused on the following topics:- general problems of radiation safety, environmental protection and efficient use of natural resources;- technological and ecological aspects of used nuclear fuel reprocessing and radioactive waste management;- migration of radioactive substances in the environment, artificial and natural biocenoses;- radiation monitoring;- human radiation exposure and dosimetry;- medical and biological effects of ionizing radiation on humans and biota.Original papers focused on studies of radioactive contamination of the Southern Urals territory are of special importance for the journal.The journal is issued on a quarterly basis (with special issues of the journal periodically produced). Circulation of the journal is 200 copies. Yuri Mokrov, Doctor of Engineering Science, Deputy Production Manager for Science and Ecology of the Mayak PA is an Editor-in-Chief of the journal. The Editorial Board includes members of the Russian Academy of Sciences such as Avrorin Е.N., Bolshakov V.N., Laverov N.P., Myasoedov B.F., Alexakhin R.М., Ilyin L.А., corresponding members of the Russian Academy of Science Velichkin V.I., Tananaev I.G., Avramenko V. А., Yudintsev S. V.

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