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e-Marefa database is an integrated Arabic study resource

Newly added to the EPOSLINK catalog, e-Marefa database comprises around 2 200 000 records covering all the disciplines in Arabic studies.

e-Marefa service produced 22 specialized databases. It contains full texts and comprehensive metadata of over 700 000 journals, research papers, theses and dissertations, conference papers, statistical reports and e-books, a collection of 1900 academic and statistical periodicals, and around 400 000 full text articles from 19 Arab countries.

e-Marefa services include:

  • academic and statistical periodicals
  • Arab dissertations and theses
  • e-books and books reviews
  • Arabic reviews of international theses and dissertations
  • conference papers

Also new services are being updated into the system constantly. Here are some of the latests:

  • e-Marefa database of the publications of the center of Arab Unity Studies: 14 000 records including books, book chapters, journal articles and academic journals;
  • e-Marefa databank for Islamic economics and finance: integrated set of databases containing thousands of records from 500 institutions in 55 countries;
  • e-Marefa databank for Arab polls: this service provides the results of Arab polls, both conducted in Arab world or carried out by international bodies with the results translated into Arabic language.


  • Free trial for 1 month is available.
  • Flexible prices based on preferred collections.
  • e-Marefa database has user-friendly interface that provides an easy and highly flexible interactive method of communication between the beneficiary and the system.

If you are interested in access to e-Marefa, please send your request to eresources@mippbooks.com