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A new form of interspecies relations in ants: hypothesis of interspecies social control

Reznikova Zh.I.

A hypothesis about a new form of interspecies relations between ants based on the long-term field experiments is suggested. The hypothesis is named interspecies social control and consists in the precise regulation of the subdominant species' numer by dominants. This system of the behavioral regulation is based on the balance between competition and cooperation. The latter is a result of reciprocal parasitism. Ants of the dominant species maintain the abundance of subdominant ones at a definite level that allows them to avoid conflicts and depletion of resources. They also use subdominant species as "scouts" increasing the efficiency of hunting. Subdominant species steal honeydew form aphid populations which are raised by dominant ones. The hypothesis of the interspecies social control may be verified for communities of social animals with well-pronounced interspecies hierarchy and communication.

A new genus of water mites of the family Lebertiidae (Acariformes, Hydrachnidia)

Tuzovskii P.V.

The diagnosis of a new genus of water mites

A review of the world fauna of Scutoverticidae oribatid mites (Acari, Oribatida) with description of new species

Shtanchaeva U. Ya., Netuzhilin I.A.

The paper summarizes the data on oribatid mites of the family Scutoverticidae (Acari, Oribatida) and presents diagnoses and keys to genera of this family. Three new oribatid species,

Assessment of geographical variability of morphological characteristics in the stink bug

Shkil F.N.

The geographic variability of twelve morphological characteristics in the stink bug

Effects of permanent and variable illumination on development of the clawed frog

Ruchin A.B.

The clawed frog

First findings of

Tokinova R.P.

Pseudoceros japonicus

G.G. Boeskorov. Taxonomy and origin of present elks

Korobitsyna K.V.

New species of Chalcidoid Wasps of Eurytomidae and Ormyridae families (Hymenoptera, Chalcidoidea) from Saudi Arabia

Zerova M.D., Seregina L. Ya., Dawah H., Abdulah M.

Three new species of chalcidoid wasps of Eurytomidae

New species of gall midges (Diptera, Cecidomyiidae) developing on

Fedotova Z.A.

Nine species of gall midges are developing on five species of

New species of the genus

Egorova E.N.

The new species

On methods of age determination in desert lizards: natural longevity in toad-headed lizards

Rogovin K.A., Semenov D.V.

The comparison of the results on skeletochronological determination of age in

Ototyphlonemertes valentinae sp. n. (Enopla, Ototyphlonemertidae) is an intestitial nemertean from the Sea of Japan

Chernyshev A.V.

Ototyphionemertes valentinae

Spatial and temporal variation of cranial parameters in the common shrew,

Kupriyanova I.F., Puzachenko A. Yu., Agadzhanyan A.K.

Variation of cranial parameters (10 standard measurements, 154 sub-adults) was studied in

Territorial structure and social organization in the Brandt vole

Gromov V.S.

The structure of social interrelationships and a system of using space are described in groups of the Brandt vole

The 1

Ruchin A.B., Pestov M.V.

To the knowledge of the subgenus

Tobias V.I.


Two new species of spiders of the family Gnaphosidae (Aranei) from the Crimea

Kovblyuk N.M.

The illustrated descriptions of

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