Зоологический журнал


A new species of the genus

Stepanova L.A.

The new species,

Application of methods of multivariate statistical analysis for determining age of mammals (with special reference to the northern birch mouse,

Klevezal G.A., Mina M.V., Krushinskaya N.L.

Eighty-eight skulls of randomly sampled northern birch mice

A review of Caucasian weevils of the genus

David'yan G.E., Savitsky V. Yu.

A review of weevils of the genus

Development of vocal repertoire in kittens of

Chaadaeva E.V., Sokolova N.N.

The typologic and spectral development of the vocal repertoire in

Feeding activity of the land woodlice,

Loginova N.G., Busargina S.A.

The dynamics of feeding activity of

Intraspecific genetic differentiation of Siberian newt

Berman D.I., Derenko M.V., Malyarchuk B.A., Grzybowski T., Kryukov A.P., Miscicka-Sliwka D.

Variability of mitochondrial DNA cytochrome

New species of egg-eaters of the genus

Kononova S.V., Pavlicek T., Neva E.

Descriptions of new species of the genus

On species of the genus

Negrobov O.P.

The new species,

Revision of digger wasps of the genus

Antropov A.V.

Two South African species-group of digger wasps of the genus

Structure and position (topography) of spiracles in larvae of the lower Brachycera (Diptera, Brachycera, Orphorrhapha)

Krivosheina M.G.

A comparative morphological analysis of the structure of spiracles in the lower Brachycera (Orthorrhapha) larvae was performed for the first time. The spiracular atrium is shown to be characterized by the similar type of the structure in representatives of different families. It consists of morphological structures resembling plastron of Nematocera pupae. The majority of larvae in the lower Brachycera considered as amphipneustic or apneustic forms is shown to be of polypneustic type and possesses metathoracal and abdominal spiracles connected with tracheal trunks by tracheal branches. The data obtained attest to the stability of the tracheal system in the lower Brachycera.

The description of vibrational signals of

Tishechkin D. Yu.

Vibrational signals

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