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A comparison of two methods for extraction of enchytraeids (Enchytraeidae)

Panchenko I.A.

A comparison of the O'Connor method for the extraction of enchytraeids (O'Connor, 1957) with the Rombke method (Rombke, 1995), which was proposed as a standard method for monitoring environmental pollution, was undertaken. The mean number of enchytraeids extracted by the Rombke method was significantly higher. This simple and convenient method was shown to be equally efficient as the traditional method applied both in laboratory and field studies.

A new subspecies of the Siberian blue robin,

Red'kin Ya.A.

Описание Luscinia cyane nechaevi Redkin subsp. n. основано на изучении 29 экз. синих соловьев с Сахалина, Курильских и Японских о-вов. Эта форма отличается от материковых подвидов L. с. суапе и L. с. bochaiensis в среднем более крупными общими размерами и формулой крыла. У L. с. nechaevi 2-е первостепенное маховое обычно длиннее 6-го махового или равно ему. По окраске новый подвид близок к L. с. bochaiensis, но отличается от него болеа широким распространением темной окраски на боках нижней стороны тела. Типовая местность Ц. с. nechaevi - Южный Сахалин.

Description of

Nesterova O.L.

Last instar larva and pupa of

Formation of springtail (Collemboia) communities when settling ant-hills

Sleptsova E.V., Reznikova Zh. I.

Ant-hills of red wood ants are considered as isle structures for such small dwellers as microarthropods. Dynamic processes of grouping springtails within ant-hills of

Genetic consequences of hybridization between

Fedorov V.V., Formozov N.A., Surin V.L., Val'chuk O.P., Kerimov A.B.

In the zone of overlapping their ranges (the middle Amur River basin, Pashkovo, Jewish Autonomous Region), the great tit forms

Genetic differentiation, phylogenetics, and systematics of desert ground squirrels of the subgenus

Tsvirka M.V., Chelomina G.N., Korablev V.P.

The genetic diversity and phylogeny of ground squirrels of the subgenus

Geographical variability of skull and taxonomy of Eurasian badgers (Mustelidae,

Abramov A.V., Puzachenko A. Yu.

The morphometric variation of 30 cranial characters in 468 specimens of Eurasian badgers from different Palaearctic areas was analyzed. Multivariate analyses were carried out to examine the variation from the multidimensional standpoint. The results obtained support the previous idea of distinguishing the Eurasian badgers into three species: the European badger,

Geographic variability of the life cycle in

Matalin A.V.

The seasonal dynamics of the

nom. n. is a new name for

Gagarin V.G.

The name

Olga Ivanovna Skalon (1905-1980) - to the 100

Labuncts N.F., Fadeeva E.O.

Pallas 1811 is a valid name for the genus of red-backed voles (Critecidae)

Pavlinov I. Ya.

A nomenclature of three names for generic groups is briefly considered:

Seasonal dynamics of wintering bird population in Moscow parks

Zakharov R.A.

The dynamics of quantitative and qualitative composition of hole-nesting bird populations were studied in five Moscow parks in the winter periods of 1994-2001. Special methods that made possible to estimate changes in the occurrence of individuals, dynamic and census density of wintering bird populations were used. The similar dynamics of the mean seasonal density in wintering bird population in the forest parks studied (0.88-0.97,

The results of studying type species of the genus

Krivosheina N.P.

Nine species of the genus

Three traps with attractants for collection of insects

Tsurikov M.N.

Three traps with attractants for the collection of coprophagous and necrophagous invertebrates and of a polypha-gous pest - mole cricket - are described. Some features of the trap construction provide for a stronger smell of attractants and make the time of their activity longer. They also prevent the mixing of coprophages and necrophages with attractants and simplify collecting of insects.

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