Зоологический журнал


To the knowledge of the funnel-web spides Agelena labyrinthica (Araneae, Agelenidae) in the transuralian forest-steppe

Mazura N.S., Esyunin S.L.

The density of sattelments and the spectrum of preys of Agelena labyrinthica ware stidied in the Troitsk forest-steppe preserve. Within the birch wood-meadow, the abundance of spider webs reached an average of 0.22 webs/ sq.m., which is significantly higher than on the edges of forest. The funnel-web is an adaptation to the passive picking of preys A. labyrinthica captures the preys of different types including the insects of six orders. Ants and Homoptera, i.e. waiking and jumping insects from the nutritive base of the spider.

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