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Effects of environmental factors on numbers and distribution of waders (Charadriiformes, Charadrii) in anthropogenic landscapes of the Oka-Don plain

Okolelov A. Yu., Shubin A.О.

Dynamics of distribution of 8 wader species

Ethology of the shrub warbler

Panov E.N.

The process of bounding of Passeriformes families is often subjective and arbitrary. Particularly, at the present time, neither the volume of Sylvidae family nor its position in the system of Passeriformes is considered uniformly. In this connection, in taxonomy at the higher level than the species one, the use of a comparative ethological approach becomes topical. At immediate task of the approach is the explicit formulation of ethological diagnosis of a family. This diagnosis may be considered as a description of some behavioral archetype, characterizing one or another taxon of the given range. The paper shows a considerable uniformity of main visual and acoustic sugnaling in species of the genera

Formation and destruction of peritrophic envelope in the cockroach

Zhuzhikov D.P.

Special features of the gut and peritrophic envelope (PE) structure in the cockroach

Low salinity resistance of plankton larvae in invertebrates (Polychaeta, Gastropoda, Echinodermata, and Bryozoa) from the White Sea

Ushakova О.О., Saranchova O.L.

The low salinity resistance of competent pelagic larvae in some invertebrate species (Polychaeta, Gastropoda, Echinodermata, and Bryozoa) from the White Sea was studied in laboratory experiments. The flucluations of salinity within a range of 8 to 12%o affect to a great extent the survivorship and matamorphosis of the invertebrate larvae. Two groups of species, whose resistance to salinity differed according to the results obtained and the calculated lethal dose (LD

Macrozoobenthos of subaqueous landscapes in shoal of southern Lake Baikal. 1. Local diversity of bottom population and peculiarities of its spatial distribution

Kravtsova L.S., Karabanov E.B., Kamaltynov R.M., Mekhanikova I.V., Sitnikova T. Ya., Rozhkova N.A., Slugina Z.V., Izhboldina L.A., Weinberg I.V., Akinshina T.V., Krivonogov S.K., Shcherbakov D. Yu.

The species composition and distribution of macrozoobenthos in the shallow water zone (shoal, depth of 0-20 m) in southern Lake Baikal (Bol'shie Kotly Bay) were investigated. 244 taxa of macroinvertebrates were recorded. Four bottom complexes, differing in the fauna similarity and distribution of vegetation, were distinguished on the basis of physical-geographical features of the area studied. These complexes are as follows: beach, shallow water terrace, underwater slope, and shallow water canyon. The shoal of Lake Baikal is characterized by the high local diversity of the bottom population due to a complex set of environmental factors.

Nymphs of the genus

Teslenko V.A., Zhil'tsova L.A.

Previously unknown nymphs of the genus

Population structure and vertical distribution of two common copepod species in central part of the Sea of Japan

Heinrich A.K.

The population structure and vertical distribution of

Seasonal dynamics of reproduction and reproductive parameters of

Kozminsky E.V.

The seasonal dynamics of reproduction and reproductive parameters in

Spermatozoa ultrastructure of five sea cucumber species (Holothuroidea, Echinodermata)

Tyurin S.A., Drozdov A.L.

The sperm ultrastucture of the five sea cucumber species belonging to four families and two orders was studied (Dendrochirotida order, Cucumariidae fam. -

Springtail (Collembola) groups in difficulty decomposed fractions of forest litterfall and wood

Bokova A.I.

Springtail groups dwelling difficulty decomposed fractions of forest litterfall (bark, branches, and cones) and wood differ in the number, species composition, and structure of dominance. The most specific is the collembolan polulation in wood, represented by wood and soil complexes. Some peculiarities of the collembolan communities and trends in their successions are revealed.

System of the genus

Gil'denkov M. Yu.

Keys to identifying 53 species and subspecies of

The current state of kiang

Paklina N.V., van Orden C.

The investigations in September-October 1998 revealed that a significant part of the kiang

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