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Dimensions of possession

Lander Yu.A.

International proverb scholarship: An annotated bibliography

Mokienko V.M.

On the pro and contra of purism. Anglicisms and international words and their possible alternatives (based on the materials of Russian, Slovene and Croat)

Pfandl H.

Self-modelling in language: the inner sources of change (the first article)

Lapteva O.A.

Speech, communication, information, cybernetics

Marcuk Yu.N.

Text and discourse

Petrova N.V.

The formalized approach to grammatical classes of words in Chinese

Panfilov V.S.

The future tense in the Agul language: a typological study

Maisak T.A., Merdanova S.R.

The logical analysis of language. The semantics of beginning and end

Potapenko S.I.

The problem of parts of speech in Chinese

Sutova E.I.

The Romance proto-articles as represented in Latin: problems of theory and genesis

Sabanejeva M.K.

The verbs of image-making: lexical meaning and semantic derivation

Paduceva E.V.



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