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East Slavonic isoglosses

Iordanidi S.I.

(Eds.) Changing valency. Case studies in transitivity

Daniel M.A., Podobriajev A.V.

Frisian languages and the Frisians in contemporary Europe

Djackov M.V.

Motivation of loan-words

Kazkenova A.K.

Neutral and non-neutral intonation in Russian: autosegmental interpretation of the system of intonation constructions

Yokoyama O.

On the typology of verbal systems having several forms of plusquamperfect: casus latinus

Sicinava D.V.

Slavic, Tocharian, Altaic: genetic relationship and typological-areal impact (with commentaries by Vjac. Vs. Ivanov, S.A. Burlak, LB. Itkin)

Birnbaum Henrik

Some remarks on the last article of Henrik Birnbaum

Ivanov Vjac.Vs.

The abstract and the concrete in the semantics of French

Razlogova E.E.

The linguistic atlas of Europe and its contribution to the European history of culture: some results of the study based on the project of the "Atlas Linguarum Europae"

Viereck W.

The twilight of linguistics. From the history of Russian linguistic science

Кrasuxin K.G.

World Lexicon of communication

Maisak T.A.


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