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  • Country Россия
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A hundred years after. Do forecasts come true?

Alpatov V.M.

A. Queffelec, Y. Derradji, V. Debov, D. Smaali-Dekdouk. Y. Cherrad-Benchefra. Le francais en Algegie. Lexique et dynamique des langues

Klokov V.T.

Connotative onyms and their derivatives in a historical-etymological dictionary of Russian

Otin E.S.

E.V. Petruxina. Aspect categories of the verb in Russian in comparison with Czech, Slovak, Polish and Bulgarian

Guiraud-Web e r M.

In memory of the outstanding Czech scientist Milos Dokulil

Nescimenko G.P.

N.A. Yanko-Trinitskaja. Word-formation in contemporary Russian

Golanova E.I.

On the types of combinability of metaphorical models

В aranov A.N.

The category of taxis (general characteristics);

Xrakovskij V.S.

The oldest Cyryllic alphabet

Zaliznjak A.A.

The tonal systems of the mande languages. A short survey

Vydrin V.F.

V. Po-tapov. Dynamik und Statik des sprachlichen Rhythmus

Zuravlev V.K.


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