Зоологический журнал


Aphids of the genus

Pashchenko N.F.

A review of the genus

Bathyal pycnogonids (Pycnogonida) from the northern Atlantic Ocean and the southern Norwegian Sea

Turpaeva E.P.

The collection of pycnogonids from the northern Atlantic Ocean and the southern Norwegian Sea resulted from studies in expeditions of the Shirshov Institute of Oceanology (1982-2002) was analyzed. In the northern Atlantic, 13 species were identified. Two species

Biology and distribution of the red king crab,

Milyutin D.M., Vagin A.V.

The main characteristics (distribution, size-age structure, peculiarities of molting and reproduction) of the red king crab,

Comparative analysis of behavior in the sibling species,

Tikhonova G.N., Tikhonov I.A., Fedorovich E. Yu., Davydova L.V.

The experiments on behavior of the sibling species

Methods of keeping and breeding of European swallowtail

Tkacheva E.Yu., Zagorinsky A.A., Beiko V.B.

Three variants of keeping and breeding of the European swallowtail,

Morphology of chaetae in the family Polynoidae (Annelida, Polychaeta) and its application for phylogenetic studies

Shabanova M.M.

The structure of chaetae in thirty-one species of the family Polynoidae belonging to 29 genera were studied using a scanning electron microscope. Six main types of chaeta structure were distinguished. Different types of chaetae were arranged in morphological rows, which well correlated with the current hypotheses of Polynoidae evolution. The type of chaeta structure is a distinct systematic characteristic on the generic level. It can be also used for higher taxonomic levels.

New data on the distribution of terrestrial mollusks of the family Hygromiidae (Pulmonata, Geophila) in the south of Western Siberia

Udaloi A.V., Novikov E.A.

Findings of

New data on the structure of the genus

Krivosheina N.P.

The studies of the species groups bombylans, apiforme, and vespiforme showed that there were significant differences between the bombylans group on the one hand, and the apiforme and vespiforme groups, on the other. The necessity of distinguishing two subgenera

New species of egg-parasitoides of the family Scelionidae (Hymenoptera, Proctotrupoidea) from Japan

Kononova S.V., Fursov V.N.

Based on the materials collected in Japan, descriptions and differentiated diagnoses of nine new species of the genera

Systematics of shrimps of the family Nematocarcinidae (Crustacea, Decapoda) from collections of the Berlin Natural History Museum and Senkenberg Museum of Natural History and Research Institute (Germany)

Burukovsky R.N.

Lenzicarcinus struncki

The influence of hydrogen ion concentration on growth and development

Kuznetsov V.A., Lobachev E.A.

Optimal pH values and variable H

The lesser white-toothed shrew

Bol'shakov V.N., Chernousova N.F., Gal'china I.I.

The data on lesser white-toothed shrew



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